Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 4, 2012

Nancy Grace – Racial Profiling?

One thing you do not hear from Nancy Grace’s lips is, “Justice for Trayvon.”  Do you remember the mantra, “Justice for Caylee?”  Caylee was white and Trayvon was black.

I am totally perplexed as to why Nancy Grace is avoiding “history” regarding George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

After writing that opening sentence I stopped for a few minutes because even I do not believe what I just wrote.

Almost everyone who watches Nancy Grace on a regular basis either to see her attack those she assumes to be guilty of crimes or to see her stand up for victims in general are probably scratching their heads wondering why Nancy is choosing to not bring up any history on either the shooter, George Zimmerman or the person he shot, Trayvon Martin.

Nancy never apologizes for her assaults on those being charged in crimes such as Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony, and Drew Peterson.

Nancy digs and digs into the past of suspects – uncovering domestic abuse, arrest records, incidents during prior relationships, employment history, and extensive interviews of friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Sometimes her investigative work is valuable and sometimes it is purely presented for its shock effect on her viewers.

So, my question is this:  Why is Nancy mum on the questionable history of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin?

Could it be because one of the men is white and the other is black and the white man, the shooter in this case, has so much more history to discuss than what she has been able to dig up on Trayvon Martin.

Nancy has NEVER backed off digging up the dirt on black suspects – i.e. boyfriends of women whose children died under questionable circumstances.  She has also never refrained from bringing up someone’s predisposition to child pornography or someone’s seedy or checkered past.

Another thing NANCY is known for is questioning why a given person has or has not taken a polygraph test.  In fact, Nancy is somewhat obsessed with polygraphs – she beats up defense attorneys who try to give logical reasons why a suspect would refuse to take a polygraph test. So, why is Nancy not demanding or even suggesting that George Zimmerman take a polygraph test?  Could it be because George is white and Trayvon was black?

So, again, why no in-depth analysis on the background of George and Trayvon?

I believe I know the answer – I was just bringing up a few items here to make people absorb my questions in a way to make them really think and come up with their own reasons why history is not being discussed in this case.

I propose to everyone reading this is that the main reason is because Trayvon was black and because he was so young he had much less dirt in his past and the majority of questionable things in his past were quite minor.  It also is because George Zimmerman has a long list of things he has done wrong in his past that would make him look like the obvious bad guy in this case.

I also believe that if Nancy did do meaningful research into the past of both individuals, Nancy probably said, “Holy Bananas”, we are not going to go into George’s past because it will be a nail in the coffin for George in the eyes of my viewers.” 

Rightly so, Nancy, rightly so!

When Nancy does extensive research, she uses what she finds to build her case and she brings up the bad stuff she finds over and over and over and over.

I did not have to dig too long to find stuff on George Zimmerman – I found major stuff the first day I started blogging on this case.

So, why is Nancy refusing to even hint at George Zimmerman’s past?

George Zimmerman has a significant arrest record of violence against others – domestic violence and even violence when being encountered by law enforcement.  He even has a history of violence, on his part, when he was a security officer in a club and throwing an assumed drunk woman across the room.

In a nutshell, he was charged with resisting arrest, battery of a police officer, and domestic violence.

Those tidbits alone should have Nancy salivating.  She thrives on the bad guy having an arrest record – especially if the charges might correlate to the incident at hand. 

The problem to me is Nancy is probably having trouble accepting the fact that the white man might be the bad guy in this case.

So, let me correlate.  George Zimmerman, in the past, was arrested for domestic violence – a crime in which one partner goes after and assaults the other partner.  Does that ring a bell in the Trayvon Martin case – a case where George Zimmerman disregarded a police dispatcher’s advice that he back off following Trayvon?   Zimmerman, did, in fact, NOT back off, he continued to follow Trayvon where a fight ensued and Trayvon was killed. 

It also correlates to the nightclub incident where George Zimmerman got out of control and threw a woman across the room – which resulted in Zimmerman getting fired.

George Zimmerman resisting arrest also correlates to where he resisted following the advice of the police dispatcher and continued following Trayvon.

