Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 10, 2012

Rosa Parks stayed seated on the bus…

…While blacks today are throwing Trayvon Martin under the bus.

Back in Alabama in 1955, blacks had to sit in the back of the bus.  That by itself was bad enough, but if a white passenger boarded the bus and could not find a seat in the front of the bus where white passengers sat, they could go further back and insist that a black person stand up and give that seat to the white person.

One day, Rosa Parks thought to herself, enough is enough and she refused to give up her seat to a white person and she was subsequently arrested.

There were others who did similar things; including refusing to give up a seat, but it was Rosa’s civil disobedience that caught Martin Luther King’s eye that eventually led to the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott.

Eventually the bus system ran extremely low on money which resulted in the bus system changing its policy to allow blacks to sit anywhere on the busses. 

It was a well-organized, yet quiet protest and it worked quite effectively.

Here is a link to a blog that I wrote about Rosa Parks last year. Some might find it an interesting read.

Roll the calendar forward fifty-seven years and we soon discover that not too much has changed – one big difference, however, is that the battle has moved from the busses to the streets.

Today, blacks can sit anywhere they want on a bus – but today, if they wear a hoodie or just act “black” (whatever that may be) and appear to be out looking for trouble, they stand a good chance of being harassed by the police or even followed by white Neighborhood Watch members and either situation could result in being assaulted or worse yet – killed.

I am not naïve, I am well aware that some young adults, regardless of their ethnicity or attire, rob homes or stores to steal property that can be hocked for cash to support addictions, such as drugs or alcohol.  Police and security guards are well aware of the potential for crime and are on alert – in an effort to protect residential property and store merchandise.

Most neighborhood associations require that their members do not carry weapons when they are on patrol.  Their weapon of choice should be a cell phone to call the local police department.

George Zimmerman ignored the rule about carrying weapons.  He, in my estimation, was a cop wanna-be.  He had an extensive track record of calling the police department over and over – almost anytime he saw a black person in his neighborhood – even though his own subdivision is 37 percent black.

So, along comes Trayvon, a non-resident who was on suspension from his high school in Miami for doing something serious enough to get suspended.  Whatever he did was obviously not that serious because he would have been in jail and not able to visit relatives in Sanford, Florida.

George Zimmerman, who is white, was much older than Trayvon and had a more questionable past – a past that included several arrests that involved violent behavior – including resisting arrest and assaulting an officer and even domestic violence.  All of these cases were somehow closed in court and the records were sealed.

In addition, George was involved in another incident.  While employed as a security guard under the table at a night club, he threw a woman who appeared drunk across the table.  He was fired as a result of that incident but he was not arrested.

If Zimmerman was being paid under the table maybe he can be audited by the IRS to see if he violated any income tax laws.

Trayvon, on the other hand had gotten in trouble in Miami for marking up a building with graffiti and for having a plastic bag in his possession that had traces of marijuana.  In addition, he had some jewelry in his backpack, along with a screwdriver. It is not known whose jewelry it was – nor was it known how he came into possession of the jewelry.  It might be that he received the property from a friend or worse yet, he might have stolen it from someone.  Either way, the jewelry, the plastic bag, nor the graffiti had anything to do with Trayvon walking home that dreadful night carrying two weapons – a container of Arizona tea and a bag of Skittles.

So, what we had that night were two men – one white man with a gun he was not supposed to be carrying and a young black man in a hoodie looking like he might be up to trouble.

Ever since the incident made the news, the “good ‘ol boys” at the Sanford Police Department have been leaking bits and pieces of information to the local paper about Trayvon’s past but no one has been leaking anything on the news or on talk shows about George Zimmerman.  Why?

The only living person who knows exactly what happened that dreadful night is George Zimmerman and the police, for the most part, are buying everything he says – except for the one police detective who was not so sure and as a result, he wanted to arrest George Zimmerman and charge him with manslaughter.

In come George Zimmerman’s dad and Norman Wolfinger on their “white” horses to overturn the lone detective and allow Zimmerman to walk out of the station, while Trayvon Martin was in the morgue as a “John Doe” – where he stayed for several days in that same status – even though the police and everyone else knew John Doe had a real name.  Trayvon’s father went to the morgue and even after his “visit” Trayvon was still considered a “John Doe.”  What was going on in that morgue while Trayvon was “John Doe?”

Talk shows started leaking some of Trayvon’s “terrible” misdeeds in an effort to make Trayvon the bad guy that night.  I am sure that some people, after hearing about the jewelry, the plastic bag, and the graffiti thought that Trayvon got exactly what he deserved – after all, George Zimmerman was only “Standing his WHITE ground.”

Maybe this goes back to Rosa Parks where she really was not entitled to a seat – she was only allowed to stay seated until a white person entered the bus to rightly take the seat away from her.

I thought to myself the other day that maybe, just maybe, that something happened that night that made Trayvon stand his ground and that maybe, if Zimmerman approached him, Trayvon felt threatened in a way that Trayvon was simply “Standing his Black ground” if there is such a thing.

But today I had another thought while I was reflecting on Rosa Parks.  Maybe, just maybe, in the eyes of some law enforcement officers and Homeowner Association Patrols, blacks have no ground.  Maybe they are permitted to walk on white ground until some whites feel for some reason they can approach a black person, for almost any reason, and question why they are on white ground.

I know this all probably sounds absurd to some people, mostly naïve whites, who feel all this racial stuff is way behind us because we, after all, elected a black man as President of the United States.

So, how does this all tie into the premise of my blog being that blacks have thrown Trayvon under the proverbial bus?

