Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 10, 2012

“Twin Mom”, how much did you donate to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children?

When Nancy Grace, aka “Twin Mom”, first signed up to participate on Dancing with the Stars, she repeatedly said she was going to donate her winnings to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

In fact, we heard that line over and over on every Nancy Grace episode.

Twin Mom, to her embarrassment, used her show as a platform to get free advertising for her appearing on Dancing with the Stars.  Also, Jane Velez-Mitchell advertised Twin Mom’s participation on Dancing as well.

Nancy used both of these forums to solicit votes and yet she did not win.  She took advantage of two HLN shows to get her bobble heads – also known as her cult-like following to call in Dancing with the Stars to vote for Twin Mom.  She also baited people to call by promising to donate all of her winnings to the missing children center.

Surprisingly, I have not heard one peep from Twin Mom as to just how much she gave to the center.  Why?  Why would someone repeatedly brag over and over and over about donating all winnings and after the show is over – not mention it at all?  That sure sounds disingenuous to me.  Was she so hungry for votes that she had to keep promising to give her prize to the “center” but when she lost she got into such a funk over losing that she “forgot” to donate to the “center”?  Either way, she has an obligation to fess up – so to speak.

I am not saying it was a sham but why did she lure all of her fans by promising to donate; yet the donation amount has not been announced – not once?

In my opinion, Twin Mom should have never made it as far into the show as she did.  She displayed no rhythm – her partner, as talented as he was, needed to carry Twin Mom through all the moves – as though she was a robot.  I also believe “Twin Mom” had her clothes designed to focus on her chest and to distract people, including the judges from her extremely rigid footwork.

I am sure, by now, that everyone reading this blog knows that I am referring to Nancy as “Twin Mom” because she always refers to Casey Anthony as “Tot Mom”.   Because of that, I thought it only fair to use “Twin Mom” as a moniker for her.  She has said on several occasions that the phrase “Tot Mom” is just a quick phrase for her to remember the case – to me, that is an obvious untruth on Twin Mom’s part.  Nancy is no dummy, she has a good memory but chooses to use the moniker Tot Mom in a derogatory manner so as not to acknowledge Casey by her given name.  For Nancy to not refer to a person, any person, by their given name is unprofessional, immature, condescending, and just plain rude and inconsiderate. Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty, so Miss Passive-Aggressive and Obsessive-Compulsive – just get over it.

So, Twin Mom, why have you not shared the actually money amount you have donated or will donated to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children?  Surely, the actual amount should already be official.

What was the actual amount of your winnings and just how much did you donate? If you have not donated yet, do you still plan on donating?  If you do not plan on donating, please let your fan base know that you changed your mind.

 Nobody forced you to make that commitment, so please, Twin Mom, we are all waiting for the official amount to be released to your adoring fans.  After all, they trusted you,  they voted for you – and many of them voted against their conscience because they knew how terrible you danced, yet they voted for you because you promised to give your prize money to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.



  1. You make some good and valid Points, one stands out for me “Kids-all kids- are equal in the eyes of the Lord”, so true, sadly only a few Children are picked to make the Big News and yes even by Nancy Grace.
    I also agree Nancy Grace can be very harsh and sometimes even rude when it comes to her Panel and Guests on her Show.
    Yes, Nancy Grace was kept on DWTS longer than what she should have been, I agree.
    I do realize DWTS is not always about who is the Best but who gets the most Votes from their Supporters, that’s why some can hang in there longer than they really deserve.
    So, You can see, it is not that I just want to disagree with You out of Spite, it’s just on some of Your Topics my Opinion differs somewhat from Yours, it’s nothing personal. 🙂

    • Hi again Hilde; My guess is that we are closer on issues that we differ – and I can appreciate both sides of the fence. My biggest concern is two fold… 1. Casey Anthony was found not guilty. That does not mean she is innocent by any means, but, that said, I think Nancy ought to just let it go – I know she is embarrassed that the vote went that way after she bashed Casey for over 3 years, but the verdict is the verdict. At the same time of the continued bashing, kids have been murdered, kids are missing, and kids who are on the current Amber Alert list are being IGNORED for the sake of ratings. Nancy professes ad nauseum that she is there for the kids but she chose to spend entire shows covering her experience with Dancing with the Stars. I firmly believe that when there are kids on the current Amber Alert, no entire Nancy Grace show should be devoted entirely to DWTS, PERIOD….. Not negotiable.

