Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 2, 2012

Trayvon Martin – Is there a Jewish connection/cover-up?

It is a given that Trayvon Martin was a black teenager but it is less obvious that George Zimmerman has Jewish lineage.

Initial news reports talked about George Zimmerman being white and the incident soon became a black/white issue – when even now I do not think it is.

Then the media reported on George Zimmerman being half white and half Hispanic.  I do not know if that came out to diffuse the black/white controversy.

I think there are either religious or ethnic overtones in what appears to be a cover-up, but it appears to be a Jewish / black issue instead of anything else.

Let me clarify my comments.

George Zimmerman is the son of retired Florida Supreme Court Justice Robert Zimmerman.  PressTv describes (ret) Judge Zimmerman as a retired Jewish magistrate judge from Florida.  This fact is only part of the issue.

State Attorney Norman Wolfinger, also Jewish, has recused himself.  Why?  Is it possible that Wolfinger and Robert Zimmerman were involved in insuring that Judge Zimmerman’s son was not charged with manslaughter and ultimately release the night of the shooting?

Now here is where I think the Jewish connection is in play at the national level as well as in the state of Florida.

It is a well known fact that the mainstream media in the United States is either controlled or deeply influenced by Jews.

Ever since the Trayvon Martin case started getting almost 24 hour coverage, there have been leaks by the police department to mainstream media about Trayvon’s past – anything from his being suspended from school for trace evidence of marijuana in a baggie, information about Trayvon defacing school property (???) with graffiti, and some discussion of jewelry found in Trayvon’s backpack.

During this same period there was little or nothing about some major criminal history regarding George Zimmerman.

From what I have read, Zimmerman has been charged with domestic violence, resisting an officer with violence, and battery of a law enforcement officer.  All of this was uncovered after the police said that George Zimmerman was squeaky clean.

Regarding the three significant charges against George Zimmerman – were these cases quietly swept under the table with the assistance of his Jewish judge father and possibly a Jewish state attorney?  More to come on that, especially if more information becomes so rampant on the Internet that the mainstream media is forced to report on this case in nightly news segments.

Mainstream media, again, with its strong Jewish connection and control, is perfectly content releasing bits and pieces of negative facts about Trayvon Martin yet I have not seen any mainstream media talk about the Jewish connection between the Florida Judicial system and the Florida District Attorney nor have I heard or seen anything about George Zimmerman’s mysteriously closed cases.

Again, why is the highly Jewish controlled media avoiding covering the three major charges that were filed against George Zimmerman?

Trayvon Martin is being treated exactly like a woman who says she was raped and the defense attorney tries to ruin the reputation of the woman.

Nancy Grace, who loves to dig and report on the bad guys, is remaining mum on George Zimmerman’s past.  Why? Could it be because of ownership of CNN and Headline News?

In addition, Nancy is letting close friends of George Zimmerman ramble on her show, where Nancy normally shuts people down who beat a subject to death – unless she has been encouraged to let them talk.

I intend on posting this to about 10 internet blogging sites. I have no idea as to which are controlled or strongly influenced by the Jewish media and if any of them will block my blog because of the subject matter.  I guess I will find out soon enough.



  1. Nice try..yes there is definitely a Jewish angle…but it has nothing to do with Zimmerman because he isn’t Jewish. His mother is a gentile even if his father is Jewish which I doubt. It has to do with playing the Jewish conceived race card/game; where the ‘white’ guy goes out hunting innocent black children….which is absolute rubbish. Which matters not to the Jewish dominated media…they wanted a specific type of propaganda –and they found it (close enough they figured) in the Zimmerman/Martin case…

  2. Hi Kevin, great article.

    I think it’s clear Zimmerman’s father’s influence and maybe some bigotry had everything to do with his not being arrested and getting away with murder.

    Not ONE Zimmerman supporter is willing to discuss the facts of the case honestly.

    A common misconception is Zimmerman’s head was being smashed against the pavement when he shot Trayvon. Can they be that stupid? I doubt it.

    It’s clear there were screams 4 seconds and 1 second prior to the shot. Why would somebody scream for help while in the process of murdering a teenager?

    A video containing strong evidence against Zimmerman was immediately deleted from a website at the request of 2 Jewish members – twice. I wonder why?

    When Roman Polanski’s case was discussed, his damaging quotes were immediately deleted from that website.

