Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 13, 2012

Penn State University – If you are serious about cleaning house, get a bigger broom!

The PSU scandal has been in the mainstream media and all over the Internet for months and some heads have already rolled – but is the housecleaning enough?               

Sandusky was a coach and most of the people who have been let go are from the athletic department.  The University President is also gone as well as a few others but to effectively clean up the scandal, more heads need to roll – and those heads sit on the Board of Trustees.

Tens of thousands of students – past and present – have suffered through shame and humiliation but it seems like they are content to sit back and let the powers in charge determine if any more blood needs to be spilled.

 The intention of blood letting is to clean house of those who knew about Sandusky but did little or nothing about it.

Some of the heads that have rolled so far fall in the category of those who could have nipped the scandal in the bud before it became a major embarrassment for the university, but it is my belief that there were many others who are equally responsible but will probably avoid being identified of any wrongdoing.

I believe that the Sandusky “secret” was possibly the worst kept secret around because many Division I head football coaches wanted nothing to do with Sandusky because most of them knew he was deeply involved in something that would soon bring him down.

So, if many head coaches across America knew and PSU Head Coach Paterno knew and the D. A. Ray Gricar knew and the Athletic Director Tim Curly knew and the V.P. of Business and Finance Gary Schultz knew and the PSU President knew and Mike McQueary knew and those in charge of campus police knew, why would anyone think that the Pennsylvania Attorney General (at the time) did not know (he is the same person who is currently the governor of Pennsylvania) and that the then Governor of Pennsylvania did not know and the two U. S. Senators representing the State of Pennsylvania did not know and a few U. S. Representatives from the State of Pennsylvania did not know?

The board of Trustees is not one equal bunch of individuals – 5 members are appointed based on their positions within the State of Pennsylvania, six come from business and industry and are elected by the board itself, and six more are appointed by the Governor of Pennsylvania while all others are elected or appointed and are considered “lesser” members of the board.

So, it is easy to see that the Board of Trustees is a good ‘ol boy network and several of them are in the 1 percent of top income earners in the United States.

It is no wonder that Congress was considering leading any investigation of the university because they could “control” who should be let go and who should be protected because of their governmental or business status.

Also, the Board wanted to investigate itself – something like the fox investigating who ate the hens in the henhouse – what a joke!  I find most of the investigations being considered quite humorous – except that the investigations are really needed to get to the bottom of the scandal of who knew what and when?

Here is how I think it should play out:

1.       A Grand Jury should subpoena all members of the Board of Trustees who were on the board during the timeframe of the scandal and they should have to testify under oath as to when each board member first knew of Sandusky’s alleged criminal misconduct.

2.     Any board member refusing to testify under oath or refusing to take a polygraph should have to resign from the board of Trustees immediately – regardless of how they were appointed or voted to the board.

Cleaning house is never nice – but it is much worse when it starts at the bottom and stops before it gets a chance to reach the top.

Knowledge of wrongdoing by those at the top of any organization is worse than at the bottom because those at the top can work the system to protect themselves and to perpetuate wrongdoing and gross mismanagement at the top.



  1. Kevin,
    Good job like you I live in Pennsylvania and also and been following the story at PSU and I agree with you 100% – the board needs to be put under the fire and let a grand jury drill them and see what they knew and didn’t know about what was happening at PSU football regarding knowledge of the pedophile scandal. On the other hand fans of Penn St. football are not giving the new head coach a chance at his new job. I am looking forward to the new changes at Penn St football and I am going to give my support to this team’s coming year. GO NITTANY LIONS.

    • Thanks, Amiee…. Maybe a good housecleaning will fix things. Too many times those who wear $300 shoes and $2,000 suits escape criticism or escape being charged with wrongdoing. I feel that if the bulk of those individuals who are being fired are wearing jock straps, then some people who are also guilty should not escape criticism because they wear designer underwear. Let the guillotine fall on all the necks that knew of the scandal yet did nothing to bring it to the public eye. This comment applies to Governors, Senators, Representatives, coaches, Trustees, D.A.’s, and the like.

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