Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 14, 2012

Frank Taaffe on Duracells – Zimmerman’s friend who cannot stop talking and talking and talking.

Question: Can someone produce a map of where George Zimmerman lives?

I would love to see a map of the area where the shooting took place and have spots marked that include:

  1. The store Trayvon went to for his Skittles and iced tea.
  2. The gate that people walk in and out of to go to the store.
  3. Where Zimmerman parked his vehicle that night.
  4. Where the shooting took place.
  5. Where Zimmerman was when he called the non-911 number.
  6. Where Zimmerman told the police he would meet them
  7. Roughly where the unidentified neighbor lives who said he/she saw everything. (just a general location).

 A map with these points identified would go a long way to help put everything in perspective.  I am tired of hearing that Trayvon was walking “here” and then he was walking fast and almost running to get away from Zimmerman, yet Zimmerman was asked by the police dispatcher to stop following and he said he was walking back to his car when he was confronted by Trayvon.

Also, Zimemrman’s newest best friend is on talk shows and he cannot shut up.  He interrupts people all the time, asking them, “Were you there?” or “How do you know that?”

He uses the pronoun “We” so much about he and Zimmerman that I would like to see him locked up with Zimmerman so they can get their stories straight.

Also, it seems like there is an excessive use of “We” because he says that, “We will fight this” and “We will win”.

I do not know if Taaffe and Zimmerman are an “item”, but if they are – more power to them.  The use of “we”, over and over seems unusual.

Whenever someone asks a new question, he simply counters with gibberish and then comes up with some excuse to discount the answer, but the next time he is interviewed, he tweaks the story a little to always make Zimmerman the poor innocent victim.

Frank Taaffe, Zimmerman’s friend and confidant, comes across as holier than thou, trying to use metaphors and equating the shooting to a football game and the new lawyer being a top notch quarterback and they will win this game.

News Alert to Frank Taaffe, this is not a game – this is a murder investigation – try not to be so cute with your one liner’s – this is not Comedy Central.

Well, unfortunately, Zimmerman was pursuing Trayvon like it was hunting season – keep in mind that Zimmerman was the poor out-of-shape adult with the glock who was being victimized by this superior younger black athlete who Taaffe says can run the 100 yard dash in seconds due to his superior athleticism.  It almost sounds like a trailer for a new movie titled, “Old White Men can’t run!”

Believe me, in the booking photo it is Zimemrman who looks like the punk – the man who was on the look out for any black man, especially one is a hood that is out to steal his possessions.

It is okay to be on a Neighborhood Watch patrol, but leave the serious work to the police.

A wanna-be cop who tries to take matters in his own hands is only going to do one of two things – injure or kill someone else – or get injured or killed himself.

In this case, he was the hunter and the one who did the shooting.  Trayvon, if he had a gun, might have shot Zimmerman but that was not the case.

Taaffe tries to act superior by using terms and phrases he has just memorized that day and he uses them during every interview – Taaffe is “old news” and should not be able to talk “ad Nauseum” and over run everyone else who is making a comment.

Also, Taaffe hates the fact that there is an unidentified witness who saw most of what happened.  He wishes the only witness would be Zimmerman and as a result he would be the only one telling the story – true or otherwise.

He also hates it that Trayvon was on the phone with a friend because anything she could bring to the table could dispute Zimmerman’s story.

There is also the issue of forensic evidence that could disprove some of Zimmerman’s story and I do not know how Taaffe is going to dispute forensics.

I have no idea as to whether Zimmerman is telling the truth or not but if Zimmerman really feels he is telling the truth, all he has to do is to submit to a polygraph and that could help ease tensions. I know polygraphs are usually not admissible in court, but the results of a poly administered by a highly regarded expert would level the playing field.

To anyone who wants to jump up and cry foul because of the subject of a polygraph should be delighted for Zimmerman to take one – after all, I am sure that you believe he is telling the truth – or maybe he is really lying and you want him to get away with the lying and the shooting as well – because, after all, a punk black kid in a hoodie had the audacity to walk in the vicinity of Zimmerman’s neighborhood without getting George’s permission first.

For anyone not aware, Zimmerman’s neighborhood – no, the neighborhood Zimmerman lives in – is 37 percent black.  I cannot understand how Zimmerman allows that many blacks to live in his neighborhood.

Zimmerman might consider his neighborhood as HIS neighborhood but that is not the case – he lives there just like all the other neighbors of all colors, religions, and ethnicities.

