Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 14, 2012

PSU polls – please participate – your vote matters!

It is obvious that Sandusky will go on trial for his actions, but separate from that, it appears that PSU participated in a cover-up at all levels.

Unfortunately, the PSU President, a few senior Administrators and a head coach appear to be taking the fall, even though it appears that numerous others higher up – possibly appointed members of the Board of Trustees could be complicit.

There are a series of alumni meetings across the state of Pennsylvania and even in New York City where irate alumni are speaking out and asking for the Board to resign.

This is far from over and your involvement in the polls might reveal more about the opinion of the general public, including you!

Please, please, please, participate in the four poll questions – it won’t take you more than 2 minutes at most.







  1. Hello Kevin,

    Sadly we did not have enough time to reinstate JoePa, and it would have been an awesome sight to see 100,00 students and alumni cheering him off to retirement for his dedication to PSU, a great man who made PSU a much greater university.

    At least the students and the PSU community gave him a great farewell and candle light vigil, with thousands showing up in the cold and snow.

    And you were right about JoePa’s retirement being honored by the President. I am so happy for his wife and family. JoePa will be considered retired as a tenured faculty member at the end of the 2011 football season.

    Thanks for all that you have done for JoePA as we bid him farewell.


    • Thanks for writing Don. The timing of JoePa’s demise was disheartening to say the least. I personally think a larger sendoff would be wonderful. See my next blog.

      The candlelight impromptu was thoughtful and very caring. I am glad his status will be bridged to show him being the tenured faculty person he was.

      Best wishes to you and yours Don.

  2. Hello Kevin,

    Glad to see about 600 alumni show up at the PSU presidents meeting in NYC to protest Joe Paterno’s firing. Real democracy at work, and thanks for posting the surveys!

    The NYC meeting brought out a good point about “Due Process of Law”.

    Our laws say we are innocent until we are proven guilty. Yet, Jerry Sandusky has not been proved guilty, at this time, and the PSU Board of Trustees still fired JoePa, presumably out of speculation and politics.

    If I was a lawyer, i would say Joe Paterno is a victim of “Wrongful Termination” and he should file a wrongful termination suit. Unfortunately, Joe is very ill, and he is a really nice guy, and he will probably not file any suits.

    PSU should, at the least, exonerate him, reinstate him. and let him retire in peace, until due process of law work can work.


    PSU Alumni

    • Hi Don; Thanks for commenting. Nice to see such a large turnout in NYC to address the scandal. It is a shame that JoePa got dumped to the curb by the Board because he, at least, reported the situation as he knew it to Curley and Schultz – yet what they did after hearing from JoePa is questionable at least. On the other hand, they must have discussed the issue with the Univeresity Pres because the Board chose to fire him the same day they dumped JoePa.

      JoePa is obviously being used as a scapegoat – it might be that they were looking to replace him because of his age and health but to use the scandal to dump him was immoral to say the least. JoePa and his wife have dedicated their lives to PSU and they dishonored him by pushing him to the curb.

      The Board should do something, and quite soon, to honor Joe because with his worsening health, he could end up in the grave before anyone does anything to honor him.

      The Alumni association, en masse, and the current student body should start a letter writing/email/voicemail campaign to mandate that the board do something immediately to honor JoePa and Mrs. JoePa.

      If the campaign fails, then the Alumni Assn and the student body, with the Student Body President could join forces to honor the Paterno’s.

      Look at Joe and listen to Joe and realize his days, unfortunately, are numbered. If he ends up in the ground, no posthumous award would replace an award with the Paterno’s on stage.

      Don, you took the time to reply to my blog – take the time to contact someone high in the Alumni Association to recommend they get the ball rolling.

      My guess is that the Board promised Joe his retirement in full and as a result, JoePa, knowing his demise is near, chose to shut up and not protest – he is looking out for his wife and family.

      You said that Sandusky has not been found guilty, but I am confident the Board and Curly and Schultz and the Pres and Paterno knew the extent of Sandusky’s most inappropriate, most immoral, and illegal actions and that is why the Pres and Joe were let go and the other two are on unpaid leave. No Board of any kind would fire the highest official in a university if that person did not have dirty hands in some capacity.

      That info enough should cause the current President to shut up and stop saying that this whole thing belongs to Sandusky alone – he is crazy for making that assumption. If he keeps taking that position, he should be forced to resign. To not acknowledge the errors in judgement of at least a handful of PSU executives shows that he lacks solid leadership skills. A true leader would have no problem acknowledging errors were made.

      ……and Don, you are so correct – the Board should reinstate JoePa, let him properly retire – honor him and his wife, and give him a sendoff with 100,000 active students and alumni cheering him for his dedication to PSU.

      Now, for that grad student, Mike McQueary, who did not punch Sandusky’s lights out in the shower and grab that young boy and rescuing him by taking him to a hospital and notifying authorities – if he acted like a man, none of this would have happened…. Shame on him.

      Thanks again Don for taking the time to write.


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