Posted by: kevinfortruth | February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston – a crossover singer – a crossover death

I was watching a cable news show this morning and the host started out by asking “Does the death of Whitney Houston deserve the coverage that it is getting?”  How sad of him to ask a question in that manner.

Would that same question be asked by this host if it was a white singer who died yesterday?  Surely not.

Whitney Houston had more than her 15 minutes of fame – she earned well over 15 years of solid superstar – Diva – status.  She was a crossover star with incredible talent and incredible credentials.

Not only did Whitney have an absolutely beautiful voice, she was very easy on the eyes – better said, she was truly a beautiful looking woman – soft facial features – and a glow that stopped people in their tracks.

It truly is a shame that her magnificent career was marred by issues surrounding her marriage to Bobby Brown and her rumored drug use.  I do not know exactly what dragged Whitney down – alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs, but what ever took her career down, American lost a great, talented entertainer.

Some are writing that she was a “has been” and her death should not be getting this much attention – and to that I say “get your head out.”

I personally liked most of what Whitney sang, but I enjoyed hearing her much more when you could look at her singing her hits in a video or on stage because of her beautiful eyes, her cheekbones, her smile, and her overall beauty.

There were many female singers during her rein that sang well but collectively they could not hold a candle to Whitney’s stage presence and her persona.  I am not talking about black female singers or white female singers because Whitney was unique – she not only crossed over in her music style, but her beauty crossed the color barrier – her beauty was valued by peoples of all colors and races.

Someone said to me today that the media gives too much attention when black entertainers die versus their white counterparts. 

I am certain, in some cases, that is true – but on the other hand, when the death of a black entertainer garners much attention, there are whites who try to elevate the death of a white entertainer to “offset” the attention the death of the black entertainer is getting.

The sad thing about her death is that her incredible career was shortened by some personal choices she made.

She was a diva and a super star to many for almost two full decades.  My guess is that if she did not marry Bobby Brown, her diva status would have continued for another decade or two with the release of more hits that her fans would have enjoyed.

If there is one good thing about the timing of her death, it is that she will receive a warm sendoff at the Grammy’s tonight.

She was one of the great one’s who was known by her first name – so, R.I.P. Whitney





  1. Oh, go ahead, pull the race card. F**king double standards. Face it, white people are just that much more appealing than colored people. And they always will be. This is not a racist comment, it is a stone cold FACT.

    • I am really confused with your comment. I am surely not playing a race card. Regarding one race being much more appealing than another, I will leave that for each individual to determine. I look at people as individuals – I do not group them together as races – although I can usually determine a black from a white from an oriental from an indian from a Hispanic.

      At various periods in my life, I tended to favor brunettes over blondes and then I switched to favor redheads. I have, on a general level, always found Jewish women to be quite attractive – even now, when I poke through singles sites and I find myself favoring a handful of women of a larger group of women, many of the women I find attractive turn out to be Jewish (after looking at their profiles to determine ethnicity/religion). That is not always the case, but it happens enough for me to have formulated my opinion.

      A lot of our preferences were established at an early age – some influenced by friends, parents, and people influential in our lives.

      I am not apologizing for anything I wrote in the Whitney blog. I am who I am and I have had a whole lifetime to lean one way or another – be it politics, dating, choices of automiles, televisions, computers, software, genre of books, and yes, even friends.

      Regarding crossing racial lines, I have known many people, women and men, of several races who have been raised to never cross the color or ethnic barrier – right or wrong. I know I am rambling – but that is because I am so confused with this whole complex issue – but at least I am honest about it.

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