    Why was there so much backing for a man who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. Some well known Jewish celebrities called the victim a whore. Two got away with saying over the airways that the girl’s mother was pimping her daughter. A complete fabrication without any basis and they both got away with it without any criticism.

    There was some press about Woody Allen’s sex with the step-daughter he married. What about the charges of his molesting his 6 year old adopted daughter? The prosecutor in that case was fired and rehired in a higher position. Why did they back this pervert who claims to be an atheist?

    It’s clear many (not all) Jews defend criminals with little Jewish ties. Why? And what can we do about it?

    Israel attacked and murdered American sailors back in 1967. Just the mention of that war crime gets you accused of being anti-Semantic.

    Mel Gibson’s label came as a result of a movie – period. He was a target. So he said he the Jews were responsible for all the wars going on in the world today. They found their reason to blackball him and destroy his career. Let that be a lesson. Of course all politician fully understand they better be extremely careful what they say about a certain group.

  3. hey kevinfortruth,did you reserch about the media as to why they skew reporting hate crimes as of yet? i have been coming back to you’r site to find out if you had the chance.thank you.

  4. I think you answered your own question. Of course the Jew – ethnic owned and operated media MONOPOLY covered that part up. LOL. They are taking advantage of the fact that most people think Jews are White, which some are, but as you know, Jews claim to have their own special God’s chosen DNA.

    Now they have the Black Panthers all worked up, even though they accused Zimmerman of being a “no good Jew” and yet are calling for Blacks to kill Whitey over this.

    Exactly why I don’t leave the house. Jewnited Slaves of AmeriKa. Welcome to Camp Usury.

  5. i have a question,if gorge zimmerman was on top of trayvon,then where are the pictures of treyvon injuries?i mean zimmerman has lots of injuries,why havnt treyvons injuries been revieled to prove that zimmerman was on top?wouldnt that help the prosecution?treyvon must have sustained mutiple injuries just like zimmerman.right?so,where are his pictures showing treyvons massive injuries from zimmerman?

    • Hi; There are many unanswered questions. Mostly because one of the parties is dead and cannot speak for himself. I personally believe that Zimmerman made up his entire story, on the fly, and unless he testifies and gets caught in lies, he will walk.

      Several things concern me. If Trayvon was beating Zimmerman, why didn’t Travon’s hands have a bunch of injuries? Also, why was there no blood on the concrete if Trayvon was bashing Zimmerman’s head on the concrete? Also, why did the yelling stop immediately after Trayvon was shot? That one is easy – when a young kid is screaming for help ad he is shot – he stops screaming.

      Other things that were not illegal, but Zimmeman was told to not carry a gun while doing his Neighborhood Watch duties. Zimmerman said he was off duty – so, lets give him that. If he sees Trayvon and he is concerned about him and decides to follow him – even though the police dispatcher advised him not to do – why didn’t Zimmerman take his gun out of his waist/hip and put it in his glove box? I propose that he had the gun and was not afraid at all and was looking for an excuse to “get him one.” Mostly because “They all get away with it.”

      A lot of men marry a trophy wife and I think Zimmerman wanted him a “trophy black.” That is how I feel about Zimmerman. If he doesn’t like that, why doesn’t he take a polygraph by a qualified well trained technician approved by the defense and the prosecution and lets see how the cards fall.

      Oh, how stupid of me. Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty and he doesn’t have to take a polygraph.

      To that, I say, that the police want everyone to take a polygraph when a kid goes missing. They want parents and siblings and neighbors to prove their innocence – to eliminate those closest to the case.

      Well, Zimmerman, why not do the same? You are the one who was closest to Trayvon when he died and Trayvon is not here to speak for himself, so let your polygraph speak for both of you?

  6. kevin,sorry you had to take a lashing from ted.i wasnt trying to influense you on my comment.all i was doing was stating a fact.and you may change the wording if you so desire.

  7. thank you for you’r response kevinfortune.

  8. Kevin Zimmerman is not Jewish and neither is Murdoch and Press TV is about the most unreliable source there is – and what does it matter what George ZImmerman is, he is a disgrace

    • Hi Rob; I agree – Zimmerman, himself, is not Jewish and neither is Murdoch.

      However, George Zimmerman is not Caucasian, he is Peruvian, and his father Robert Zimmerman is a Jew, likely of Ashkenazi descent.

      Just like Murdoch, he is not Jewish but he married into a Jewish family.

      As a result, they both have Jewish connections – George with his father and Murdoch with his wife and her family.

