Posted by: kevinfortruth | March 29, 2012

…And in this corner, the winner, George Zimmerman?

In an effort to get this blog published in a timely manner, I chose not to concern myself with being politically correct.

Excuse the personal reference, but I grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts in a mostly low income, “white” neighborhood that was adjacent to a mostly “black” neighborhood and I attended public schools that were mixed racially.  Chestnut Street was the dividing line between the white and black neighborhoods and even though I lived in a “white” neighborhood, I attended Hooker Elementary that was located in a “black” neighborhood, and attendance was probably 80 percent black.

I then attended Chestnut Street Junior High School which was probably 40 percent black and lastly I attended the High School of Commerce which, at the time, was probably 25 – 30 percent black.

In addition, during my military career, I lived in NCO military housing that was occupied by white, black, and Hispanic families.

From what I understand, the gated community where George Zimmerman lives and where Trayvon was visiting is roughly 50 percent white, 37 percent black and the remainder Hispanic, and other nationalities – possibly Oriental, Indian, and maybe mixed-race households.

The only reason I am showing the ethnic breakdown of the neighborhood is because the media appear to be portraying the neighborhood to be some kind of upscale white gated community where blacks lurk on the outside waiting to sneak in and rob the residents.

If 37 percent of the residents are black, it should be somewhat commonplace for blacks to be driving in and out of the community and also for blacks to walk back and forth to nearby stores.

In my estimation, the media covering this story, i.e. the Orlando newspapers, HLN, CNN, and other major media outlets started out by describing George Zimmerman as a stocky white man who weighed somewhere around 250 pounds and described Trayvon Martin as a skinny boy weighing around 140 pounds.

It was later determined that sometime over the past few years that George Zimmerman lost a lot of weight and now weights somewhere around 170 pounds.

To me, Trayvon, was not a “boy”, he was a young adult by today’s standards.  Our government leaders like to describe our young soldiers as boys and girls to elicit sympathy from citizens across the country – even though the majority can vote and even drink in most states.

The bottom line is that Trayvon was a maturing teenager and George is a mature adult – all the other stuff about weight and height represents a smoke screen at best.

Many people think of hoodies as things young people wear to look “cool.”  Others think hoodies are worn by individuals, mostly black, to be able to commit a crime and not be easily identified by security cameras.

Personally, I think young adults wear hoodies like windbreakers and nothing more.

So, where are we?  From what I have read about George Zimmerman, I believe he is a cop wannabe.  He carries a gun because of the power it conveys – so he can appear to be one of the good guys who is going to insure that none of the bad guys get into his gated community and rob him or his neighbors.  I wonder if he also cares equally about protecting the 37 percent black residences in his upscale community.

George Zimmerman’s friend and neighbor, called the night of the incident as a “perfect storm.”  I do not know what he was implying – that it was fate that brought Zimmerman with his 9 mm gun and Trayvon together?  Was Zimmerman’s friend implying that the perfect storm was bringing the White Night against the Dark Marauder?  I do not know but my guess is that he was implying that Zimmerman, their neighborhood watch Captain, frequently patrolled his neighborhood looking for potential robbers who generally were assumed to be black.

The media have shifted to releasing negative things about Trayvon, mostly about his exposure to drugs, his being suspended from high school, and discussions of jewelry found in Trayvon’s backpack at school.  All of this is to discredit Trayvon and to shift as much blame as possible from George Zimmerman to Trayvon and the media are doing a bangup job of doing so.

Zimmerman, as I stated earlier, has changed his story several times.  Zimmerman was initially following Trayvon from a safe distance while talking to police on his cell phone – and during that conversation police advised Zimmerman to not follow Trayvon any longer.  Trayvon, at the same time, was on the phone with his girlfriend and she said that he was very concerned about being followed by Zimmerman.  She suggested that he run from Zimmerman and Trayvon said he did not want to run but instead he said he was going to walk faster away from Zimmerman.

Well, if that is what was really happening, it would have been impossible for Zimmerman and Martin to meet up because they would have been walking in opposite directions, especially if the police told Zimmerman to stop following Martin.

The latest twist in this story is where Zimmerman said that Trayvon Martin approached him – punching him in the face and breaking his nose and then knocking Zimmerman down and slamming his head on the concrete at which time, Zimmerman fearing for his life, pulled out his 9 mm gun and shot Trayvon once in the chest.

Florida has this crazy “Self Defense” law described as “stand your ground” law.  The law assumes that if you are the potential victim and that you are not the aggressor – i.e. and someone is after you and you are trying to escape – you can use lethal force to protect yourself.

Well, you cannot have it both ways – you cannot say that you are following someone as an aggressor and at the same time say that you are feeling threatened and shoot someone because you fear they are possibly going to kill you.

Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, whom I believe only cover stories that include blacks when it adds to their ratings, are avoiding asking penetrating questions to the friends of George Zimmerman – they are also not asking thought provoking questions to panel members on both their shows.

Nancy, specifically, is making assumptions that could lead to Zimmerman being found innocent, but if the topic was expanded a little to include alternative scenarios, the discussion might show that Trayvon Martin would be found innocent instead.

Let me clarify a little.

Nancy Grace, on her past several shows, has suggested that if there was an altercation between Zimmerman and Martin, it might lead to Zimmerman being found innocent.  Zimmerman is saying that Trayvon somehow snuck around and approached him while he was walking back to his vehicle.  Keep in mind that the Sanford Police Department dispatcher told Zimmerman to stop following Trayvon yet Zimmerman can be heard breathing heavy.

Zimmerman further states that Martin blindsided him by punching him in the face – breaking his nose – Zimmerman further states that Martin knocked him down and began slamming his head into the pavement (or concrete), causing his broken nose and the back of his head to bleed.  Then, fearing for his life, Zimmerman pulled out his 9 mm weapon and shot Trayvon Martin in the chest while Trayvon was on top of him.

