Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 16, 2012

Will someone give Joe Paterno the recognition he so rightly deserves – sooner versus later?

Joe Paterno, as everyone knows, has dedicated the majority of his adult life to Penn State University.

The recent PSU / Jerry Sandusky Scandal, (yes, the scandal should be equally shared) has put a big blemish on JoePa’s career and I personally feel this scandal should NOT in any way delay the University from honoring JoePA and his lovely wife for all they gave to PSU.

Joe is going through a serious health issue and if the Board and Alumni and the student body do not recognize the seriousness of Joe’s failing health, Joe might not be around to receive the recognition he so rightly deserves.

Joe did not bet on his own games – he did not commit felonies – he simply took information provided him by Mike McQueary and advised those above him.  What Joe did not do was to follow up, but last time I checked, even that is not a crime.

Who knows, he might have been told by Schultz and Curly and/or the University President at the time that they will look into the matter and that he should back off.  Who knows.

The Alumni, the current student body, and PSU fans alike need to step up to the plate and see to it that Joe and his lovely wife are rewarded with a stadium full of loving fans giving Joe and his wife a wonderful sendoff.

If the Board does not want to sanction such an event, then the hell with them.  That would then leave it to the Alumni association and the current student body to pick up the slack.

So, who is going to take the bull by the horns?  Who cares enough about what Joe has given to PSU and who wants to partially give something back to him?  You? 

Joe is going through serious health issues right now, so consider that in any action you take and how quickly something is put together. 

Joe should first be reinstated by the Board of Trustees and the current University President.  He should then be allowed to submit his retirement in front of a stadium of loving fans and alumni and the football team, the cheerleaders, coaches, staff, professors, sports broadcasters and everyone associated with PSU. 

Someone should take the bull by the horns and SOON.

Start an email campaign to PSU and the Board.  Start a phone campaign. Start a letter writing campaign.  Start a campaign via the media. Start SOMETHING and SOON.

One final note, if you have the time, please take a minute to answer the four poll questions about the PSU / Jerry Sandusky scandal – your input is greatly appreciated.



  1. Kevin,
    Good Job on the blog lets just hope that theres enough people have the guts to get their heads out of there butts and do something for him and his wife. The firing reminds me how the owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys fired Tom Landry.

    • Hi Amiee; Thanks for commenting. The big difference between the two firings, Paterno and Landry, is that Schramm and Jones flew from Dallas to Landry’s vacation home near Austin on Saturday afternoon and Jones broke the news to Landry that he was out.

      In the case of JoePa, I do not know if even a phone call was made.

      My guess is that a call was made but why couldn’t any of the suits gotten in a car and drive to Paterno’s home and tell him face to face?

      Why? Because if you are using someone as a scapegoat, you don’t want to look at that person face to face.

      What the Board did was wrong and hopefully Karma will reciprocate and maybe some of these Board Members will read about their firing in some newspaper.

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