So, again, Nancy would normally be going over this wealth of information so much each and every night that anyone watching the show could quote her words to friends and relatives.

Could it be that Nancy Grace is not bringing this stuff up because Trayvon, the young boy who was murdered was BLACK and George Zimmerman, the shooter, is WHITE?

Additional information about Zimmerman that could make Nancy Grace standoff is that George Zimmerman’s mentor, and protector is his own father, Robert Zimmerman, the retired State Supreme Court retired magistrate – a man who still has significant clout and has been protecting George all his life and using his clout to keep him out of jail.

I believe that another tidbit in making her back off is that the State District Attorney is rumored to have “visited” the Sanford Police Department the night of the incident and was instrumental in overturning the detective who wanted George Zimmerman arrested – and as a result, George Zimmerman walked out the door of the police station that fateful night while Trayvon was in the morgue – unable to speak for himself.

Maybe Nancy is refraining about discussing George Zimmerman’s past is because if the D.A. is okay with George Zimmerman not being charged for Manslaughter then that is good enough for her.  After all, Nancy was a prosecutor for years and she and the district attorneys are, after all, on the same team.

What is the connection between George Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman, who, again, is a retired Supreme Court Magistrate and the State District Attorney – beyond both being Jewish and both being on the side of the law? 

What I found out about them is that they served together in Vietnam.

So, why is Nancy Grace not digging into the connection between Norman Wolfinger and Robert Zimmerman?  Is she being told to back off?  Is she being told to only cover the facts directly attributed to the case itself?

Or, worse yet, might Nancy showing her true colors?  It is a given that Nancy spends much less time solving crimes against blacks but when blacks are the alleged perps, the sky is the limit. 

That is not the case with Trayvon Martin because Nancy is covering the sensational issues surrounding this case but she is doing it at a safe distance. The only thing Nancy has said about Zimmerman is that he initially appeared to be the aggressor in this case but she leaves the door open to there being a role reversal if Trayvon later attacked Zimmerman and then became the aggressor himself, which would then have justified Zimmerman defending himself against Trayvon with lethal force.

One thing I see Nancy doing over and over is permitting Frank Taaffe, a neighbor and friend of George Zimmerman to interrupt everyone who might have a different position regarding the incident where Trayvon was killed.  Jane Velez-Mitchell has also given Frank Taaffee a free microphone – letting him freely speak and also letting him run over all others who take exception to George Zimmerman.  Why? 

Frank Taaffe continuously asks others being interviewed, “Were you there?”  When others start to take exception, Taaffe is always allowed to talk over their comments.

I have yet to hear anyone talk over Frank Taaffe unless Taaffe did it first.  They all were respectable even while Frank Taaffe was avoiding pointed questions.  On the Jane Velez-Mitchell show, when anyone attempts to respond to Frank Taafee’s constand interruptions, Jane simply says, “One at a time, please”, but when Taafee interrupts, Jane simply lets it happen.  Why?

Why is Nancy permitting this?  I believe it is because Trayvon was black and Nancy is doing everything to avoid getting into George Zimmerman’s checkered past and the questionable actions of George’s father, Robert Zimmerman and their “friend” State District Attorney Norman Wolfinger.

So, Nancy, why are you not questioning the relationship between Robert Zimmerman, Norman Wolfinger, and possibly the Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee?

There are other blog sites that talk of Robert Zimmerman and Norman Wolfinger serving in Vietnam together.  There are other websites that have Bill Lee, the Sanford Police Chief being an Associate Dean of the School of Public Safety at Seminole State College, the same school that George Zimmerman attended and studied Criminal Justice until he was expelled from the school.

Even though George Zimmerman was expelled from the college that Bill Lee was an Associate Dean, George Zimmerman was, after all, the son of his friend Robert Zimmerman, the retired State Supreme Court Justice who he served with in Vietnam.

Bonds are made in combat that are seldom broken and are frequently thicker than adhering to the written law – even when it results in overriding a detective’s manslaughter recommendation.


