Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 19, 2012

Ryan O’Loughlin’s widow and family need your help….

Yesterday I wrote a lengthy blog about Ryan and how he died unexpectedly after being beaten by members of the Westerly, Rhode Island police department.

Anyone desiring more detail, please go to the link below to see the original blog about Ryan.

So, why am I writing another blog about Ryan?  Because Ryan’s widow and everyone in Ryan’s obituary, including his parents, his sister, and all his relatives want justice for Ryan.

Ryan is not a cute little girl like Caylee Anthony who was murdered last year in Florida.

Ryan is not a young black teen from Florida, like Trayvon Martin who was shot to death by a Neighborhood Watch captain who should have not been carrying a gun.

Ryan is also not beautiful like Holly Bobo who went missing from her driveway in Tennessee last year.

Ryan was an adult and maybe people think that adults should be able to take care of themselves – well think again.

Ryan was just an overall nice guy – a guy who joined the Navy and served in the Gulf War.   Maybe that war happened too many years ago for anyone to care about Ryan.  Maybe we are all sick and tired of war, who knows.

From what I understand, Ryan was a great guy – the kind of guy anyone would want for a friend

Ryan was also nice enough and caring enough and “crazy” enough to go outside the bar and confront a not-so-sober customer who had just damaged the men’s room in the bar – and Ryan was simply asking him to return to the bar to pay for the damages.

Amazingly, he got the man to agree to go back into the bar and talk to the owner about paying for the hole in the wall.

Before that could happen, the police arrived and handcuffed the guy and Ryan was trying to talk the police out of arresting the other guy – the police do not like anyone telling them what to do and telling them when to arrest someone and when not to arrest someone.

Long story short, Ryan and the police had words – the police pepper sprayed Ryan and took him down a dark alley and beat him severely.  Ryan was handcuffed and arrested.

He was released on bond, went home and then went to the hospital where he died of the beating.

So, I am asking for everyone to go to and read the petition that has been started for everyone to sign to get the case reopened.  The local community and a local grand jury determined the police acted properly but a local doctor and the medical examiner said that Ryan’s liver was lacerated severely – the police said they only hit his legs – obviously a lie. The booking photo shows that his face was beat up as well.

Does this look like a man who was only hit on his legs with a night stick?

I am asking everyone to go to:

and read the petition.  Please sign the petition so that federal authorities can take a look at the case again.

If you need additional encouragement, please read the obituary at:

I never met Ryan.

So here’s the deal.

Do not go there simply because Ryan is a Navy veteran who served like so many other military veterans.

Do not go there simply because Ryan leaves behind a widow.

Do not go there simply because Ryan leaves behind parents and a loving sister and a ton of other relatives.

Do not go there simply because Ryan was trying to keep a man out of jail.

So, why should we go there?

Go there because Ryan could be your:

Brother, Father, Son, Uncle, Cousin or friend, Or he could be you and I could be writing this blog about you.

Police brutality is on the rise – someone close to you could be next.

In closing, Ryan could have exercised a little more caution and a little more common sense in dealing with the police about what happened in the restroom – but he didn’t.  He was thinking more about the guy who smashed the wall in the bar restroom.  Ryan was only having coffee while the other guy was drunk enough to pound his fist through a wall.

Not exercising common sense should NOT result in a beating so bad that you die within 11 – 16 hours – especially when the police say they only hit Ryan on his legs.

Please, do not disregard this blog.  If you do not sign the petition, what kind of situation would it take for you to sign a petition?  Make a stand today and Sign up for Ryan.


  1. Seems to me as though more light needs to be shed on this case; a spotlight perhaps. Are there a lot of people that are even aware of this case? You won’t hear it on the news, just in local papers; how many local residents actually read the paper? It’s 3 years later, and I think now is the time that awareness of this case must be raised — to the public.

  2. Ryan was a father also. A father to a daughter by a fellow sailor at Pearl Harbor. Her name is Lindsey Davis. A child and woman tossed aside as if they were invisible. A father long before he was a husband. A mother and child thrown away by the threats of a wife who gave him an ultimatum of herself or his own child. I believe this child to be 16 or 17.

  3. Point taken. You are right, people need to concentrate on the petition.
    Myself included. After spending so much time reading all of your blogs, it is hard to remember you are not a “legal expert” :). I did know your back ground from reading your bio.. yours is the only blog I participate in because it is run so well. Once again I hope the family gets justice, good bye….

