Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 27, 2012

Will the sailors and marines on the USS Enterprise be used as sacrificial lambs?

Our oldest aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Enterprise is headed to the Middle East as a sign of strength to force Iran to rethink its’ position on making nuclear weapons. 

We do not actually know that nukes are being manufactured – that assumption is pure speculation but yet we are willing to entice Iran into war.

We currently have 3 modern aircraft carriers assigned to the 5th fleet, so why do we need to send a 50 year old aircraft carrier along with its’ 6 ship carrier strike group to the Gulf?

It is believed that Israel and the United States are behind the murders of Iranian scientists.  The United States is also behind a strengthening of financial sanctions against Iran, which Iran considers an act of War on part of the United States.  In addition, the United States wants to initiate an oil embargo against Iran to further economically bleed their country dry.

I find it interesting that in the past 10 – 12 years we have either threatened or have actually gone to war with countries having large oil reserves.  In addition, we went to war with Afghanistan and that was in part because of a proposed pipeline that was to be built through Afghanistan.  It is also suspected that the opium supply, along with significant other natural resources played a part.

The biggest beneficiaries of our recent wars are large U. S. and European energy companies, our own military industrial complex and Israel.

It is a given that Israel lobbyists strongly support the United States attacking any and all Middle East countries.  It is also rumored that Israel has committed many behind the scenes military and paramilitary activities to stir up trouble in an effort to blame other Middle East countries for the atrocities.

The United States has an insatiable appetite for energy resources and its’ attitude is that if we cannot negotiate good deals then we will use our military to insure the continuous flow of oil to the United States.

Some of you might not of the term “false flags” and that is partially because we, the United States, is the main country in the world who commits them as a pretext to going to war.  A false flag is where one country does something, like attacking their own military to blame in on someone else as a justification to attack another country.

Anyone doubting the topic of false flags should do a few searches on the U.S.S. Liberty and even Pearl Harbor to find out how our country either turns a blind eye to an enemy or even an ally that is attacking us so we can retaliate with greater force.

We are sending the U.S.S. Enterprise, America’s first nuclear aircraft carrier, to the Middle East.  This ship is due to be mothballed in 2014-2015.  This ship will be the first nuclear vessel ever to be decommissioned and that process will be costly.  The decommissioning will take approximately 8 years at a cost of $300-500 million dollars.

Speculation abounds that the United States would be okay if the Enterprise was somehow sunk in the gulf because it would accomplish two things – first, the 8 year decommissioning would be off the table with a savings of up to $500 billion dollars and second, we could blame the sinking on Iran and use that as a pretext to war.

Israel has a handful of submarines it purchased from Germany and it is rumored that Israel might attack the Enterprise and sink it.  There is also speculation that the U.S.S. Enterprise might be pre-wired with explosives to insure that when attacked it will sink to the bottom of the Gulf.

All countries play games as a pretext to engaging in war – I can understand that perfectly.  What I do not understand, however, why a country would be content with killing thousands of their own sailors and marines in the process.

We, as Americans, pride ourselves in having the best military in the world.  Supposedly, we respect life and we do everything possible to never leave one soldier behind.  We go through great lengths to rehabilitate every returning soldier, sailor, and airman.

So, if this blog is true, and either Israel sinks the Enterprise – or if we do it ourselves to justify a war, would the average American be angry with our country for killing its own troops or would we say something like, “well, it was a necessary thing to do so we could go to war with Iran so we would have a continuous flow of oil.”

One good thing, if it can be called that, is that the Enterprise left with a compliment of 1,700 sailors.  Ships company is normally 3,000 – 2,700 sailors and 300 chiefs and officers.  So, if the ship does go down, there will be fewer deaths because of the smaller number of personnel aboard.  Is the number on board another indicator that there might be plans to sink the Enterprise?

Greed is a funny thing.  Some people can justify almost anything – including killing someone so we can fill up our gas tanks.

Is the Enterprise being set up to follow Pearl Harbor and 9/11 as another catastrophe to justify war?

If you had a son or daughter assigned to the Enterprise and it was sacrificed to start a war, would you simply turn the other cheek?

On the otherhand, these Sailors, Marines, and Airmen are from homes of average Americans.  I am sure the top one percent does not have any relatives on board – except for maybe a half-dozen officers or maybe a chief or two.

If any of you reading this think that our government and the government of Israel are capable of doing something like this – sinking an old relic of an aircraft carrier in an effort to start a war with Iran, PLEASE forward this to as many of your friends and associates as possible.  Why?  Because if there is enough chatter going on about the possibility, then maybe the United States and Israel will back off these rumored plans and several thousand of America’s finest sailors and marines will live to see another day. 

Also, don’t you think that if Iran wanted to sink an Amereican aircraft carrier, they would attempt to sink the U.S.S. Abraham Lincon, a Nimitz class supercarrier instead of a smaller, less equipped, lesser manned, relic like the Enterprise?

There is a movement that is scheduled to take place all over the United States to protest any kind of attack on Iran.

Here are some of the sites in the U. S. and the U. K. that are opposed to the U.S. or Israel or NATO attacking Iran in any way, shape, or manner.

Here are a few sites that are concerned that there are plans to sink the Enterprise to justify going to war against Iran.

The Facebook page that has been quickly setup for this upcoming protest is:



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