Posted by: kevinfortruth | February 17, 2012

The Tabloid Twins are doing a disservice to Whitney Houston.

For those of you just visiting and do not have a clue as to who I am talking about, I am referring to Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Just watch all their episodes since the death of Whitney Houston.  Not that these episodes are that much different than their normal sensationalization of celebrity deaths, but Nancy and Jane have taken it to a new level.

Every night Nancy’s show starts out with Whitney singing a part of one of her classic songs and then Nancy comes in calling Whitney a Songbird – of course out of respect – right!

Those soft tones out of Nancy are to win over the crowd before she starts in on Whitney’s use of drugs, her marriage to Bobby Brown, her actions at the hotel the days leading up to the Grammy’s and how she had been drinking.

Today’s show Nancy was focusing on a “mystery” note that Whitney handed Brandy that was televised.  Wow, I think that police ought to take Brandy in for questioning and keep her locked up until she divulges the contents of that note.  To Nancy, it might lead to someone confessing to drugging Whitney – and maybe even holding Whitney down in the tub until she died.  I am surprised that Nancy hasn’t hinted that maybe it was a note from Whitney to Brandy saying that someone was trying to kill her.

Of course I only said that to show how ridiculous and rude and inconsiderate Nancy is being toward Whitney, Whitney’s daughter, Whitney’s mother, and everyone else who is mourning the death of Whitney Houston.

To add insult to injury, Nancy is even implying that Whitney could have been murdered possibly to get part of her rumored fortune.  Nancy has even speculated that Bobby Brown might still be in Whitney’s will or even a beneficiary of one of Whitney’s life insurance policies.

Nancy, you are no longer a prosecutor – and thank God for that – let Whitney rest in peace.

During this period, people should be honoring the memory of Whitney, not tearing her down for her drug use, her actions over the past few days and the rumored erosion of her fortune.

There will be time for all the trash talk that always comes up when a celebrity dies – but for now, there should be NO sensational speculation – unfortunately, that is how Nancy makes her money.

Nancy is walking a tightrope because as everyone knows, Whitney is African-American and so are the majority of her closest friends and associates – so Nancy has to make them all think she really gives a hell about Whitney.

Look at a rerun of any show this week.  Nancy goes from good cop and then to bad cop – again and again, at warp speed.  She started out EVERY episode this week with Whitney singing and then goes to the drug use and she shows clips of the last few days that show Whitney somewhat out of control – looking a little disheveled.

All during the transition from Whitney singing, to her death to Whitney’s recent actions Nancy uses extreme graphics to distort Whitney’s beauty as though Nancy was acting as a dominatrix and she is selling tickets to a disgusting side show – a slide presentation of the ups and downs of Whitney’s life – the good, the bad and the ugly.  The sensational graphics – from black and white to bold colors and flashing lights and clip art, are an insult to an iconic figure as Whitney Houston.

Oh, I almost forgot – in my opinion, Nancy also played her “Race Card” tonight.  Every night, at about the 55 minute point in her show, Nancy gives tribute to an American hero – a deceased military person – where she talks about the medals each soldier earned, who he/she left behind – interests/hobies, parents, a wife or husband, pets, kids.

If memory serves me right, over 95 percent of these heroes have been white, aka Caucasian.  Only a handful over the past few years have been Hispanic – and it truly is a rare show where she honors a black fallen American hero.

I find it interesting, now that various celebrities and television personalities have recently expressed criticism regarding Nancy’s comments regarding the death of Whitney Houston – that Nancy’s show decided to honor a black, aka African-American fallen hero.  Coincidence – I think not!

I challenge Nancy’s producers and her control room staff to release statistics to disprove my comment in the last paragraph.  No, I take away the challenge and I dare Nancy and her hired hands to release ethnicity statistics on the fallen heroes.  Oh, what the hell, I double dare Nancy to release statistics on her coverage of fallen American Heroes.

Slightly over 20 percent of the American military deaths in Iraq are people of color – Hispanic or African-American, yet the photos at the end of Nancy’s show seldom reflect Hispanic or African-American uniformed personnel.  Why?

So again, why did Nancy use this week to honor a black soldier – SSG. Briand Williams from Sparks, Georgia.

Let’s shift gears to Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Jane Velez-Mitchell is not far behind in the sensational nature of her coverage of Whitney Houston.

Jane is another television personality who says she is there for women – all women – yet she spends much less time covering African-American crimes – she will spend weeks and weeks, if not more, on a missing white child or woman, yet, she will spend a segment on a missing black woman.

This week, of course, she is devoting entire shows on Whitney Houston because the details surrounding her death are laced with gossip, drugs, Whitney’s fortune, Whitney’s tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown.

On Jane’s two recent shows, she said she was going to be at Whitney’s funeral talking to those attending and the fans in the street.

The way Jane covered the Casey Anthony trial and the Conrad Murray trial, Jane should be the absolute last person interviewing Whitney’s fans in the street outside Newark, NJ New Hope Baptist Church.

Several months ago, two black ladies went missing under similar circumstances – one in Atlanta and the other in St. Louis.  Jane interviewed the parents of one of the girls and assured them that she would keep their daughter’s face in the news and would keep the case alive.

Jane did not mention this girl again for the next several weeks.  She made these parents think that she cared.  I believe she used these parents only to get the interview and then she discarded them like an outdated box of cereal or a gallon of milk that had soured.

Two weeks later, the young girl was found dead.  Might the results have been different if Jane kept her promise?  I do not know.  However, the girls body might have been found sooner  – maybe continued coverage might have jarred someone’s memory, which might have led to her body being discovered sooner.

Jane, herself, is a recovering alcoholic – we have heard that hundreds of times – and I admire her for her continued sobriety – but it seems like she plugs herself anytime someone has a history of drug or alcohol use.

Jane also uses her show to push her book – she hasn’t done that recently, but you can count on her doing it again soon – real soon.

In my estimation, Jane focuses most of her shows on white kidnappings, murders, and deaths.  The decision to do so might come from the front offices of HLN – maybe Jane also has some say in her limited coverage of African-Americans.

Jane has a habit of stirring up crowds and not in a good way.  She almost caused a riot during the Casey Anthony trial after the verdict was read.

The Whitney Houston funeral is a one-time event – one time to get it right.  Jane, in my estimation, cannot do anything or say anything to improve the experience for those attending Whitney’s funeral.

She can be counted on to say the most ridiculous things and ask the stupidest questions.

Unfortunately, if she attends and roams through the visitors outside, it will soon take on a carnival atmosphere.

Please Jane, do not go.  Let Whitney rest in peace.

…and Nancy, try to back off a little – Whitney was a uniquely talented individual who deserves to be treated a little more tenderly and not put under a microscope for those low points in her life.

Whitney’s drug use surely needs to be discussed and her sad experiences can be used as a learning experience – but please wait until she has been laid to rest.


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