Posted by: kevinfortruth | February 5, 2012

Kudos to JCPenney for a variety of reasons

Personally, I have not shopped at JCPenney in over a year.  It is not that I dislike Penney’s – simply put, I have not seen anything in their ads that caught my eye so I have not felt the need to visit any of their stores.  Now that I am retired and buying less – I do a lot of research on the Internet and then shop at one of the nearby malls to make my purchases.

When I have visited Penney’s in the past, I got confused with all the red sale signs with different discount percentages and I never seemed to know if I was getting a good buy or a great buy.  For some reason, Penney’s had sale rack after sale rack with different discount percentages on each one.  The deeply discounted racks seemed to be well picked over, while the lesser-discounted racks had a few nice things on them.  I was never in the mood to pick over disorganized racks to get a bargain.

Recently, Penney’s revamped their pricing strategy and they also have discontinued all the confusing sale ads and the sale banners in an effort to simplify things for customers.

The sale ads served a purpose – they kept customers coming in their stores.  The savvy shoppers knew how to compare all the sales ads in an effort to get the best buy.

Now that the economy is starting to pick up, JCPenney feels it is no longer necessary to have sales all the time so they are trying to get back to how they ran the stores a decade ago – and I hope it works for them.

Penney’s even has new television ads where they appear to be laughing at themselves for their previous marketing strategy.  A company that can laugh at itself deserves another visit – and I intend on giving Penney’s another shot – maybe as soon as this week.

In addition to the changes in their marketing strategy, JCPenney has again made the news this week – but this time, JCPenney is taking a lot of criticism from who I consider some Bible thumping ultra right-wing conservatives because Ellen DeGeneres is their spokesperson.

Ellen is openly gay and is in a relationship with her lovely wife Portia de Rossi – but that should have no effect on JCPenney – no matter what some large conservative right wing Christian group says.

Ellen is a fantastic entertainer who continues to do wonderful things for many people.  She has a cult like following of millions of viewers and it is almost impossible to get tickets to her live show.  She is a strong supporter of our military and I have seen shows where she helps needy families who are deeply in debt by getting them caught up on their mortgages and in some cases she even buys them a new car.

Some of these same Bible thumpers who are demanding that JCPenney drop Ellen have children who are either “closeted gays” or outwardly gay – yet they sweep it under the rug because it is a family “problem” that they are working on.

Ellen’s lifestyle is just that – her lifestyle.  Ellen has no desire to “turn” your kids into lesbians or gays.  She just wants to live her life and do as much good for humanity as she possibly can.

I guess these thumpers would be okay if Ellen cancelled her business relationship with JCPenney and kept a low profile regarding her alternative lifestyle.

I, for one, am glad that Ellen chose to “come out” because she is a happier person and is doing so much good for so many people.

Hundreds of women attend her live shows and they represent a cross-section of America – my assumption is that some of them share her sexual orientation but my guess is that the majority of Ellen’s studio audience and her home viewing audience are straight – the difference though, is that they choose to include individuals in their lives without regard to their religion, sexual orientation, race, creed, or color.

It would be interesting to know how many women in Ellen’s live audiences and how many viewers are part of the One Million Moms.

I am certain that some of these thumpers go to beauty salons where they get their hair tended to by gays and they go to movies and watch shows on television starring openly lesbian and gay actors and actresses.  How “sinful” of them to do so!

Many of these thumpers have had interior designers come to their homes and give their residence a major makeover, without even thinking about the fact that so many designers are from the “gay” community.

So, why are they attacking Ellen?  I think the American Family Association needed someone to bash and they chose Ellen.

JCPenney is a department store chain that markets to mainstream Americans.  Penney’s is somewhere in the middle of retail America – well below Nordstrom’s and well above Wal-Mart.

I personally think that the American Family Association and the conservative group One Million Moms should get a life – there are bigger fish to fry ladies.

We should all try to get along and be more accepting of others.  We have wars to deal with and issues about jobs and the economy.  We also have problems with escalating medical costs and other issues such as planning for retirement.

One Million Moms wants JCPenney to be “neutral” in the culture wars.  Are these “moms” for real?  Do they believe that anyone in America would believe that by doing what they are insisting that JCPenney would be remaining “neutral”?  What a joke!  By doing that, they are asking JCPenney to take an anti-gay stand – nothing more, nothing less.

How Christian of these moms to teach their children life lessons, like bigotry, at such an early age.

If you feel that One Million Moms is unfairly picking on JCPenney and Ellen DeGeneres, please go to JCPenney’s website and let them know that you admire them for taking a stand against One Million Moms.

Here is the link:

After getting on the site, choose “other” in the drop down box and then let them know you support JCPenney for taking a stand and keeping Ellen as their spokesperson.




    • Hi Linda; Glad you liked the blog about JCPenney. Ellen is way too good a person to be bashed by any group – religious or not. If JCPenney did cave to their demands, they would not be neutral – and One Million moms is foolish to try to make anyone think they are being neutral trying to have JCPenney fire Ellen as their spokesperson.


  3. good job jc penny I will shop more

  4. Nice job Kevin on the blog. It’s about time that someone has the guts to hammer One Million Moms for there stupid beliefs. I think you bring intresting topics to us and it keeps us on our toes. We just never know what you are going to come up with. Keep up the good work.

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