Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 22, 2012

They came to bury Caesar – and they did!

I was saddened to hear of JoPa’s passing.  Sure, it was inevitable, considering his medical issues, but the timing could not be worse.

If Only….. 

If only the Board had acted more humanely letting JoePa go. 

If only the Board drove to his house to tell him in person.

If only the Board released the minutes of that meeting.

If only the Board would say how much they knew about Sandusky and when.

If only the Alumni Association spoke out more in their recent meetings.

If only the students protested more to the Board.

If only the Alumni and students demanded a tribute to JoePa

The Board is made up of humans – just like the humans that make up the Alumni Association and the student body and the fans that attend athletic events.

The Board acts in secret – sometimes for their own benefit at the expense of others.

I do not know if the way JoePa was fired expedited his demise but I would speculate the firing did not do anything to extend his life.

Now is not the time for anger or boycotts or protests.

Respect JoePa – give him praises, honor his legacy, pray for him, his wife, and his family – and mourn this great man who dedicated his life to Penn State.

…and after a reasonable amount of time, DEMAND the Board resign – at least those members who push the buttons and pull the strings.

It is way overdue for the puppets and the marionettes to cut their strings and to demand new puppet masters.

It is also time for the second tier and the third tier of the Board of Trustees to do what it takes to force the small clique in control to resign. 

At least give them a vote of no-confidence.



  1. My he (Joe Pa) rest in peace and I know he is in a better place….My heart goes out to his family and all his friends…Sorry to see a good man put though hell these last few months of his life. But the gates of Heaven were open for him to come in last night….He throw his last football though the gates and went after it and picked it up and said I’m staying here I’m now at peace….Penn State will never be the same with out him…. may his legacy live on forever…Blessing’s to all his family and friends….

    • Nice comments Ettie, JoePa is in a better place – especially with all that has happened over the last several months.

  2. Kevin
    Well done blog on JoePa. He was a very good coach in collrge football. I just hope that PSU does something to honor this man who gave his life in teaching kids leadership. The Board of Trustees needs to Honor this man for his leadership at PSU. The Board of Trustees took the life right out of him. I am praying for his family also.

    • I agree Amiee, the actions of the Board of Trustees sucked the life out of him. For all that JoePa gave to PSU and the board treated him like a criminal. I am sure JoePa knew the fans and the students loved and respected him and that allowed him to die in peace.

      R.I.P. JoePa, 1/22/2012

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