  9. Zimmerman’s mother’s name is Gladys, and the father is Robert, – both are Jews. Both had lucrative jobs in Manassas, with fat pensions. The DA was jewish, and that’s why the bubelah was never charged

    • thanks for your comments – I am concerned with the accuracy of what you wrote because I have read so many different stories – most saying that they are Catholics and possibly back a generation there were Jewish members in the Zimmerman family tree.

      Because I do not believe that I can prove different or even prove what you say is correct, I will leave it as it is.
      thanks for visiting, Kevin

  10. It sounds like you are a very ignorant person,if zimmrrman was any other religion you would not even thnk about bringing religion up in this case. I have friends that are jewish, catholic,lutheran,,all different religions and we all respect each others beliefs . It seems you lack respect for others and have no empathy.

    • Andi, you are welcomed to your opinion. I never said that Zimmerman, himself, was Jewish. I only talked about the District Attorney and the national media that is strongly influenced and controlled by Jewish moguls. I respect all beliefs but that does not mean powerful people, many of one religion or ethnicity do not control the press, radio, and television.

      You are more than welcomed to look at all my posts and quote where I said that George Zimmerman himself was Jewish. Happy Hunting

    • Hey Andi, while I am being “ignorant” (your words, not mine) can you possibly explain why the media, as a whole, is refusing to discuss anything about George Zimmerman’s criminal past?

      I have seen Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell dig into everyone’s past – they find every arrest, every prosecution, everytime a perp burps, but in this case, where there is a Jewish District Attorney who has recused himself (for reasons unknown) all of a sudden George Zimmermans arrest record is untouchable by the media – all the media. We also have a retired Florida Magistrate who served in vietnam with Nornam Wolfinger, the State D.A. and we have the Magistrate’s son who shot an unarmed black teen.

      If it is not the Jewish controlled media who is trying to shelter a retired magistrate and a Florida District Attorney who has recused himself OR it is even possible that their decision to prevent George Zimmerman’s prior arrest records is because George is white(half Hispanic) and Martin was a young black kid with a few glitches in his high school years.

      Considering George Zimmerman was arrested for 3 felonies and they were all dismissed and the cases not only closed but sealed, there is either one skunk or maybe two or more. I predict, due to bloggers seeking justice, Zimmerman’s arrest record will make the media and some heads will roll.

      Someone at NBC was already fired for “tweaking” a recording of a recording dealing with this case.

      Cam you come up with any other reason for Zimmerman’s arrest record not being shared in the media? There has been an unidentified source who said that Norman Wolfinger went to Sanford (instead of any of a dozen or more asst. D.A.’s.) If he was influential in getting Zimmerman released that night, I ask why?

      I personally believe the “good ‘ol boy” network is alive and well in Florida and in the media and hopefully more will surface and soon.

      It is so easy to throw out hateful terms like “ignorant” but if you do a little research you might develop an awareness about this case that might raise even your own eyebrows.

      Oh, by the way, if Wolfinger was Greek and the media was controlled by Greeks, I would be substituting the word Greek for Jewish – I would do the same if blacks controlled the media and Trayvon shot Zimmerman.

      You don’t know me at all.

  11. no big crime unless a white person is involved with a minority.then the jew media stomps all over it with anti white reporting.minorities get a free pass to what whites recieve from the jew media.and if a minority is caught for a hate crime against a white,then the jew media only mentions it once and barries it forever.unlike running anti white headlines for months and a year.big brother jew is watching you white man.

    • Hi Gene; It sure is a mess – My thought is that the less “guilty” a young black man appears to be – the more the black community will rise to protest – and that makes sense. There have been too many cases where black men have been out and about – not causing trouble – and when confronted by police for any reason – valid or otherwise -things get testy and instead of quieting down, some black men get more vocal and police – black or otherwise, will use unnecessary force – tasers, guns, battons, or otherwise to control the situation.

      Law enforcement in many cases abuses its power and then covers its tracks to conceal their crime. Every police department needs civilians on any review to prevent miscarriages of justice.

      Regarding hate crimes against whites, I believe they happen but because whites are technically the majority, our legal system does not actively pursue those cases when they occur.

      • i know how racist law enforcers can be.the sixties have proven that.what i am saying is,if a hate crime is comitted by a minority and the proof is unquestionable,the jewish owned media wont report it that way.however if a hate crime was comitted by a white person the jew media talks about it for monthe and years.and even if a hate crime was not perpatrated by a white person because a minority lied,the jew medeia dosnt even care.