      If you go out there, you will notice, at any given time, there are few, if any kids, on current Amber Alert. That is because the requirements are so stringent.

      There were 3 – 4 Hispanic siblings in the south who were abducted by their father and they were never covered on Jane of Nancy – if a small segment or two covered photos of the kids / father / and his car, possibly a handful of people might have seen the dad as he went from state to state – but nope, no photos, no details, etc.

      That is morally wrong. Most people in America do not give one iota about where Casey Anthony is right now and whether she is employed or not – but Nancy and Jane keep beating the Casey Anthony drums of war. I feel bad for Caylee and I was saddened by her death, but it is now time to devote time and coverage to kids currently on Amber Alerts. There was alsoa a little black child abducted in Arizona that got minimum coverage (only a small segment once or twice).

      Jane Velez-Mitchell, when she recently covered two Afican American women, one from Atlanta and the other from St. Louis, promised the parents of the St. Louis girl that she would continue to show their daughter’s face and keep the case active. When Jane tells that to black parents (o.k. African American parents, politically correct) she seldom follows through beyond that show and segment. In reality, the missing black child, girl, or adult, gets their 15 minutes of fame but a white child in Maine, Missouri, or elsewhere gets coverage on show after show after show. I will go way off a limb here and say that because Nancy is from Atlanta (at least currently) and because a high percentage of her viewership is from the south, missing minorities simply do not “sell” to that fan base. There is a certain amount of viewers who feel that tons of black or hispanic kids go missing all the time – so what is the big deal. I agree that there is probably more violence in predominately poor minority neighborhoods, but minorities also live in suburban areas, whether they be upscale or average neighborhoods. numerous studies have been done on this phenonema (lack of minority news coverage) and it is well documented.

      Jane Velez-Mitchell has a hyphenated Hispanic name and she herself gives most black kids, girls, adults, their one shot – maybe a 2nd one if something spectacular happens, God willing, that one shot might result in the child being found, but if not – well, tough luck.

      And as far as Dancing with the Stars, they never show the actual votes that viewers make for each pair of contestants. Why? I believe they use the votes behind the scenes as a guage of who the show itself wants to keep in coming weeks, but I am sure they ignore how the fans vote if that really goes against who they want to continue in future episodes. If that is not true, why do they not show the actual voting by the public?

      Also, Hilde, I agree – God forbid that everyone agree with me – what a crazy world it would be for bloggers if everyone agreed – Why would anyone blog if there was no controversy or differences of opinion to present.

      I respect your right to differ with me – but how about EVERY Nancy episode where she shuts down discussion from Defense Attorneys – every night she loudly tells her producer team “Put ‘X’ back up” and then she berates one or more Defense Attorneys just because they differ with her opinion. She is the most inflexible, rude, inconsiderate talk show host on Cable television.

      I believe she only does that for attention and praise from her callers. Her staff screens all calls and the subject matter and questions are carefully selected. Have you noticed that Not One Caller in recently has taken exception to her stand on anything? She never lets a call go through with a differing opinion. Talk about communism – here, on my blog, you can write and say whatever you want – as long as you dont use a bunch of offensive language, racial slurs, threatening communication.

      Not one of your words was edited – although I can edit things out if grossly inappropriate. If you call and get in to Nancy’s staff, they ask why you are calling and what your question or comment is and if you deviate from that, you will be cut off with their 5 – 10 second delay.

      Thanks again for commenting. If you would like, please sign up to get notices of current blogs that are posted.

