Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 1, 2012

It might all come down to “Who’s your daddy!”

There are many discussions going on regarding the incident in Sanford, Florida in which Trayvon Martin was killed by a single bullet fired by George Zimmerman.

The majority of what is being argued by the media does not matter in the big scheme of things.

For example, the following concerns, in my estimation, DO NOT matter at all:

  1.  Who was screaming that night?  George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin.
  2.  If George Zimmerman and Trayvon were actually fighting on the ground, who was on top and who was on the bottom?
  3.  Was George Zimmerman’s nose broken in what is being perceived as a scuffle or fight?
  4.  Was blood found on the ground at the scene where the alleged fight took place?
  5.  Was Trayvon Martin suspended from his school and that is why he was visiting Sanford?
  6.  Is George Zimmerman “white” or is he mixed race, i.e. white and Hispanic?
  7.  At the time of the incident, did George Zimmerman weigh approximately 250 lbs or 175 lbs?

So, if the above items DO NOT matter – what does matter?

  1. It is not who was on top or bottom or who was screaming BUT how they got there.  Did Zimmerman approach Trayvon as the aggressor and maybe even grabbed him and Trayvon then, in his own attempt to defend himself struck back at George Zimmerman – in effect did Trayvon become the one who was then standing his ground.
  2.  At various point during the altercation, either one of them might have had a reason to yell out, “Help, Help!” and that would have been caused by changes in who had the upper hand at the time and who was fearing for his own life.  Also, during the altercation both men might have had a moment when one was on the bottom and shifted to where they reversed positions repeatedly until the shot was fired.
  3.  The video of George Zimmerman getting out of the police car does not appear to show a broken nose or cuts on the back of his head and that is okay because first aid might have been rendered at the scene, but what does matter is if George Zimmerman was pummeled over and over by Trayvon why was there no blood on George Zimmerman’s shirt or his coat?  It is my belief that EMS does not do dry cleaning or laundry.
  4.  Trayvon was first listed as a “John Doe” in the morgue and even after his parents identified the body as that of Trayvon, they continued to list the body as a “John Doe” for several days and the parents were not allowed to take Trayvon’s body to the funeral parlor.  Why?
  5.  One of George Zimmerman’s parents is white and the other parent is Hispanic, which does not matter.  What does matter is that he looks white and that, by itself, might carry a lot of weight considering the other person in this incident was a black teen.
  6.  George Zimmerman was initially arrested and subsequently released – partly because of the “Stand your Ground law”.  If the tables were reversed and Trayvon was the person with the gun and George Zimmerman was the one dressed in the hood, would Trayvon have been released that night?
  7.  Did the police attempt to alter the testimony of any of the witnesses – i.e. those who “saw” part of the incident or those who “heard” what was going on – for example, how many shots were heard, who was screaming, and who was on top of whom?

In closing, I have been racking my brain as to why George Zimmerman was not kept in jail that fateful night when Trayvon was shot by Zimmerman.  I know a little about the Florida law regarding “stand your ground” but one of the detectives handling the case wanted Zimmerman arrested and charged with manslaughter yet his recommendation was overturned by the state attorney.  Why?

Now it appears that favoritism might have affected that decision.  George Zimmerman’s father is a retired Florida magistrate judge and Zimmerman’s mother was a clerk of the court.  As they used to say on Saturday Night Live – “How convenient.”

I would love to have been a fly on the wall that night to see how many phone calls went between police, the state attorney, the governor’s office, and George Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman, the retired judge.


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