        • Hi Gene; Thanks for the interesting comments. I am perplexed by one of your assumptions and maybe it is because I cannot understand why the Jewish controlled media would give minorities (lets say Hispanics and blacks for arguement sake) a free ride. I have not entertained that possibility in my own mind but I am open to giving your opinion very serious thought.

          One thing I greatly appreciate is your reference to the Jewish owned media – if you would permit me to tweak that sentence a little, I would respectfully change it to the Jewish owned and/or controlled media – by putting that “or” in there pretty much gives very affluent Jews virtual control of all the media in the U.S. – i.e. publishing, newsprint, radio, television, and cinema.

          I intend on looking into cases of minority offenses that are not publicied by the media, but for now I will lean toward supporting your assumption – but I believe that is offset by a law enforcement and legal system that does everything possible to find minorities guilty in courts of law. I believe there are many minorities and whites especially in lower income levels that commit violent and drug related crimes and the legal system does everything humanely possible to prosecute them – mostly because a good part of that group did, in fact, commit the crimes they are being charged with.

          But, some people charged with crimes were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and thanks to 3 strikes you’re out, even a minor 3rd crime puts them away for life.

          So, your post has forced me to think – “what is hate?”. If a black kid from the ghetto robs a white man and his wife who are attending the theater in L.A., did he rob them because he “hated” them because they were rich whites who live in expensive homes in the burbs and drive expensive cars? If so, is that a hate crime?

          If a poor white kid robs “Shaq” at gunpoint – is he robbing him because Shaq and all the other black superstar athletes are making huge amounts of money and they flaunt it around with their bling – and because of that, the white kid “hates” all rich black athletes because they have what he will never have? If so, is that a hate crime?

          Personally, I don’t think “hate” crimes should exist – if the underlying crime is there, then prosecute on that – throwing in a “hate” crime is putting frosting on the cake – the cake should be good enough.

          Hatred is never going to go away and prosecuting someone of a hate crime might be a stretch in most cases. Some people hate Jews or Blacks or Hispanics or Gays, or Mormons or Muslims and so on and so on and so on.

          By the way, Gene, after writing all this, you might have a point – maybe the Jewish controlled media determines what “hate” crimes get covered in the media and which do not get covered. I will have to keep my ear to the ground on this on – really!

          Thanks for writing.

  12. Where the hell do you represent yourself as a purveyor of truth, a reporter of the facts and yet you spew forth garbage about Jews running the media. What garbage, do you have ANY facts to back that up ? If you find that there are MANY if not a majority if white christian men who RUN the various media groups that make up our “main stream” media, will you amend your reference to include the white christian men RUN , main stream media ? I have to wonder. Other then that, I am sure that the “stand your ground ” law , more then anything , colored the authorities decision to NOT pursue the case and let Zimmerman go without a full investigation . AND that it was just another Black youth who lost his life, NOT a great concern apparently. BUT, aside from the facts that indicate that Martin died unnecessarily and Zimmerman’s feeble attempt to heroically apprehend an innocent 17 year old which resulted in an unjustified shooting and media firestorm- your assertions of some great Jewish conspiracy , is NOT journalism, NOT helpful and resembles STARK Anti semitism .

    • Ted, Ted, Ted, please take it down a notch before you explode. Do you have your head in the sand or are you as naive and full of anger as you showed in your post?

      And for you to play the “Anti semitism” card is absurd. If you think Christians control the media, please do a little more research before you comment again with so much misdirected anger. Also, if you really thought you could come in here and scream with such anger to intimidate me, you have another thing coming – maybe that works in your house and where you work and on the golf course – I feel bad for everyone who is frequently in your field of vision.

      Here is a little commentary to support my believe (based on knowledge and research – something that appears to be way beyond you:

      A few of the names might have changed due to retirements or consolidations, but please read for yourself, Ted.

      “Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

      Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner

      Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

      Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd

      Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios

      Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc

      Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric

      Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

      Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

      Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. “Si” Newhouse, who owns two dozen daily newspapers from Staten Island to Oregon, plus the Sunday supplement Parade; the Conde Nast collection of magazines, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Allure, GQ, and Self; the publishing firms of Random House, Knopf, Crown, and Ballantine, among other imprints; and cable franchises with over one million subscribers.”

      I could add that Michael Eisner could depart Disney tomorrow but the company will remain in the hands of Shamrock Holdings, whose principal office is now located in Israel”.