  4. Mrs. O’Loughlin, I send you my deepest sympathies and prayers. I hope in no way that I have offended you in any of my postings. I participated in one of Kevin’s past blogs, and find him to be the best in the business so to speak.
    He truly is “out for the truth”, fair, kind, intelligent and runs a great blog.
    This is the first time I have encountered a member of the victims family actively posting. It makes it “different” some how. I don’t want to say anything that may unintentionally hurt your feelings…

    Kevin, I agree with everything you say above. You seem to be more versed in “inter-state-law”, not even sure what to call it. My question is, if the FBI or other Federal Agency decides to look at this case, would they then convene another grand jury? At the federal level?

    • Olivia; Regarding being versed in interstate law, that I am not. What I am versed in is doing extensive research and connecting dots that some might not consider. Like Mrs O’Loughlin was saying, secret proceedings can bring in “expert” witnesses to give their professional opinion about something. One thing I do not know is how those witnesses are determined to be experts.

      Let’s go back to the Casey Anthony criminal trial – do you remember all the jockeying on both sides questioning whether a given witness had the appropriate credentials to present him/herself as an expert witness? Some of that positioning took hours and hours.

      From what I have read there are laws that require testimony in a Grand Jury to remain secred. There are exceptions, such as a person who testifies can talk about his/her testimony but from what I understand – that is the limit.

      I think this blog needs to steer clear of any discussions of grand juries, state or federal because there are extensive laws in place about their secrecy and I am sure if anyone violates those provisions, there could be dire consequences.

      I do not know if there is a federal investigation how it would be handled – I have no idea if a federal grand jury could be convened to cover the same issues that were already decided in state court. That is a question for a law firm that specializes in state and federal matters.

      It might be that if the federal government looks at what happened they might determine there are other charges that the state grand jury was not considering and go from there.

      I think we need to focus more on the Petition on and see what can be done on the federal level when those petitions are presented.

      Maybe – just maybe, a federal investigation might look into if Ryan was taken down an alley and beaten that possibly his civil rights were violated. Considering if he was taken out of sight of the dashboard cam, it could imply that they were going to do things to him that are not part of their normal proceedures. My personal guess is that his civil rights might have been violated. I believe I read where there was a woman there who saw a good part of what happened – minus what happened in the alley. Also, the owner was told to go back in – if he saw Ryan being forced down the alley as he was going back into the bar, that might help in a federal investigation. As the saying goes, that is well above my pay grade – especially now that I am retired.

      By the way, I have no law background – I was in data processing, programming, systems analysis, and web development all my working life, including half my military career.

  5. Which State brought in their own ME? And why? And when? I have not seen anything published stating that Ryan’s official cause of death was changed from “homicide, caused by blunt force trauma”., to “heart attack”.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the O’Loughlin family. With that said,
    I would think it would be BIG news if Ryan in fact did not die from injuries he sustained at the hands of the Westerly Police. With all due respect, this is about justice for Ryan. I am 100 percent sure that Ryan would not have died that night had he just finished his cup of coffee and returned home.
    May the O’Loughlin family find peace. And the truth.

    • Hi Olivia; I do not think Mrs. O’Loughlin said any document was changed citing the cause of death. What she was hinting at is exactly what the thrust of my blog had to do with. If the Prosecution wanted to make a weak case to indict the officers, they could say what they wanted to say and bring in witnesses to propose alternatives like saying that Ryan “could” have died from a heart attack – the only way the Prosecution could have pulled that off is if the Death Certificate never saw the light of day in the Grand Jury. The end result of not fighting the grand battle for an indictment is that it results in not getting the indictment – cleaver, huh?

      That is similiar to what the Nixon White House did with its dirty ricks division. I am surely not saying that is what was done – just would could be done if someone wants to “water down” an investigation during a grand jury.

      The disadvantage of being “secret” is that it allows for corruption.

      If there is ever a need to take any of this “offline” please do!

    • In a nutshell it all falls under plausible alternatives – not a legal term, mind you. Do you remember that the Police Chief brought up the subject of Ryan having preexisting conditions? Pathetic comments like that act as seeds of doubt and can turn a Grand Jury from the probability of indicting someone to the impossibility of indicting someone in the blink of an eye.