  1. I appreciate your time and effort put into your blog posts. However, this is not a white-on-black crime. The man is of hispanic descent which everybody wants to ignore in the media and has the same amount of white in him as Obama.

  2. Honestly do you believe George Zimmerman walk free? So many people will be angered including white people. I believe sparks will fly and not for the good.

    • Hi Ebony; First, thanks for stopping by. I don’t know how far back you have gone on this blog site, but I have been blogging about Trayvon being shot for a long time.

      In fact, I believe I blogged very early on – maybe in the first week when all the media was doing their best to dig into Trayvon’s past – partly because Zimmerman is/was of mixed race (Hispanic/white) and his father is a retired magistrate. There were other factors that affected how Zimmerman was treated “special”. His father was friends with the D.A. and from what I read, they served in Vietnam at the same time or maybe their tours of duty overlapped a little – either way, he had a lot of connections.

      Also, he was pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and he wanted to be a cop. I prefer to say he was a “wanna-be cop.”
      Zimmerman has a shady past with the law but most of his history is sealed, so therefor the media is afraid to talk about it because they could be sued.

      So, we have a young “black” kid with a few blemishes in his bump ins with the law, such as maybe possession – and even having some jewelry in a backpack that he could not explain. I am not sure about that and I sure as hell not trying to make Trayvon look like a bad guy – but that was being talked about in the news. Kids are kids and Trayvon is/was a teen who experimented but that does not make him a bad kid.

      Unfortunately, Zimmerman is alive and he can weave his damn story any way he thinks he can to make him look like a good guy, while at the same time, he describes a night where Trayvon was doing everything wrong.
      Zimmerman has one of the best lawyers money can buy and Trayvon (mom and dad) have government prosecutors who might not be at the top of their game so to speak compared to high priced lawyers.

      The older Zimmerman lawyer is an “ass” in my estimation and the lead lawyer is a “shark” in my estimation.

      The jury is all white, except for a mixed race woman – but I do not know what the mixture is – maybe she is half Hispanic and half white or half Hispanic and half black – I apologize, I am not sure.

      All of them are women – which might help Trayvon but if there is any doubt at all about what the prosecutor is presenting, then Zimmerman will walk away from 2nd degree murder because that is so hard to prove. On the other hand, manslaughter is slightly easier for the prosecution to win.

      I believe Zimmerman is a racist – because of various comments he made that night – i.e. something to the effect that “they always get away with everything.”

      He was entitled to carry a concealed weapon BUT, when he decided to not just be a person driving to a Target store and decided to act like he was performing his duties as a neighborhood watch person, he should have taken his gun out from behind his back and he should have placed it in his glove compartment.

      But, because he had the gun, he was cocky – he figured he could handle anything this “black punk” could throw at him. I am not apologizing for what I put in quotes because I am writing what I think Zimmerman thought of blacks in general.

      I believe Zimmerman knew the name of every damn street in his neighborhood, so for him to say that he followed Trayvon so he could observe a street sign to let the police know where he was, that was bunk (ok, it was bullshit). There are only three streets in the neighborhood and if you are a “watch” person, you already know the names of everyone of them.

      I have no doubt they came face to face. I believe words were exchanged and Trayvon, after hearing Zimmerman probably telling him that he had no right to be in the neighborhood or that Zimmerman probably accused Trayvon of scoping out the neighborhood to rob it, that probably pissed Trayvon off – which put Trayvon on the defensive. A few more sentences back and forth and Trayvon felt threatened. My guess is that Zimmerman, feeling pretty tough, probably told Trayvon to “get the xxxx out of his neighborhood” and he might have given Trayvon a push or two to scare him into leaving.

      My guess is that Trayvon had no desire to leave and feeling threatened, Trayvon punched Zimmerman or pushed him back.

      The rest was simple – to people rolling and trying to hit or wrestle each other. Either way, Zimmerman had no right to claim “Stand your Ground” because he went after Trayvon verbally and physically. Trayvon, on the other hand had every right to defend himself.