      ….and regarding Stand your ground – my assumption is that black americans are also entitled to claim that defense – unfortunately, a State District Attorney, in concert with Zimmerman’s family is rumored to have coordinated with the Sanford Police chief that night to do what was necessary to let the younger Zimmerman walk out of the jail while Trayvon was in the morgue with a “John Doe” around his toe – even though his identity was known.

      And Ted, do a little more research before you come huffing and puffing like the big black wolf trying to knock down my door – and unless you tone down your hatred and vitreol, you will not be welcomed in my back yard any more. I demand and expect meaningful and respectful dialogue – otherwise, stay away….

      • First off, when I see old world Anti Semitism I call it and I hate it. You “facts ” are garbage and out dated. Even If ( and it is NOT true in many of your “examples”) there are a disproportionate number of supposedly Jewish people in high positions in the media, it is meaningless and that is the top reason that you are full of shit.
        Do the disproportionate number of african American sports stars, mean that they collectively collude and therefore control the sport or anything else, other then their own lives ( presumably) ? No it does not and there is NO evidence to back up your baseless, crude and white supremacist positions.
        The most powerful media person in the world is Ruppert Murdoch who is decidedly NOT jewish.
        Here is a run down of your false claims, outdated and pointless:
        Gerald Levin, CEO of Time warner from 1992 -2002. Current CEO , Richard Parsons ( NOT Jewish)
        Michael Eisner – Disney CEO 1984–2005 Succeeded by George G Mitchell ( NOT Jewish)
        Edgar Bronfman jr Stepped down as Chairman 3 months ago and is succeeded by Stephen Cooper ( Not jewish as far as I have researched )
        Sumner Redstone NO longer Ceo of Viacom, though a family member may still be running things there.
        So far , mr White supremacist – you are not doing too well.
        Here is something for you to digest. these are the TOP media out fits in the world. Let’s see how many of them are run by Jews ( who do as the board directs them to do, NO CEO says to the board, “well I am colluding with all of the other Jewish CEOs and we want to do what is best for the Jews and NOT our bottom line or for the Share holders”) That is how nonsensical your position is Mr Kevin.
        Bertelsmann, General Electric & Vivendi’s NBC Universal, News Corporation, Time Warner, Sony, and Disney).
        1. Bertelsmnn is run By the Mohn family for the most part ( 22.6 ownership of the stocks) NOT Jewish, never were.
        2.GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt NOT Jewish. YOu are not doing so well , so far Kevin.
        3. Vivendi’s NBC Universal which is owned BY Comcast (51%) is run by CEO Brian Roberts ( NOT Jewish)
        4.News Corporation- Rupert Murdoch CEO ( NOT jewish)
        5. Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes ( NOT Jeiwsh)
        6. Sony CEO Howard Stringer ( sounds Jewish maybe, but is NOT – born in Cardiff Wales)
        7. Disney Ceo – Robert Iger YAY , you got one he is Jewish.
        wow, Kevin 1 out of 7 That is 14.7 %. NOT TOO GOOD.
        What is your major function, Kevin ?

        • Ted, It has been my experience that when anyone plays the “race” card, in this case the “Anti Semitism” card, they are not capable of engaging in a meaningful discussion about anything.

          I clearly said that names change because of mergers and retirements but Jews, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, still control all aspects of American Media.

          I DID NOT say that they pool their resources and get together in back rooms and make decisions against other groups for their own interests – all I said was that they control the media.

          Now, to be perfectly clear – you are not welcomed here anymore – no one, including you, who appears to be a very narrow minded person, will be permitted to post in my blogsite and call me an Anti Semetic, and full of shit, and a White Supremacist and be allowed to continue posting here.

          Regarding your comparison to black athletes – in most cases black and white athletes for that matter do not control the sports franchises they participate in as athletes.

          True, there are black executives that own some sports franchises but for the most part, athletes of all colors are simply pawns in the sports they participate in – well paid pawns – but they do not control their respective sports.

          In 2008, Vanity Fair had an extensive article about the 100 most influential people in the world. Here is an excerpt from the article – that was written by a Jew.

          Vanity Fair’s October issue contains its annual list of “the world’s most powerful people,” 100 of the bankers and media moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of “billions.” A Jewish editor in Chicago has decided to count the number of Jews. It tops fifty percent. At a time when two writers seem to have a blockbuster book on their hands pointing out that the Jewish lobby is really powerful in Washington, now a Jewish editor is pointing out that the Jews do, indeed, have a disproportianate amount of control over media and banking in America. It’s embrace your stereotype month! Women and blacks have been doing it for years. Why not Jews?!