Keep in mind that Trayvon was wearing a hoodie and it was over his head because it was raining – but I also remember bunches of white men throughout the south wearing hoods because they were burning crosses on people’s lawns and they were chasing blacks out of towns not too long ago.

By the way, does anyone know of a map of the crime area?  If so, do you have a link you can provide?

One last thing – please take a few seconds to participate in the polls – current and past.  Also, feel free to leave a comment.  All opinions are welcomed – just take the high road when commenting.

Just like a 24 hour supermarket or even McDonalds – the polls are always open – never closed – the only rule, one vote per IP address – otherwise someone could stack the deck.





  1. The first thing that entered my thoughts when I first heard of this case was that Zimmerman could have been purposely beaten by the police in order forge public sympathy on him. He has proven to be a liar, weak in character. and in my opinion a murderer. The really sad thing is that he had people like Frank Taafe to lie for hm. An even sadder fact is the he got a portion of the nation to believe him.

    • Hey gron; Thanks for stopping by. Your initial comment is incredible – seriously. I never gave that a thought. It makes perfect sense. The other think I did not like is how they put Trayvon under a microscope but as far as Zimmerman, all his past problems with the law (restraining order, assaulting an off duty police officer, among other things). The deck was stacked against Trayvon. Don’t get me wrong, he was not a saint, but what teenager is. And as far as Taafe goes, he made me sick everytime I saw him on Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell.

      But, Taafe and Grace would make a nice couple, right?


  2. Frank is re-enacting the events, standing by Zimmerman’s Alleged Events that led to killing Trayvon. The only people who would know the events so well….had to witness the events. He speaks of approximate inches, the position of body, etc, and then ask everybody on the panel were they there??? No they weren’t, but he could give testimony because he was there. I remember the witness (woman) that stated she thought she heard 3 people, and then changed most of her testimony. Think about it. Zimmerman is a liar….the truth will come out. I pray for Trayvon’s Parents & Family.

    • Hi “Justice”; I agree with a lot of what you have written. First, I believe Zimmerman is lying thru his teeth. Also, info might come out at the trial, if the judge agrees, that Zimmerman took a course on Stand Your Ground. He also was a cop wannabee and he even drove with real cops – so he knew how to make up a convincing story – i.e. go on a witch hunt, shoot someone who he could blame as being a bad guy, a bad guy who attacked him that he could shoot in self defense that he could blame and then claim stand your ground. Worst yet, he had a couple of buddies who not only knew the law but were also in law enforcement. Was he a racist? I do not know, but I feel he resented blacks and probably felt that blacks were the individuals who were committing crimes in his neighborhood – so he was on high alert for “them.”

      It was dark, Trayvon was wearing the “robber outfit” – a hoodie.

      A few things went wrong – 1. Trayvon was on the phone for part of his walk home. 2. Trayvon was not a robber, nor was he a criminal.

      Trayvon was a kid who had some prior exposure with the law – a few issues here and there but overall not a bad kid.

      If the judge allows evidence or information about Zimmerman’s college courses and info about his many calls to the police and info about his experience going in cars with police, the jury will smell the skunk he is and they will realize he fabricated the entire story about that night and it will show he is a liar and should do hard time for killing Trayvon. In fact, he probably planned the whole thing when he left his truck, which makes it premeditated and he went after Trayvon to “get him one.” That is my educated guess. Some guys marry trophy wives, but I am suggesting that Zimmerman wanted his trophy black and he chose Trayvon.

  3. 1997 Taffee charged with battery with unknown party. Mar. 1999 charged domestic violence allowed supervised visits and restraining order.1999 failed to pay child support. Apr. 1999 divorce is final but ex wife still stalked. Mar. 2000 Domestic abuse to ex wife. Apr. 2002 terrorizes son and daughter and issued another restraining order. 2008 ex wife still fearful & files another DV charge.

    • After reading all this about Taffee, maybe he is the one Zimmerman should have been stalking or profiling that night in his neighborhood – oh, I almost forgot, Zimmerman and Taffee are allowed “their” stand your white ground zone and Trayvon, in the eyes of Florida law, is not allowed to stand his black ground.

      Yes, I am white and I am disgusted by the double standards – even in Florida. Do blacks break into homes and steal things, Some do – just as some Hispanics do and some whites do as well.

      I am curious if anyone knows the answer to this question. Considering the neighborhood Zimmerman and Taffee live in is roughly 54 percent white and 36 percent black (the rest probably hispanic or oriental or maybe Indian), does their neighborhood watch program have any Blacks or Hispanics in the watch program?

