Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 3, 2012

Who would you want for a neighbor?

I would like to present four pieces of information about two individuals and then I would like you to choose which person you would prefer to move into the apartment that has just become available next door to your apartment.

  1. Both are males – age, religion, nationality, ethnicity will not be revealed until Friday.
  2. After the two lists of information about the two males, I will present two poll questions asking you two make choices.
  3. Rules – read each set of comments about each person, give each a lot of thought, then make your personal choices to each poll question.  Feel free to leave comments but please be respectful.

Male # 1:

  1.  Was arrested and charged with domestic violence.
  2.  Was charged with battery of a law enforcement officer.
  3.  Was charged with felony assault of a police officer.
  4.  As a security officer, he lost his cool and threw a drunk woman across room and he was fired from his job.

Male # 2:

  1.  Suspended from High School for possession of a bag suspected of containing marijuana.
  2.  Suspended from High School for spraying graffiti on school grounds
  3.  When stopped for the graffiti incident a guard found womens jewelry in his backpack.
  4.  Suspended from High School because he had skipped school too many times.

So, that is all the information I am going to give about the two individuals.  Now it is your turn.

Friday, I will give the age, ethnicity, and maybe another fact or two about both individuals.

I can truthfully say that I have no additional definitive negative information about the past of these two individuals that would make you lean one way or another.

NOTE:  There is a poll included with this Blog, please go to to participate.

For those of you who visited this site directly and participated in the poll questions, Thank You.




Comments appreciated

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