          Read more:

          And regarding Murdoch, he has deep Jewish roots in his own family and that cannot be disputed.

          Also, Murdoch’s support for Zionism extremists is well known and a matter of record. As New York Governor George Pataki said, “There is no newspaper in the U.S. more supportive of Israel than the [Murdoch’s] New York Post.”

          Murdoch belongs to, and has been honored by, a number of leading Zionist organizations in which Silverstein, Lowy, and Eisenberg all hold senior positions. These organizations include the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), and the New York-based Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.

          Your choice of very powerful and defamatory attacks are not welcomed here. I told you in the previous post, you would be welcomed if you presented yourself as an adult who could communicate respectfully – without insults and hatred – something you obviously cannot or do not want to do.

          If you choose to respond, I will read it carefully and if it contains hatred, name calling, insults, and defamatory remarks, I will simply delete it without response and I will block and delete all further communication from you.

  13. […] Trayvon Martin – Is there a Jewish connection/cover-up? […]

    • Thanks for the info on Oakland and the goings on at both schools.

      I do not believe in chance – when two things happen at relatively the same time, I believe there was a lot of planning that possibly resulted in the two incidents in Oakland happening concurrently – one meant to outway the other.

      It makes me think back to 9/11 and how FEMA was already in town the day before with a team that was magically there to immediately get involved.

      I will try to do more research on the lesser known event in Oakland and try to determine what justified the raid.

      Thanks for commenting.

  14. I’d say “Ditto” but I have recently purged my vocabulary of that word, Kevin!

  15. I’m with ya’ Kevin.

    Hadn’t seen anything about a possible Pennsylvania link.

    But it sure does seem Robert Zimmerman has overstepped just a little too much here. When he was interviewed I thought it was ill-advised, but I felt I could sort of understand how the parent of a son or daughter in this much deep shit would want to speak out based on what they believed, so I cut him slack. I did think it mighty curious that his face was blurred out. Does he think he’s never going to be caught by the cameras? LOL. And the other son, with all that diaper-talk, was cringe-worthy.

    It will be mighty interesting to learn just why Wolfinger had to bow out. He sure didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart, and he certainly felt sure of himself enough to meddle in the first place. My money would probably be on some political connection between the father and Wolfinger but that would be rank speculation on my part for now.

    A lot of this will come out eventually, although I would just love to know what the hell that special prosecutor-type woman is doing with her time. An awful lot of foot-dragging seems to be happening.

    As to Nancy Grace, I expect nothing from her. I can’t even watch the woman, she’s a freak.

    It’d be nice if someone would get George to take a lie-detector test, wouldn’t it?

    • Hi again Kate; that was my biggest concern as well about Nancy “Did he/she take a polygraph” Grace.

      She is obsessed with people taking polys – many defense attorneys try to give reasons why their clients did not take a test – and Nancy was there to bash each and every one who chose not to.

      Considering that George Zimmerman is the only one alive to tell about the altercation/incident, and he is telling his side of the story in bits and pieces, Trayvon is not here to give his side of the story – if George is being honest, as he ays he is, why not take a test and prove his honesty???? I know his father would advise him not taking the test, but if taking a “tiny, tiny” polygraph would prove his true innocence, then everyone would stop protesting and write it off as a unfortunate situation – preventable, yet unfortunate.

      I am left of center and I strongly believe in a person’s individual rights but in this case I would love for Zimmerman to take the damn test just because Trayvon is dead and he cannot speak for himself.

  16. And by the way, Kevin: my father was Air Force (and NYPD). Thanks for your service.

    As to Zimmerman/Wolfinger, all I can find in the limited time I’ve had to devote to this (I type this at work!) is that each one served in Viet Nam. I’d LOVE to find something that puts them together — and unfortunately, if the connection is a golf course or some social thing, which gets my vote, we may never know that. But I sure hope we do!

    • Hi again Kate; Thanks for the nice words abount my military service.

      By the way, something keeps gnawing at me about the wording of “serving together” and I believe there is a connection there beyond two different men being in a war yet being at opposite ends of the country – not that Vietnam is a large place – there were probably 20 – 30 different large bases and another 50 – 100 smaller ones, but the “together” keeps me thinking of a larger connection.