Somehow, during all of this action, someone was screaming out “Help, Help”.

So, who was crying for help?  If Zimmerman’s head was being bashed on the ground, I cannot believe he was yelling “Help, Help” while he was pulling out his gun and shooting Trayvon.

I can, however, think of a scenario where the opposite was happening – where Zimmerman pulled a gun on Trayvon and Trayvon fearing for his life, screamed “Help, Help.”

In addition, Nancy Grace is implying – no, more than implying, she has clearly stated that if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, Trayvon must have been the aggressor and that Zimmerman shot Trayvon in self-defense.

I beg to differ and I would like to propose an alternative theory where Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, but only because Zimmerman accosted Trayvon and Trayvon, acting in self-defense, somehow got the upper hand – to Zimmerman’s surprise and as a result Zimmerman shot Trayvon in an effort to kill this punk black hooded kid who caught him off guard.

Here is my alternative theory:  Zimmerman did not do what the police said – Zimmerman can be heard breathing heavy because he was not walking back to his car leisurely, he continued to follow Trayvon but at a faster rate.  That is supported by Trayvon’s girlfriend who said that Trayvon was walking away from Zimmerman at a faster rate to avoid any altercation.  Eventually Zimmerman caught up to Trayvon because Zimmerman was running toward Trayvon and that is why he was breathing heavy – maybe Trayvon decided to stop walking away fast and wanted to ask Zimmerman what his problem was – at that time, my guess is that Zimmerman grabbed Trayvon and some heated words were exchanged – at which time, Trayvon, fearing for his life, decided to hit Zimmerman in self defense – maybe even breaking Zimmerman’s nose – even though there is no proof yet released that unequivocally proves that Trayvon broke Zimmerman’s nose with his bare hands.

Zimmerman, at that time, was shocked that this skinny black kid got the best of him and Zimmerman, whether he was on the ground under Trayvon or not, decided to pull out his gun and shoot Trayvon in a display of ultimate power.

Zimmerman probably felt that he would be damned if some black punk in a hoodie was going to get the best of him and get away with it.

So, what I am saying in a nutshell is that Nancy and others are implying that if there was any altercation it was because of Trayvon and all the evidence of angle, distance, and proximity would prove Trayvon as the aggressor – when it could be equally shown that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman as the ultimate act of self defense.  Keep in mind that all Trayvon had going for him was his youth and his fists and Zimmerman had the ultimate equalizer – a deadly weapon that he carried  by choice and was not afraid to use it.  It might have been the case that Zimmerman was waiting for the right situation to use his gun.  I further suggest that Zimmerman might not have been fearful for his life because he knew that if he could get his hands on his weapon, he could have made Trayvon yell “Help, Help”, begging for his life before Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the ultimate display of power over black hooded thieves who have been robbing his community for well over a year.

Another thing about Nancy Grace that concerns me is why is Nancy not insisting that George Zimmerman take a polygraph to prove his innocence?  I have heard Nancy, on hundreds of occassions, question if someone has submitted or would submit to a polygraph – almost that they should take the test to clear things up.

If Zimmerman has changed his story several times and Zimmerman is the only one who can say unequivocally what happened that night, why doesn’t he take a polygraph to prove beyond a doubt that everything happened exactly like he says it did?  You cannot tell three versions of a story and have all of them be the truth – so, it appears that Zimmerman has lied about the events and we will not know unless Zimmerman submits to a polygraph.

If the FBI administers an unbiased polygraph to Zimmerman and he is found to be totally innocent of what happened – even though he should not have been carrying a weapon or even following Trayvon, then the black community would have to stand down and acknowledge that Trayvon was the aggressor and Zimmerman acted totally in self-defense.

For Nancy to imply that if the forensics place Trayvon on top of Zimmerman and as a result Trayvon was the aggressor, then Nancy, in my humble opinion, is unprofessional and is being racially biased.

What I do not understand is why isn’t anyone in the media or anyone of the many hundreds of black Americans providing meaningful dialogue in this case proposing alternative theories that would show Zimmerman as the aggressor?

For the black community to allow Nancy Grace or Jane Velez Mitchell or HLN or the Orlando newspapers to put forth theories implying that Trayvon was the aggressor is ludicrous and they are doing a disservice to Trayvon’s family.

The black community does not need Jesse Jackson involved any more than it needs speeches by black elected officials.

What I suggest is that someone like Melissa Harris-Perry have a show with guests representing Zimmerman and guests representing Trayvon Martin and have an open discussion where possibilities can be explored in a calm unbiased setting.

I was not in Sanford, Florida the night that George Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin tragically met and as a result, I have no idea what actually took place between these two individuals that resulted in the death of Trayvon Martin.

One thing I do know is that one of the participants, George Zimmerman, is alive and the other participant, Trayvon Martin, unfortunately is dead – and as a result is not here to speak on his own behalf.

Lastly, did the medical examiner examine Trayvon’s hands to see if Zimmerman’s DNA is on his knuckles?  It might be possible that Trayvon head butted Zimmerman and broke his nose – if so, Trayvon would have had lots of Zimmerman’s blood on his face as well.  Was there any blood evidence or DNA evidence on Trayvon’s body or clothing that proves a fight occurred?

I just saw some video of George Zimmerman when he was exiting the police vehicle and taken into booking and there does not appear to be any blood on his face – nor does there appear to be a broken nose or even blood on Zimmerman’s clothing.

Again, I do not know what happened but I hope and pray that this case is thoroughly and professionally investigated by authorities above the level of the City of Sanford – either at the State of Florida level or the Federal level.





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