  4. Taffee and Zimmerman have a lot in common check it out. FACT CHECKS

    • Hey Richard; you are way ahead of me linking Taffee and Zimmerman. Fact Checks??? Can you give me a little more direction?

      I poked around but it is late and I am not as sharp as normal. Can you recommend a link or two?

      Thanks again

      • Facts just facts ===== Both were neighborhood watch. Both have guns. Both profiled/especially talkative Taffee. Both had anger problems. Both had been in trouble as adults. Taffee has been caught in several lies and Zimmerman has just TALKED enough to qualify as a liar. When the BOND hearing was held if you listen carefully he changed his story several times about if and when he apolgized to investigators. Liars do that.. If the prosecutors replay the Bond hearing enough times i believe it will help the prosecution. Finally both zimmerman and Taffee think he (george) did the right thing.

        Kevin i hope i helped because in Florida i know there 900,000 concealed weapon permits . It scares me that of that number there is a few thousand vigilantes. for the truth.

        • Richard, I owe you one – maybe two ;o)… Thanks for all the detail. Every time I see Taffee talk on different shows – besides making me sick, he comes across as holier than thou. He has his coined phrases and uses them to death.

          Nancy and Jane give him too much time to talk about Zimmerman and it took a lot one day for Nancy to shut off his mike because he kept doing Zimmerman “commercials”, including Zimmermans page where he was soliciting for money for his defense.

          Thanks again Richard.

          • Hi Kevin, you know both Zimmerman and wife carry guns legally. George got rid of small pet dog and replaced it with rottwieller. He did neighborhood watch carrying gun and dog. Yes, some knew he carried the gun with him on watch. Frank says he himself did not have a concealed gun permit and did not know if george carried while on watch. Nancy fully is aware of Frank Taffee but he is a guest that is destroying his already bad reputation in Sanford. That is exactly why Trayvon attys. let Taffee expose himself and george by not correcting the obvious lies. Do not be surprised if he Frank Taffee winds up in court . Are you kidding the neighborhood watch is all white lol. Zimmerman’s web page is suspended. You are absolutely right zimmerman and Taffee are now profiled. The SPLC may find connections with Taffee to hate groups. I have heard the Rumor. The southern poverty law center will be getting a call on that.

            Take care Kevin got to get going.

          • I was wrong about the ethnic breakdown for Zimmerman’s neighborhood – I believe the latest Census Bureau figures for the Twin Lakes community is 49 percent white, non-Hispanic, 23 percent Hispanic, 20 percent African-American and 5 percent Asian. So, considering over half the people there are non-white, poor Zimmerman and Taaffe must have been going crazy profiling. How sad.

  5. 900,000 people in florida have a concealed weapon permit. Zimmerman had one. Taffee admits owning a gun . Those two anywhere near a gun scares the heck out of me. STAND YOUR WHITE GROUND LAW is awful. Excuse me STAND YOUR GROUND LAW is awful.

    • Hi again – you are on a roll, right? Wow, the numbers amaze me 900k with concealed gun permits. My question is: Who does NOT have one. I really believe the law favors those white folk who have concealed permits. You do not hear too many people even hinting at the possibility of Trayvon standing his ground.

      I surely do not know what happened when they did meet up but I do know this – if Zimmerman was not carrying a gun – they never would have met – and because Zimmerman was carrying a gun, Trayvon is dead.

  6. I will tell one thing Frank Taffee is a sick liar and does have a bit of a rap sheet similar to Ted nugent and george zimmerman..

    • Hi Richard; thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have not done much probing about Taffee – I only was turned off by his well prepared and repetitive comments on show after show after show. I swore I was listening to a recording.

      I wonder what dog he has in this race. He surely is dedicated to Zimmerman – almost like a paid political campaign manager.

      Thanks again Richard.

  7. Well Kevin good blog I have been enjoying your blogs on Trayvon and Zimmerman. This is joking but I think his new address is county lock up in Sanford, Fl. I believe that is where he is living at this time. To be on a more real side no I don’t know where he lives at. I have tried looking up on a couple of sites that I know of but no luck. Keep up the good work Kevin.

    • I hope he remembers where he was living because I don’t think he will be living there for a while. You can be sure he is not in county lock up though – he is in a state prison and in a very secure part of it because they do not want anything happening to him while he was in there.

      I wonder if the prison chaplain needs an altar boy on Sunday’s – after all, he was an altar boy growing up.

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