      That is why we always tell our young kids if any adult ever tells you something and wants you to keep it a secret between the two of you, something is very, very wrong. That is why Grand Juries should not be secret

      There should always be a third party present to insure that Prosecutors do not leave important facts out of the proceedings and also to insure that Prosecutors do not sway a jury with untruths to control the outcome.

    • Lasty, Olivia, I believe the O’Loughlin family knows the truth and they are hoping and praying that enough of the truth becomes public to help end corruption and those involved in any coverup end up behind bars – no matter how high up the food chain the investigation takes the Feds.

    • RI hired a ME examiner to testify during thr Grand Jury that Ryan could of died of a heart attack. The autopsy report still remains as a homicidie

  6. I guess I’ll never learn that I need to hit the space bar on an IPad, instead of the return key, hence the single post above with my name only.
    Kevin, kudo’s for another job well done in your reporting of this
    horrendeous incident by the Westerly, RI police department which resulted
    in the death if this young man. It is almost criminal that the grand jury
    proceedings are kept “secret”. I would like to know exactly what the prosecuters presented to them. The medical examiner ruled “homicide by
    blunt force trauma”. Ryan O’Loughlin was unarmed, had no drugs or alcohol in his system, and other than speaking after he was told to “shut up” by these over zealous, small town police officers, was beaten to death by them. He was forcibly taken down a dark alley, beaten, put into a police cruiser and then a holding cell, where he was left to suffer in great pain no doubt from a lacerated liver. Have I read these facts right? Then the police officers were never suspended with or without pay for even one day? AND their police chief was allowed to “retire” right after this murder, and move to a neighboring small town with full retirement benefits, plus a new salary?

    As a former participant of your blogs during the Casey Anthony trial, you may
    remember that I am ALL for the right of each and every person’s right to
    a fair trial by a jury of our peers. There is something majorly wrong here.
    Where are the tapes from the patrol cars (4), or booking tapes from the jail?
    If these cops are so innocent, WHY has this town not released the video
    to prove it?

    • Hi Olivia; A couple of things here – probably in reverse order. I am sure the grand jury never heard that the officer took Ryan down the alley and down the hill out of sight of the camera that is there to benefit them when a suspect is doing something wrong, but when they want to abuse a prisoner – simply take him out of sight and beat the living hell out of him. That is why many states are enacting laws preventing anyone from filming police – especially when they are not in the view of their own dashboard cam. Welcome to the new police state when your rights can and will be violated – yet, you lose the right to film the wrong doing. How do you spell Gestapo?

      Another thing is that a prosecutor can play make believe by convening a Grand Jury and then do a so-so job that results in the “good” guys not being indicted. All in secret behind closed doors. Each witness comes in for his/her part of stuff but there is no one in there the whole time to see any potential wrong doing.

      and then to add insult to injury, when a medical examiner does an honest job, they try to ruin his career.

      • Stat prosecutors brought in there own ME to say Ryan could of died of a heart attack.

        • Hi Again Diane; I greatly appreciate your input. I am sure you have mixed feelings about the blogs I am doing. Reliving everything must be hard for you and your loved ones.

          I read where the original M.E. was almost dragged through the coals for being honest. If that does not spell corruption, I do not know what does.

          I do not know if you have ever heard about or have seen any appearance of the Patriot Guard Riders, but they are very caring individuals – mostly made up of veterans themselves – they wear their hearts on their sleeves, figuratively and are there for all veterans. If they do attend, the petition count would increase tenfold because of the attention their visits command.

          Good wishes and prayers to the O’Loughlin’s from a fellow Irishman and blogger originally from Springfield, MA.

          Thanks for stopping by…

  7. Olivia

  8. Kevin, I believe it just might of been a freak Accident and my Comment just vanished for one Reason or another.
    Thank You for Your Reply, it is much appreciated.
    My Comment which got lost was short and simple, just stated that I would go to the above mentioned Petition Site and sign my Name.

    • Hilde, now I am more confused than ever. Considering I am advocating for Ryan, his wife, and his parents, I would be thrilled to hear from anyone who read my blog and then at least visited and read the petition.

      Signing the petition would be frosting on the cake. There is no way if that is what you wrote in the “missing” comment that I would consider your comment wrong in any way. You don’t know me but what you do know is that I do my best to respond to ALL comments. I have a life away from this blog but eventually, I try to say something about each and every comment.

