Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 23, 2012

One special tribute yet to happen for Joe Paterno

There will be many tributes in honor of Joe Paterno, his wife, and family but I would like to see the Alumni, the student body, and loving fans participate in one special tribute – and where else but in Beaver Stadium.

Instead of candles or a moment of silence, I think a special tribute in Beaver Stadium should consist of a period of thunderous cheering and applause in celebration of what JoePa meant and still means to everyone associated with Penn State University.

Sure, there will be a handful of speeches by players past and present and a prayer here and there but the focus should be that of a celebration.

Maybe there could even be a flyover of a military aircraft unit – Air National Guard or an active military unit.

Also, maybe each person in attendance could be asked to bring one or two non-perishable food items, i.e. canned food that will be donated to a local food bank in JoePa’s honor. A lot of needy people can be helped by a donation of 100,000+ items of food.  Make the “food donation” the ticket to the celebration.

A few short weeks ago I saw a celebration at Oklahoma State where fans packed into a basketball stadium were asked to, instead of a moment of silence, to stand and applaud their coach and assistant coach, Kurt Budke and Miranda Serna, who were killed in a small aircraft accident. 

That celebration was incredibly moving and it shifted the night from a somber mourning into an all out celebration of applause, cheering, and clapping – a celebration of two lives instead of simply a quiet moment of silence. 

PSU fans are used to victories and celebration – make this one louder than any victory celebration ever seen or heard at Beaver Stadium. I do not know if waves are passé at games at Beaver Stadium but a couple of rolling waves done by the 90,000+ in attendance might be a nice touch and the tribute could finish with some type of sing-a-long for JoePa – something like “All we are saying is give peace a chance” or “Amazing Grace.” or another song that might be more appropriate.

Let everyone leave smiling – remembering JoePa for all the wonderful things he did for PSU and students.



  1. Kevin
    Another good job on your blog about PSU. JoePa deserves better treatment than what people are giving him. I am getting very tired of all of the jerks that are blaming JoePa for everything that Sandusky, Curly, Shultz, and the former President of the college did. JoePa and his family have given a lot of money to PSU and the public has rejected him for doing all of this to the college that he loved. As usual the press has blamed him for all of this and including the Board of Trustees. Although they wont admit to it, JoePa deserved going out his own way but that Board Of Trustrees thought better of that and just wanted to cover their own butts.

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