      Playing golf does not create a bond like combat, so I will keep on looking.

      Another thing I found interesting is how Zimmerman’s father gave an interview in which he was darkened out so no one could see his face. I found that to be quite small of him. Also, the father wrapped up the interview by saying SOMETHING like – and that is when he did what he did.

      If Robert Zimmerman really feels his sons shot Trayvon in self defense and it was legal of him to do so, why could he not say that his son shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense?

      The media should not waste their time interviewing Robert Zimmerman unless he is going to do it face-to-face. IMHO.

    • Another tidbit Kate; I know you cannot believe everything you read on the ‘net, but I found a link that said both men were from eastern PA and it is not known if they knew each other before Vietnam, but Wolfinger got injured and received an aware (see link) and the link is asking anyone if they know if both men served together. This is the first meaningful reference to Wolfinger’s service in ‘Nam. It appears that Wolfinger was in Vietnam in the Spring/Summer of 1969 – at least this is a start.

      if anyone can shed any light on Robert Zimmerman’s Vietnam service and anything additional info on Wolfinger’s service, I would greatly appreciate it.

      This request is not to stir up trouble, just to show that there is a meaningful connection between the two men that might have resulted in them using their collective resources to get son George released in lieu of being charged for manslaughter.

      Also, in case Robert Zimmerman might read this, “Robert, please unseal George’s court records so people can see more about your fine upstanding son. It might show whether he had a predisposition for violence – domestically as well as when being confronted by police. Also, if anyone has more info about the club incident in where George is rumored to have thrown a woman across the club, it would be appreciated.

      Here is the link from Daily Kos regarding George Zimmerman’s under the table Security Job – the article speaks for itelf. If absolutely true, I can understand why Nancy Grace might be avoiding disussing George Zimmermans past.

  17. Thanks, Kevin. Rest assured I meant no harm here. I just hate handing the wingnut right who want to paint Trayvon Martin as a thug and George Zimmerman as some kind of hero any excuse to say we don’t know from whence we speak. As I say, I was embarrassed to the point of almost losing it every time I heard someone say Martin had no bruises when even with the unenhanced video, there was a point at which he walked behind the squad car and you could see something on the back of his head that the cop seemed to have been examining. I like to leave it to the haters on the right to continually get things wrong or leap to conclusions that cannot be substantiated because it’s so much fun to point out their boneheadedness to them, publicly. (I suppose that makes me a bad person, but I’ll live with it — it’s what they’ve drive me to.)

    I felt it was particularly important to be able to substantiate anything even remotely hinting at a “Jewish” connection given their glee whenever they think they can portray the left as anti-Semitic. I know where anti-Semitism generally lies, and it’s with the lying extreme right.

    So keep up the good work, and don’t mind me if I occasionally ask for a link. I love links. They help me sleep at night!

    By the way, I am quite certain that Zimmerman’s father meddled and Wolfinger let him — but, like Herman Cain, “I don’t have facts to back this up” — yet. But I’m dying to get my hands on some.

    Justice for Trayvon!

    • Hey Kate, you were nice enough to go into each component of the blog except for Nancy Grace and how she is or is not being fair regarding the coverage. Have you watched episodes of Nancy in the past where she truly beats up someone because of their past? Trayvon has a “mild” past of miscievious behavior but it doesn’t compare to the criminal past of George Zimmerman. Why do you think Nancy is avoiding discussing Zimmerman’s past?

  18. I am totally on the side of Trayvon Martin. Let’s get that out there right up front. But where are links to evidence that Wolfinger and Zimmerman served “together” in Vietnam? I have so far found none, except for statements that they both served in Viet Nam. I’ve seen nothing — yet — that they served “together.” Lots o’ people were over in that cesspool. They didn’t all know each other. If you have something other than speculation, provide it.

    Additionally, Robert Zimmerman was not a Florida Supreme Court Justice. That’s laughable, particularly if you know what he actually was. He was a Supreme Court MAGISTRATE in Virginia, where, until 2008, you didn’t even have to have a B.A. to be a magistrate, let alone a law degree. Since then, only a B.A. is required. Period. Magistrates are the clowns of the judicial world. Look it up. They process stuff. They don’t adjudicate.

    What’s with the “Jewish” connection? Not everyone named Zimmerman is Jewish, as my old friend Diane Zimmerman and her very Catholic family will attest. Not saying this Zimmerman isn’t Jewish, he may well be, but how about some links? I think it’s far more likely that he and Wolfinger hang out together on the links or at local GOP BBQs.