      I don’t believe Trayvon ever saw the gun – nor do I believe he ever went for it. If Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, I believe Zimmerman reached for his own gun – feeling that the situation was perfect for him “to get him one.”

      He shot Trayvon straight into the heart and the way the medical examiner told it the only thing in doubt was how long it took Trayvon to die. Maybe Trayvon did say, “You got me” but that doesn’t matter.

      Zimmerman had a few seconds to think about the perfect story to justify what he did.

      My personal feelings about shooting someone has never waivered – if you want to kill someone, shoot him as close to the heart as possible. If you want to stop things and see to it that the other person goes to jail, then you can shoot him a couple of times in the stomach or the shoulder area.

      I believe he intentionally shot Trayvon through the heart because if Trayvon lived through it all, he would have been able to tell his version of what happened.

      All that said, the only way Zimmerman will be found guilty of 2nd degree murder is if these six women can feel the pain and see through all the lies and do the right thing and return a guilty verdict. If they do not feel it was intentional, they can still find that he used excessive force and return a verdict of manslaughter.

      That said, I believe the all-white jury will not find him guilty of either charge – disgusting as that sounds.

      The jury should not determine guilt or innocence based on if they think sparks will fly in the street.
      With all the current racial issues going on about voting in so many southern states and also in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Ohio, I think if Zimmerman is found not guilty, it will just add to the current racial problems plaguing America and there will be boycotts and possibly a few protests that could turn violent.

      Zimmerman’s history with the law did not come up in the trial and Zimmerman will not take the stand, so if things remain as they currently are, there is a terrible chance that he will walk out the door a free man and that would be disgusting in my eyes and the eyes of so many people across the country.

      Again Ebony, all this is conjecture – i.e. just my opinion for what it is worth.

      Another slim possibility is that the jury, in their heart of hearts, really feel that Zimmerman is guilty of 2nd degree murder but the evidence is just not there AND because of that, they return a guilty verdict of manslaughter – even though the evidence might not be decisive enough.

      Here’s hoping that they come back with a guilty verdict of manslaughter and then Trayvon’s mother and father sue Zimmerman in civil court as well. Not that money is the motive, but the family could take some financial payout and set up a fund to help other families going through similar circumstances or maybe the parents could use the proceeds to help Trayvon’s older brother get an additional degree.

      Thanks for stopping by Ebony.

  3. I am so not hearing the same thing you all are hearing obviously, when I hear Nancy talk, to me she has Zimmerman “Guilty” She has no mercy on him at all!!!!! She has said nothing good about him since this happened. I am confused how everyone on her seems to think she is not on Travons team!!!!

    • Hi Gina; The blog you are responding to was written in April of 2012 and that is where Nancy was at that time. I believe since then she might have modified her position and is betting on the jury to side with Trayvon Martin.

      After today courtroom drama where the judge decided to now throw out the case and let Zimmerman walk, I believe, unfortunately, that Zimmerman will be found not guilty of 2nd degree murder. On the other hand, he might be charged with manslaughter but considering the jury is mostly white, he might get off completely.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. A blog full of shit. Congrats.

    • My mom always told me that people who limit themselves to using profanity lack the vocabulary and possibility the maturity to say something intelligent – God, I wish she were here to read your immature and tasteless remark.

  5. I really do not know much about what Nancy does or does not cover purely because I can hardly tolerate listening to her speak for any length of time. She seems to have the same shtick going on for every one of her sensationalistic endeavors with only the names being changed. I think Nancy has lost originality (if she ever had it to begin with) by preferring to go with her retreads. I will be following her more closely concerning these issues, especially this case.

    Since my first comment I realized that I should have used ensure rather than assure. I probably had other errors, but that one bothers me.

