Posted by: kevinfortruth | March 5, 2012

Nancy Grace and the National Enquirer – Kissing Cousins? Absolutely!

Nancy Grace Loves Whitney Houston,

Nancy Grace Loves Whitney Houston,

Nancy Grace Loves Whitney Houston,

Nancy Grace Loves Whitney Houston,

Nancy Grace Loves Whitney Houston,

Nancy Grace Loves Whitney Houston.

Maybe if I write that 95 more times, I might believe it – not really!

Nancy Grace has been sensationalizing the death of Whitney Houston from the day of her death.  Unfortunately, for Whitney, her daughter Bobbi Kristina and even Whitney’s mother Crissy, Nancy cannot stop wearing her outdated “Prosecutor” hat – and while still wearing that invisible hat on the air, she speculates about all the possibilities of every murder, suicide, death, kidnapping, abduction, missing person or death under questionable circumstances – even if that causes family members unnecessary pain and suffering.

In addition, Nancy exaggerates the truth beyond what would be considered fair reporting.  On more than one show, Nancy said that Whitney’s stomach was FULL of prescription drugs.  How could she know how many prescription pills or capsules were consumed?

Just because Whitney has various medically prescribed prescription drug bottles in her room, without autopsy results, how would Nancy Grace know how many of each prescription Whitney took the day of her death?

Nancy also stated that facts surrounding Whitney’s death kept changing because Whitney’s body was in the hotel bedroom when EMS arrived.  I have seen a photo of the hotel bathroom and it is quite narrow.  If I found someone unconscious in the bathtub and I was going to attempt to apply CPR to that person, I would not do so with that person still in the bathtub – nor would I remove that person out of the tub and put that person on the floor of the bathroom because the room is so narrow I could not perform CPR in such a confined space.  I would immediately remove the person from the tub and the bathroom and place that person on the bedroom floor where there is adequate space to apply lifesaving techniques.

Unfortunately, it appears that Nancy Grace tries her best to exaggerate what is going on to increase her ratings without caring about who might suffer in the process.

So, let’s go back to the blackboard where I wrote “Nancy Grace loves Whitney Houston”.

Nancy appears quite appalled that someone would photograph Whitney in a casket and then sell that photo to the National Enquired.  She also appeared appalled that anyone would photograph Whitney being removed from the hotel room.

Why would either of these photos bother Nancy?  Because Nancy loves Whitney?  I don’t believe so.

If Nancy did love or does love Whitney Houston, she would not use her editors and producers to deface photos and videos of Whitney.  I use the term “Photoshop” as a way of showing how Nancy’s team alters videos and photos to sensationalize stories that she covers.

First, that editing, in my estimation, defaces the person being displayed – either in a photo or a video.  It is as though someone took crayons or markers and circled colors around a person’s eyes to alter what once was a beautiful image.  It is also like a person drawing a mustache on a person or giving a person a black eye with a black marker – there are a variety of things one can do to deface images and Nancy’s team goes to great lengths to alter images in a most negative way.

No matter the cause of Whitney’s death, Nancy has no right to deface her images in the way she is choosing to do even while many people were in shock.

These alterations of lovely photos and videos of Whitney are being displayed while Whitney is singing one of her popular songs – that way Nancy can compliment Whitney the songbird while she is defacing her image at the same time.  What person in their right mind would do this to someone who just died?  It shouldn’t matter whether the person died of natural causes or if that person committed suicide, was murdered, or died under questionable circumstances.  Respect is respect and Whitney is not getting the respect that Nancy says she is giving her.

Nancy could have even waited until Whitney was in the ground before she started speculating about the possibility of Whitney being forced under the water.

I believe the only truth about Nancy Grace is that she is primarily interested in garnering more viewers so she can maximize her salary – no matter how many people she hurts in the process.

I encourage anyone who thinks I am picking on Nancy to watch a week or two of her episodes to see each segment in which she covers the death of Whitney Houston and observe how she continuously defaces her images – photos and videos.

There are kids arrested every day for marking up walls and buildings with Graffiti – even though much of what they draw or paint is truly art.  What Nancy’s team does, however, is what I would label Grafilthy because it surely is not art in any way, shape or form. said it best, “Nancy Grace is more terrible than ever”, click on the below link:

I agree that the photo of Whitney Houston in the casket that the National Enquirer chose to put on its cover is disgusting – but I find the nightly video editing Nancy Grace and her team do every night in defacing images of the missing, the dead, the murdered, and the abducted to be worse – much worse.


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