    In fact, how about some sources– and ones that are more than speculative? A lot of people looked silly claiming George Zimmerman had no bumps or bruises based on the initial police station video — I saw what appeared to be something on his head that very night and couldn’t believe people were so adamant that there was nothing, especially when the police officer was seen deliberately looking at the back of his head. Now it turns out the film’s been enhanced and does show something, and a lot of loudmouths look ridiculous, when in fact, his having had a bump on the head means nothing. Martin had every right to stand his ground and fight back, and my only regret is that he didn’t get in a bunch more punches.

    But we look stupid when we jump to conclusions and make assertions without foundation, and those vipers who want to demonize Trayvon Martin just look better and more credible for it when we do.

    • First, Kate, thanks for replying to my blog.
      I will try to address each of your concerns – maybe not in order, but I will address each and every concern.

      Regarding the video in the police station – One thing for sure is that I have NEVER commented on the presence or the absence of bruises. I have seen way too many cage fight where quick medical attention almost totally erases any appearance of bruises or blood and I assume EMS medics can do the same thing.

      The only thing I have said about the EMS that night I that they do not do dry cleaning or laundry and if Zimmerman was pummeled like numerous individuals say he was, why no blood on his shirt or jacket? That is all I said about that.

      I think the whole reference to Zimmerman being injured is just a smokescreen to say that there was a shift from the hunter to being the hunted and shift blame to Martin, but my position has always been what is good for the goose is good for the gander, i.e. if Zimmerman can hunt Trayvon and Trayvon feels threatened, he can also stand his ground and defend himself, even with his hands, while Zimmerman said he felt his life threatened and used a 9 mm gun as his equalizer.

      Also, regarding Vietnam, I have read on numerous credible sources that Robert Zimmerman and Wolfinger served “together” in Vietnam. My “assumption” based on that repeated phrase was that they were in the same platoon, company, brigade or some kind of unit. If they both served in Vietnam either the same time or at different times, the references should have stated that “both men have served in Vietnam. (no reference to time or location).

      If they did not serve in the same “unit” and time, I accept blame for the error because I read too much into the wording.

      Regarding wording of being in the military, I am careful because I am a Vietnam Era Veteran – but I did not serve in Vietnam. I was in the AF for over 20 years and I was stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware where I was on a team of approximately 10 civilians and military who worked in Transportation and worked closely with the Dover Mortuary to ship out thousands of military, dependent, and civilian remains by rail, air, or hearse to their final resting places. Yes, Vietnam was a cesspool, I agree, but we at Dover did what we could to ease the pain by insuring we got all the remains to the right places and the earliest possible time.

      Many days we were winding down when we found out that another aircraft was taxiing with another 25 – 30 remains on it and we knew it was going to be another long night or a long weekend. No complaints – we served in our own way to help in the best way we could.

      One thing I was hoping to do was to find a connection between Zimmerman the father, Wolfinger, and Chief Lee, but I could not find a connection where they all knew each other well. I found pairs of connections but not a triad so to speak.

      I found a connection between George Zimmerman and his educational pursuits and Chief Lee’s prior employment with where Zimmerman went to college before he was expelled but I found no connection between Lee and the younger Zimmerman AT the college – so I was careful not to force a connection.

      Regarding Magistrate versus Judge and Florida versus Virginia, I must take the blame for my error on those references. I kept reading Florida Judge over and over and then after I blogged I saw references to Virginia and even South Carolina and I became totally confused. In an effort to do more research for more blogs, I let that confusion roll off my back – again, my error.

      Obviously, I have never been in trouble so I have no exposure to judges or magistrates and I do not apologize for that – but I will extend my gratitude to you for enlightening me enough to send me to the web to acquire an appreciation on the difference from a degreed judge and a “clown” so to speak. Seriously, thank you.

      Now for the Jewish reference – while doing research I saw many references to the father being a Jewish retired magistrate. My assumption was after reading so many references to the father being Jewish that I “assumed” that the son, George Zimmerman, decided to not follow the same faith, and that is why I never labeled George Zimmerman as being Jewish. No excuses on my part, just an explanation for my wrong assumption. One reference to George’s father, Robert Zimmerman, as being a Jew, is PressTV. Here is the link:

      In a nutshell, I am indebted to you because you reminded me of the responsibility we bloggers have to better fact check the myriad of information that is out there.

Comments appreciated

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