      There are going to be things people disagree on all the time. Unfortunately, that is why there are wars – which I also object to.

      Thanks for helping clear things up – and I hope this is not your last visit.

    • Thanks for commenting again. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  9. my Post didn’t show up, is there a Reason why? Did I say something wrong, if I did it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe it would be for the Best for me not to comment here any more since it seems like our Personalities might clash.

    • Hi Hilde; First let me assure you that I do not block people 99 percent of the time. During the Casey Anthony blogs and trials there was one person who got into continuous arguements with another poster and I ended up intervening but since then I had one person a few weeks ago who went over the top with hateful and derogatory comments that were unjustified and his posts, as nasty as they were, are still out there.

      People do not have to agree with me to post here. I do not see your post anywhere. Everyone is welcomed to post unless they threaten, get extremely obscene or are way way off topic.

      A post of a first-time poster does not get posted automatically, but as the blogger, I see it first and then approve and respond to it. From then on, that poster can post over and over – again, unless something is way inappropriate.

      I have not seen your post anywhere and I am asking if you would be so kind to post it again.

      Not sure of your intentions when you say our Personalities might clash but if you have something to say, please submit it again.

      I only get things if everything in WordPress works perfectly. As you know, we cannot prove negatives – so I am not aware of any other comments sent by people that I did not receive.

    • Again, after thinking about your comment, your comment about if you said something wrong got posted automatically so that means you must have posted on an earlier date and it was approved.

      The Internet is far from perfect and it “burps” at times. I can confidently say that I did not see any other post from you today.

      Bloggers run into people all the time that we differ with but bloggers accept their posts if they are not threatening or obscene. I do not believe WordPress screens blogs for content but I might be wrong.

    • Well, Hilde, I have more information. Your name rang a bell so I went back and looked at all my previous comments from everyone – all 47 pages of them and now I know why you appear to have a chip on your shoulder.

      We differed significantly on the Casey Anthony case – especially regarding the verdict, the defense, the prosecutor, and the jury

      We also differ in our opinion about Nancy Grace and that is fine.

      Even with our differences in opinion, or as you say “our personalities” you are welcomed here as long as there is no profanity, hateful attacks, or anything threatening.

      If you want to come in here and post just to argue, then maybe you are right to not want to comment here anymore, but if you want to debate something or comment on something nicely – my door is open to you.

      The IP address you are using now is the same as the IP address you used when we exchanged comments about Nancy Grace but your earlier posts about Casey Anthony came from a different IP address.

      Again, I have no idea as to why the post you say you posted did not get did not get to my blog site.

      Anyone else reading this who wants to see dialogue between me and Hilde can go to the Dancing with the Stars/Nancy Grace posts and you will see a few exchanges – but the beauties are the exchanges back during the Casey Anthony trial.

  10. Kevin, my family and I thank you for your current blogs on my Son Ryan. We are overwhelmed with all the support we have received from people we do not even know.
    My Son Ryan always fought for what he believed in and I know he knew he had done nothing wrong and was being verbal with the police that he shouldn’t be arrested. I get angry and upset that people believe the police were in the right and not wrong. The should of difussed the situation and nothing warrents what they did to him. Thank you agan

    • Dear Mrs O’Loughlin; First permit me to express my deepest sympathy for your loss. I decided to blog about Ryan and what happened because someone who knew about what happened asked if I would also look into Ryan’s death and if I might do a blog about Ryan. Almost immediately after I started poking around the internet I became immediately aware that there were discrepancies between what the police said and what happened – including comments from the retired police chief.

      I am confident that as more and more people are directed to to look at the petition, they will sign it and there will be a federal investigation.

      I was appauled to find out that the officers were not relieved of duty pending an investigation – with or without pay.

      You can be sure this is not my last blog about Ryan. My prayers go to you and yours as you cope through this tragedy. One thing in your favor is that you have tons of good memories of Ryan that will help support you when the pain is at its worst.

  11. Well done. Thank you for writing this.

    • Hi Bonnie; Thanks for visiting and thanks for the thoughtful comment – it is always nice hearing from fellow New Englander’s – I am originally from Springfield, MA and I have family living in Colchester, CT.

      You can sign up for notifiations of future blogs if you so desire. I will be posting another indepth blog about Ryan’s death tomorrow.

      Thanks again for visiting.

  12. Kevin good job on some new thoughts on the blog.

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