Posted by: kevinfortruth | March 31, 2012

What if George Zimmerman had a Stick of Beef Jerky instead of a 9 mm gun?

The purpose of this blog is not to do any role reversal – it is simply to take the 9 mm gun out of the incident.

It is a given that George Zimmerman felt in control – mostly because he was packing a gun.  In most situations, when two people meet and exchange words – heated or otherwise – the person with the gun can always change the outcome of the event by simply pulling out the gun – in most cases by not even shooting the gun.  Instantaneously, both parties begin to act differently – maybe even walking away in opposite directions.

From what I understand, George Zimmerman was not on “duty” that night.  Different individuals said that he was enroute to Target when he noticed the “hooded” Trayvon Martin returning from the convenience store.  I am sure that George Zimmerman felt somewhat safe and in charge because he was respected by many residents in his “gated” community, so he probably felt that regardless of what happened, he had “white” as well as some “black” friends who would stand behind him.

George Zimmerman is probably a street wise individual and because of past robberies in his neighborhood, he felt confident that the local police would also give him the benefit of the doubt no matter what happened.  Even though Zimmerman was half white and half Hispanic, most police departments would “see” him as a white person and would tend to support him in any confrontation with a teenaged “hooded” black person.

So, with all that going for him – looking “white”, respect of neighbors, and having respectability over a young black person, George Zimmerman knew everything was in his favor, but also having a concealed weapon in his possession gave him the ultimate edge.

I know we cannot roll back the clock and disarm George Zimmerman but let’s try to reshoot the scene than night – minus the 9 mm weapon.  Are we now all on the same page?  I hope so.

So, George is leaving his “gated” community, he sees Trayvon, calls the police and the police advises George to not continue following Trayvon.  George, again chooses to disregard the police advice, and continues to follow Trayvon, but maybe a little more cautiously.

If that scenario played out, Trayvon would have continued increasing his walking pace until he got into the “gated” community and he would have gotten to his door and entered safely to be with those he loved.

George Zimmerman, probably would have been upset because he was in “hero” mode and wanted to catch one of “those” who always get away.  He might have walked back to his car saying to himself, “Well I was wrong about this black kid but I will be ready for the next black kid I run into!”

The other possibility is that George might have caught up with Trayvon and they might have got into a heated exchange of words and maybe even gotten into a fight – with both of them getting roughed up.  The police might have arrived and most likely given the benefit of the doubt to George Zimmerman and Trayvon would have been arrested as a punk hooded black trouble maker and then taken to the police station and booked on assault and battery charges.  In this scenario, Trayvon probably would have been found guilty, but at least he would still be alive.

Taking this one step further, Trayvon gets the upper hand on George Zimmerman and breaks his nose and pounds his head into the pavement – absent the gun, Trayvon continues to beat up Zimmerman and George Zimmerman bleeds to death. Under this scenario, Trayvon would be handcuffed and taken to the police station and charged with something like aggravated assault and maybe even involuntary manslaughter or worse yet murder.  Trayvon would be alive but he would have been incarcerated probably without bail and would be waiting for a  court date.  Almost any jury, in this case, would have sent Trayvon away for a long, long, time.

The only scenario that I see that could have played out well is for an unarmed Zimmerman to heed the police warning and get back into his car/truck and continue to Target.

Any other scenario would result in Trayvon Martin being charged with assault or manslaughter or even murder.

So, I ask this, “Why is it that it takes a million or two million people, mostly black, to make the police department or the Florida Attorney General or the F.B.I. to do what they should have done in the first place?”

Trayvon Martin was not a Saint – nor was he supposed to be to have those in authority to properly investigate an incident where a death took place.

On the flip side, George Zimmerman, has had his share of skeletons in his closet but many individuals, including the police and the Attorney General’s office are so ready to disregard his shortcomings and give him the benefit of the doubt – including trying to stack the deck against Trayvon Martin – just because he was simply a “hooded” black teenager.

I believe the odds are against black men and young black males because they have a high probably of being killed by one of their own or getting arrested in commission of a crime and being sentenced to jail.  Many black males have been arrested and sentenced for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  The three strike your out laws have incarcerated many blacks for extended periods of time – even though the third strike, in many cases, was for a much lesser crime – but the law is the law – 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and that sometimes means life in prison.

There are many individuals in power who feel that the “George Zimmerman’s” of the world collectively have more to offer mankind than the “hooded” Trayvon Martin’s of the world.

I can think of dozens of black males who have accomplished so much – Barrack Obama – Nelson Mandella – Colin Powell – Thurgood Marshall and George Washington Carver – along with hundreds of black male writers, entertainers, athletes and civic leaders – and if any one of them were killed in the senseless way that Trayvon Martin was killed – their early death would have impacted the world.

Who knows what Trayvon Martin might have grown up to accomplish but we will never know – thanks to George Zimmerman.

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  1. I think you are a murderer if you have a stick of beef jerky in your hand and blacks are certainly treated different than whites and why in the american world does every one have a gun , I think it is ludicrious and stupid … just me…

    • Sally, thanks for commenting. I am a little confused with your reply. I was only trying to say that if the gun was absent, Zimmerman would not have persued Martin. I was also trying to show that if anything serious happened to Zimmerman, the law would not have hesitated to pursue Martin with the fullest extent of the law. Why the difference? That’s all.

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