Ever since the incident I have been watching CNN, HLN, MSNBC, as well as other daytime and nighttime talk shows and all of them, bar none, have participated in the leaking of bits and pieces about Trayvon – some more than others.

The talk show host I am most disappointed with is the one I respected the most – until this incident made the news – Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC.  For the longest time, I have listened to and enjoyed Melissa talk about a myriad of subjects – but she has fallen way short regarding Trayvon Martin.  Melissa talks about the case on every show but she avoids discussing anything about George Zimmerman’s criminal past. I believe Melissa has caved to pressure from the network and the rest of mainstream media and is truly afraid of asking pointed, thought provoking questions. 

A few of them, like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell have stated on their shows that they did not want any history of these two men to taint the case.  Well, isn’t that special.  After all, Zimmerman has the more questionable past – his arrest record, which was somehow dismissed and covered up, while the most negative thing the media can talk about Trayvon is some jewelry in his backpack.

A case in point, last night on Jane Velez-Mitchell, there was a point in the show that she asked Celine, one of her producers to discuss some tweets that were coming into the show about the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin incident.  Celine went into depth about a tweet from Cara in where she tweeted that Trayvon’s backpack contained jewelry, a watch, a large screwdriver, and silver wedding bands.  Not only was this being verbalized but at the same time it was, the comments were being repeated in writing at the bottom of the screen for added emphasis.

After Celine’s comments about the jewelry and the comments being written on the bottom of the screen, Jane then expanded on the subject of the jewelry.  This was no accident – nor was it impromptu – it was well planned and well executed.

What Jane did was unprofessional and unethical and exactly the opposite of what she said she would NOT do.  I believe what happened on the Jane Velez-Mitchell show last night, pertaining to the jewelry, was pure racism and nothing more. 

I believe if the tweet did come in as verbalized and commented upon by Jane, it was “surgically” selected because of racial bias in the media.  Shame on HLN for only discussing history of one of the parties of this incident – unfortunately, it was the dead black victim that they “chose” to discredit.   

Zimmerman’s history of resisting arrest with force and throwing a woman across the room in a club shows his predisposition for violence and it would lead most sane and intelligent people to come to the conclusion that it was Zimmerman who started the altercation that night. Here is a link to more info on Zimmerman’s prior brushes with the law:

Regardless of the injuries and who was crying out for help, Zimmerman was the initial aggressor that night, he was not standing his “White” ground – he not only crossed that line but he crossed into Trayvon’s ground – which led to the fight, the “alleged” broken nose, and the gashes on the back of his head and because Trayvon defended himself and got the upper hand, Zimmerman cried for help and eventually shot Trayvon.  If Zimmerman got a broken nose and gashes on the back of his head, in my humble opinion, Zimmerman got exactly what he deserved.

Is this speculation on my part – you betcha it is.  I am presenting an alternative because Trayvon is not alive to present his side of what happened.  As close as they supposedly were, Zimmerman could have shot Trayvon in the leg or the shoulder instead of shooting to kill. Keep in mind that a dead man can never tell his side of the story.

All these talk show hosts, especially Nancy and Jane, are implying that if Trayvon attacked Zimmerman then he became the aggressor – well, in their White world that makes sense. 

Why aren’t these talk show hosts presenting alternatives?  They are not saying anything to the exception because they all have written off Trayvon as a young black punk who was on suspension from school, who was wearing a hoodie, and looking and acting questionable and he got what he deserved.

What repulses me is that the black community is putting up with this. Why?

Black guests, including lawyers, civil rights activists, family members, are flocking to Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell just to be able to say something – nothing provocative, no alternative theories, and especially nothing about George Zimmerman’s arrest record.

I do not agree with why white talk show hosts are leaning toward George Zimmerman but I am appalled that blacks are simply acting as bobble heads and letting the white media roll over them.

I want to make it clear that the solution is not for a mob of blacks to invade a store and turn over displays and leave the store in disarray.  The store destruction did a lot to harm what most blacks are trying to do with orderly protests.

I am suggesting, however, that the black community as a whole do three things:

  1. Any black guest on Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell should insist that Zimmerman’s criminal past be discussed – in detail.  If it is not allowed then the black guest should make a brief objection and walk off the set.
  2. Start carrying signs insisting that George Zimmerman take a lie-detector test.  Considering he is the only one alive and he swears he is telling the truth, then he should have no problem taking a test.  After all, if it is proven via a lie detector test that he is telling the truth about all the events that night, then the black community and everyone else will have to back down.
  3. All black residents, and others in Sanford, Florida should boycott all businesses in Sanford, Florida. They should not eat in any restaurants, ride any busses, buy any newspapers, or shop at any businesses. What Sanford, Florida needs is a black economic boycott to remind them that even though the Montgomery bus boycott by blacks happened 57 years ago, a new black boycott is needed to show federal, state, county, and city officials that racism is still alive and well in the United States and it has to change.





  1. Both Wolfinger (State ATTY who overruled Zimmerman’s arrest) and Robert Zimmerman (George Zimmerman’s Dad) are strict Catholics.

    And Wolfinger’s only son is named Robert.
    Robert Zimmerman is Robert Wolfinger’s godfather.

    • Thank Suzanne, I acknowledged earlier than George, himelf, was not Jewish but I have read on numerous sites that there are Jewish in Zimmerman’s family tree – not absolutely sure though.

      Someone else posted about Zimmerman senior being Wolfinger’s son’s godfather and I asked for a source but I have not received one.

      But until then, if the families are connected and the two men also served in Viewnam together, maybe that is why George has gotten away with so much in his past.

      I still would like to know how Chief Bill Lee is connected to Zimmerman and Wolfinger. Any ideas?

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