  2. It appears to me when reading Your Blog that You don’t think much of Nancy Grace however that is Your Choice.
    What I do find offensive for You to call People who do watch her Program Bubble Heads, that to me seems to be somewhat judgmental, especially since You know nothing about those People.
    I give any one who has the Guts to dance in front of of a big Audience like DWTS Credit, especially without any Dancing Experience.
    Those People who criticized NG on DWTS should try to get out there and see if they can do better otherwise keep quiet.
    As for the Amount NG donated to the Center for missing and exploited Children, I believe is her Business.
    We do All have a Choice who we want to watch on TV, if we don’t like to watch someone we can turn the Chanel, simple really, not complicated at all.

    • Hi Hilde; Thanks for replying. I did not say it in the post, but I have great admiration for almost anyone who signs up for Dancing with the Stars. I admire Ricky Lake because she was real and warm and a genuine person. Nancy, on the other hand was self-serving.

      Just like you who is critical of me, I do not expect you to blog in an effort to understand the first hand experience of blogging – I will take your criticism at face value.

      Nancy, for numerous weeks complained about her shoes hurting and the long hours of practicing – it was a 7 x 24 gripe session. She is the one who volunteered and she should have simply sucked it up.

      She flaunted herself by wearing clothes that accentuated her bust – she was almost falling out every week – she even had a wardrobe malfunction (yea, right).

      Regarding my biggest exception to your comments – Nancy made it everyone’s business about her intended donation to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children because every one of her nightly shows kept asking people to call in and vote for her on Dancing because she was giving all her winnings to the Center – that made it my business and everyone else’s business to know what she gave. She used that ploy to encourage votes – yet, when all the smoke cleared, Nancy never told her fans what she gave – that is grossly improper of her not to thank her fans for voting and because they did, she stayed longer on Dancing and as a result, made more money for the Center.

      Nancy could thank all her fans for voting and then acknowledge “that because of your votes keeping me on the show, I was able to raise $$$$$.$$ to the Center. She owes that to everyone because she promised to give. That obligation is non-negotiable – she promised and she has to deliver and acknowledge what she gave. PERIOD.

      I have little or no respect for Nancy because for three years she has been bashing Casey Anthony. She has done everything but crucify Casey to the cross – yet, when the jury came back with three “Not Guilty” verdicts, she could still not let it go. She continues to refer to her as “Tot Mom”.

      I, myself, feel that Casey should have been found guilty of some major charge, but I feel the prosecution was obsessed with first degree murder and overcharged the case and because of that she was found Not Guilty of the three major charges.

      Nancy is the most hateful talk show host on television. She constantly bashes defense attorneys, calls them ALL by their last name, which by itself shows that she feels superior to everyone. She is inflexible and talks down to anyone who takes exception to her given stand on anything and everything.

      She should be sued for a significant amount of money and maybe that will force her to respecting people more.

      Also, I do not have to appear on Dancing to know that it takes a lot of nerve to go on such a show. I am not a good dancer, but that does not negate my right to form an opinion and express it, especially when Nancy should have never made it past the 2nd or 3rd week. She was a robot on Duracell Batteries. Personally, I would have been voted off on week one.

      Also, it is obvious that Nancy was kept on because she was such a controversial figurde. Votes are never announced or shown on a board.
      As for the Amount NG donated to the Center for missing and exploited Children, I believe is her Business.

      I know it is my choice regarding what I want to watch – I watch Nancy to give me fodder of what to blog about. She says she is there for the kids, but she seldom covers murders, kidnappings, and missing minority kids – i.e. Blacks and Hispanics.

      Kids – all kids – are equal in the eyes of the Lord, but Nancy seldom covers missing or murdered black or hispanic kids. That is a travesty.

      …..and when she does cover a missing minority child, that child gets much less coverage and seldom beyond one show, whereas a missing “beautiful” white child gets covered nightly – something for weeks. That is grossly improper and unethical.

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