Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 25, 2012

Mike McQueary, the one that JoePa might have missed shaping into a man.

It has been said that JoePa took raw football recruits and turned them into not only better football players but also into better men. 

Well, over 500 of them showed up today at Penn State to honor the coach who altered their lives for the good.  The shear number of players, past and present, showing up today stands as a living legacy to the affect JoePa had on their lives – but did JoePa miss reaching one of these former athlete-students in the process?  I think so!

From what I have read, Mike McQueary gave grand jury testimony that he went into the PSU facility late at night and noticed Coach Sandusky in the shower with a young boy and from that point on it gets sketchy – there are a variety of descriptions of what McQueary observed – but the one single thread to all the versions given is that it appeared that Sandusky was probably committing anal sex on the young boy.

I do not know how long McQueary stood there witnessing the alleged rape but if he stayed there long enough to be sure of what was happening, I would like to pose a few questions to McQueary:

  1. Mike, I am sure you were shocked as to what you were witnessing, but when you were sure as to what was going on, why in the hell didn’t you do the following:
  • Physically separate Sandusky from the boy.
  • Advise Sandusky to keep his distance by threatening to assault Sandusky if he did not do exactly what you demanded.
  • Wrap the young boy in a towel and remove him from the area.
  • Advise Sandusky that you were going to take the boy to EITHER a local off-campus medical facility or a nearby off-campus police station.
  • Assure the young boy that he was now safe and that he would not have to be around Sandusky ever again.

     2.  Mike, instead of acting responsibly, why did you choose to call your father to find out what you should do?  It should have been obvious that rescuing the boy should have been your highest priority.

    3.  What was so important and of such great concern that would make you leave the facility which then allowed Sandusky to still be with the boy?  Were you worried that whatever course of action you chose might affect your career in sports at Penn State?

Mike, you had the chance to be a true hero.  No one in America would have faulted you for hitting Sandusky and taking the young boy to the authorities.

You and your father, that night, made what possibly might be considered as the worst decision a father and son could have made collectively.

By initiating some kind of intervention might have saved Penn State University from the tremendous scandal it is now facing

In retrospect, Mike, are you and your father happy with the decision the two of you made that fateful night?

Many individuals are blaming JoePa for not making the right decision.  Can you come up with any reason why they should not be blaming you and your dad instead of JoePa?

And in closing, Mike, if that boy with Sandusky in the shower was your son, would you have intervened or would you still have called your daddy from the shadows of the locker room and worse, would you have left in the darkness without him knowing that you witnessed what was going on?

Personally, Mike, I do not know how you sleep at night.



  1. That was the first thing that came to my mind….Why in the hell did he walk away from what he had just seen…..He should be punished for what he did not do…But what goes around comes and he to will have his day in the Lords Court. JMPO

    • Hi Ettie; YPO is much more than “JMPO” – it matters and I hope that he eventually take the heat at least as much as JoePa did because if he stood up to Sandusky, none of all of this would have happened. McQueary had the chance to be a responsible caring adult and failed miserably – in my opinion.

      To me, McQueary’s father was just as bad, if not worse, because he told his son to walk away and come home. The two of them appeared to be more concerned about McQueary’s future than rescuing the boy from Sandusky.

      Sometimes when someone does good, that person might think that maybe a reward might be coming but I never would have thought a reward would come to someone for opting out of rescuing a child from being molested. What, was he more concerned with getting a reward from PSU for not causing a scene at PSU that would have attracted police and eventually a district attorney and a trial?

      Does anyone know if McQueary and his father were at the memorial service in the basketball facility?

      Thanks for writing. It is about time some people shifted the focus to McCreary instead of JoePa, a man who did report the incident as conveyed by McCreary.

      The bottom line is that while it is true JoePa could have done more after reporting the incident to Curley and Schultz, McCreary could have done SO MUCH MORE in the shower room but opted to do nothing that night and report the incident to JoePA. Big difference, a big, big, difference.

      I believe McCreary was about 29 years old at the time of the incident – he was not a college freshman, he was a graduate student – he was at an age that he should have known right from wrong – when a criminal act was taking place – and a situation where he morally should have immediately acted.

      I believe he is protected by some whistleblower law and if that is the case, why wasn’t JoePa protected by the same law and even though he probably should have followed up with Curley and Schultz, he should have been allowed to retire in dignity.

      If the President of the University knew and did nothing – fire the bum – but JoePa should have been allowed to retire – especially for all the time and service he gave to PSU.

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