    I also listened to GZ’s 911 call again. Oh my, he was totally setting the stage for his perceived defense from the start.
    “This guy looks like he’s up to no good” “He looks like he’s on drugs”
    (Trayvon is innocently walking home minding his own business)
    “Now he’s looking at me”
    (Yes, because he feels very uncomfortable with you looking at him)
    “Now he’s coming towards me”
    (Well, he has to get home and you are in that direction)
    “He’s got his hand in his waistband”
    (Insinuating that he believes Trayvon has a gun on him)
    “Yep, he’s comin’ to check me out”
    (At this point Zimmerman seems to be gathering his confidence that his defense building is suceeding and since he knows himself to have a gun he can use it at any opportunity)
    “He’s got something in his hands I don’t know what his deal is”
    (Zimmerman once again is reenforcing his belief that he should be able to take drastic measures and get away with it)
    and then..
    “He ran” and you could hear that Zimmerman’s breathing picks up because he is after him.
    (Trayvon sensed danger and was running for his life)
    We know that Trayvon was not running toward GZ, because Zimmerman remained calm and did not mention it. Surely, if Trayvon had been running towards him he would have mentioned it during the call and used this to his benefit.

    Listening to the 911 records is chilling. We have read stories and watched movies of humans hunting humans, but that was just fiction. In these recordings we can actually hear the hunter as he is stalking his prey. Somehow, George Zimmerman is thinking that he’ll be lauded as a hero for his actions. It is unbelievable that some actually do.

    • Hi again Carol; I like your indepth analysis of the recording. I also agree that George Zimmerman was being calculating with his wording but I believe the location of his car, where Trayvon initially was, coupled with Trayvon walking away, along with the spot they fought (if that actually happened), will show who was going where and who was playing the game of cat and mouse (how sad it got down to that).

      If Zimmerman was on top and shot down at Trayvon, there will be proof of the bullet going thru Trayvon into the ground and the gunshot residue will show distance and will disprove all his words. His words only matter up to slightly before they encountered each other. At that point, all his planning goes down the tubes, unless Trayvon chased him back to his vehicle. where the fight occured will either match Zimmermans words (including him saying that he was walking back to his vehicle). If they were far away from the vehicle when the fight occured then Zimmerman is a premeditated calulating liar.

      I think the Special Prosecutor has conflicting evidence to dispute Zimmerman’s calculating words or they would not be going for the slam dunk. Zimmerman’s buddy is getting way too much television time to keep refining Zimmermans story. Everytime a question comes up about blood or cuts or the fight or the shirt and the jacket, Zimmerman’s friend keeps stretching the truth and he is enjoying every second of his 15 minutes of fame. The clot thickens so to speak.

  6. OK, now that Zimmerman has been charged Nancy Grace has suddenly found her voice in the matter. Maybe she is racist or maybe not. I am not that in her head to make an accusation. I feel the main reason she has not spoken out until now is because of the racial issues. This does not make her a racist. This particular case is so racially charged I believe she didn’t want to step in until the danger zone had been secured. I think this time she felt for the first time that something was too big for her to get involved. It did not involve one person against another or a group of others. It pits whole races against others. It shouldn’t but it does. I am in no way a Nancy Grace fan. She knows she has the ability to escalate sentiment in a monumental fashion and I do not think she wanted a race war on her shoulders. If this was indeed her reasoning, I am thankful for that. Now that George Zimmerman is in custody he is fair game for her.

    As for my on opinion, I do not think that race should be an issue in the final decision. It should simply be a matter of right and wrong. However, if Zimmerman had followed orders given to him in the 911 call, I do not believe we would be having these conversations today. I contend the reason GZ changed the directive during the 911 call from meeting the police in a specified location to having them call him when they arrived was solely for the purpose of his continued pursuit of Trayvon. I have not read or heard anyone else mentioning this decision he made during his 911 call, but I think it is monumental. It seems as though the hunter wanted to assure his prey did not escape him this time. He admitted, “These f—ing punks always get away”. It appears Zimmerman never reached the conclusion they weren’t ‘getting away’ they were just getting to their intended destination and they really weren’t punks after all.

    • Hi Carol; First, thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. I agree with your entire 2nd paragraph – Everything you said in para 2 makes perfect sense. Although we cannot get into GZ’s head, a reasonably intelligent person can come to the conclusion that he hunted Trayvon – even after told to back off.

