Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 14, 2012

The new Penn State University President said WHAT?

PSU President Rodney Eickson needs to get his meds checked if he believes anyone is falling for his slant on the Penn State Scandal. 

Good ‘ol boy Rodney wants everyone to believe that the scandal should center around Jerry Sandusky and not Penn State University.

I guess I cannot blame him for trying – except for the fact that this new Big Man on Campus has lost all credibility and probably will not regain credibility anytime soon unless he steps down as well.

Let’s look at the facts.  Jerry Sandusky, a coach at PSU brings in, on at least one occasion, a young boy to the sports facilities and engages in illegal, immoral, indecent, non-consensual sexual activity.  Oh, before I forget, consensual sex with a minor is never an option – anywhere.

Note:  So far, Rodney, you are right, this is a Jerry Sandusky scandal all the way!  One point for Rodney.

A graduate student, Mike Mcqueary, walks in the facility and observes, what appears to be, indecent acts going on in the shower facility and instead of rescuing the boy from Sandusky’s sexual advances, the graduate student calls his “daddy” on the phone and basically “daddy” tells the graduate student to come home. 

Note:  Again, Rodney, you are right, this is a Jerry Sandusky scandal all the way!  Another point for Rodney.

The next day, it is rumored, the graduate student calls Joe Patereno and then visits Joe in person and tells him what he saw going on in the showers.  There is confusion as to exactly what this grad student told Joe Paterno, but either way, Joe is sure that Sandusky is probably a child molester.

Joe Paterno tells Tim Curley and Gary Schultz.

Note:  Rodney, the tide has shifted because senior executives in the PSU chain of command have been duly informed of what appeared to be going on in the PSU athletic facility – and guess what – it appears that they chose to not take any immediate action.  Even though Jerry Sandusky is the main act in this scandal, PSU appears to have leapfrogged over Jerry.  PSU, at several levels, is complicit in a cover-up.  

Rodney, the tide has shifted – even though Jerry Sandusky committed at least one sexual act with a minor, many more laws have been broken trying to cover up the Sandusky scandal – it is now a PSU scandal.

The scandal, regardless of its name – goes public and viral. All hell breaks loose.  Students are protesting in numbers.  PSU is in scramble mode and doing everything to safe face. 

PSU lets Coach Paterno go, fires the University President, and puts Curley and Schultz on paid administrative leave. 

Note:  Hey, Rodney, because of PSU’s actions, PSU now realizes the scandal originally attributed to Sandusky belongs to PSU and PSU alone. Get your meds checked Rodney – if you believe PSU is not the “rightful owner” of this scandal, you are either smoking something or you are delusional.

During all this, it is rumored that PSU will replace its entire coaching staff in an effort to clean house and start fresh.

For an institution that believes the scandal is not theirs, they are sure trying to do some serious spring-cleaning when, in your eyes Rodney, none is necessary.

Rodney, I can see why you are trying to shift the focus from PSU to Jerry Sandusky, but it will not work.

PSU has only done half the job of cleaning up its mess.  It has started cleaning up the mess in the athletic area but has left all the “suits” in place on the Board of Trustees – these are the guys who initiated the cover-up in the first place.  These are the guys who should take the hardest fall.  They are the ones who really discredited the university, but because they are the ones in the designer suits, they are the ones you are trying the most to protect – they are your buddies, your golf partners, your bridge players and your dinner guests.

Rodney, help bring them down or step down yourself.  The gig is up and 40,000 plus students and an equal number of alumni deserve more than you are providing.

PSU is a great institution of learning and for it to return to prior greatness, you and the board must go – NOW!

Rodney, just in case you did not see it, here is a link to the ESPN post where your comments were mentioned. On the same page, ESPN has an extensive list titled, “PSU Scandal” and in that list are numerous links to a variety of articles with the words “PSU Scandal” in the title.

All Board of Trustee members should have to officially testify under oath to a Grand Jury as to when each of them was first made aware of the Jerry Sandusky shower incident.  If they take the 5th or refuse to take a poly, they should have to step down from the Board IMMEDIATELY.


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