      If GZ’s past comes out, you will see where he resisted arrest with violence and he was charged with domestic abuse – to say nothing about all his calls to the police – and especially his remarks on the phone calls.

      If a man is stupid enough to get involved with a police arrest by assaulting a law enforcement officer, he is stupid enough and violent enough to go after a young black male in a hoodie – especially when he himself is carrying a gun. It does not matter that Trayvon was 6’3″ and lean and probably in good shape – a gun is one hellava equalizer.

      Now, as for Nancy – I base my position on Nancy being racially biased on years of watching her either totally ignore cases where black children are on the Amber list or when she does cover a missing, abducted, or kidnapped black kid, she spends exponentially less time on minority children – oh, also including Hispanic children.

      There are websites out there that discuss this in more detail.

      If you would like, I would be happy to email you a brief list of websites that discuss Nancy’s bias in her coverage of missing or kidnapped or abducted college age black girls.

      Here are a couple of links, including one of mine.
      (do a search for Nancy)

      Believe me, Carol, there are so many more articles and they all cannot be wrong.

      One of the biggest things to support my position is her segment on our Fallen Heroes. I have seen Nancy cover 3 dead military who are African-American, even though almost 18 percent of military who die in combat are black and approximately 11 percent are Hispanic. Sometimes months go by without one African American soldier being honored.

      Guess when she displayed their photos. One was when she was extensively covering Whitney Houston’s death and the other was early in the coverage of Trayvon.

      i believe when there is a major news segment overing Aferican-Americans, there must be a scramble in her studio to come up with a deceased African American to put up at the 8:55 PM time slot.

      Nancy’s shows give plenty of fodder to supporting my opinion of favoritsm of more coverage per segment of white children – especially blonde girls.

  7. Hello Kevin,i agree 100 percent that she should cover that story and seek justice just the same as everyone else has so far.They need to get to the the truth about whatever occured that night.Its mighty strange that everyone else seems to cover it but her show.She usually loves to get down on everyone but shes definitely avoiding the story.Sounds like a cover up to me,but they really need to find out because if there was some sort of cover up then it needs to be brought outMary

    • Hi Mary; Thanks for stopping by. I surely was not there and I do not know what exactly happened but I smell a skunk in the woodpile. The police started releasing anything bad they could about Trayvon and it made some people lose interest because they started portraying Trayvon as a bad kid who was in the wrong place PROBABLY doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and that he just caught by someone who cared about his neighborhood.

      How sad.

      Trayvon, I am sure, was not an Angel, but what teenager is? He deserved the opportunity to grow up like any other kidd and Zimmerman took that right away by now following what the police dispatcher told him to do. But, because Zimmerman’s daddy was a retired magistrate and had a friend whom he served with in Vietnam who happened to be a State District Attorney, they let Zimmerman “walk” – which is something his daddy did on a handful of occasions in the past – 3 different times and 3 felony charges. Why aren’t those charges being discussed?

  8. Good job Kevin on the blog, I think there might be another reason why Nancy Grace doesn’t talk about Zimmerman and that’s because he’s half Hispanic. His own dad has said in a statement that he’s mix race. So this could be the reason that Nancy has avoided making any comments on this story. In all of your stories that you have written on Nancy you leave one thing out about her. That’s because she’s could be a bigot but I’m not for sure on that but she seems to try to get the white race off. She is pretty worthless as far as I care I can’t stand her.

    • Hi Amiee, thanks for writing. I do not know if Nancy is avoiding Zimmermans history because George Zimmerman is half Hispanic. I think that fact might actually feel better about discussing the history of the Zimmerman family.

      As you probably know by now, I have little or no respect for Nany Grace.

      I do believe, however, that she is intentionally avoiding the criminal history of George Zimmerman and it just doesn’t make sense to me because Nancy thrives on digging up dirt on people she loves to attack.

      If anyone has any meaningful reason why Nancy is giving George Zimmerman’s past a free ride, I would love to hear your thoughts as to why.

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