Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 28, 2012

Sanford, Florida and HLN Love George Zimmerman.

How else can anyone make sense of how George Zimmerman has been treated since he shot Trayvon Martin?

From what I have read, George Zimmerman was not tested for drugs nor was he tested for alcohol the night he was taken to the police station.  If that does not say, “We love you George”, I do not know how else to say those three words with more conviction.

One other thing I see on the Internet lately is that when anyone is taken to jail they are searched – and that search includes a cavity search – so, did Zimmerman get the “gift with purchase” cavity search?  For some reason I do not think a search took place.

The State Attorney himself got involved in the “incident” and George Zimmerman walked out of the police station thanks to a law that should have been reserved for the courtroom and not a crime scene.

In most cases, Assistants get involved and not the Big Kahuna himself.  So why did Wolfinger get involved himself?  Could it be because State Attorney Norman Wolfinger and George Zimmerman’s father Robert Zimmerman are “kindred spirits?”  George’s father, Robert Zimmerman is a retired magistrate who served in Vietnam with Wolfinger.  Did the senior Zimmerman call in some IOU’s that resulted in Zimmerman being released that night?  All of that would amount to another wet kiss on the cheek from various parts of Florida.

The best was saved for last.

George Zimmerman goes into hiding but in conjunction with that happening, a website is set up for George to receive donations – donations that end up totaling over $200,000, that I believe were supposed to help with legal costs and not to be used as a petty cash fund.  What I would like to know is if George Zimmerman himself, during his period of hiding, snuck out in a hoodie and purchased Skittles and Arizona iced tea – two things Trayvon was not allowed to finish himself before Zimmerman shot him to death.

So, Zimmerman turns himself in and the media are unanimous that he will not be allowed bail because 2nd degree murder is a non-bailable offense.  Wrong again, Sanford, Florida loves
Zimmerman so much because he was such a stand-up guy to turn himself in that they felt he was not a flight risk – so they let him go on bail – a bail that was set so low because he had little or no money.  What a joke.

If Trayvon was not shot to death by Zimmerman, this all would be laughable but that is not the case.

Does anyone reading this believe that the $200,000 his website received was not discussed during discovery with his legal team?  For a lawyer like O’Mara, who is known for not leaving any stones unturned, how could this not be known prior to a bail hearing?  Did Zimmerman truly keep in from him intentionally?  Excellent lawyers usually do everything to prevent from being surprised like this.  I could understand a novice lawyer not asking very specific questions about sources of money, but this situation seems highly unusual for someone like O’mara.  Did O’Mara have Zimmerman sign a statement that no other money existed anywhere?  If so, then it appears that Zimmerman lied to his legal team and the judge.  If that is the case, we have a screwed up criminal justice system that is lacking checks and balances.  Also, if Zimmerman lied in court, I believe his bail should be revoked and he should be returned to jail.

Everyone feels so sorry for Zimmerman because he is out of work and he has no income coming in and his legal expenses are mounting – such a shame.  If he stayed in his vehicle that night, he would still have his job and he never would have had to go into hiding because that “perfect storm” would not have happened and he would not have shot Trayvon – even if it was done in self-defense.

Also, what did Taaffe mean by a “perfect storm?”  Did he mean that after all “those” people have been robbing us, we finally had an opportunity to get even?  I wonder!

I read in the news today that Zimmerman, during his period of hiding, went through approximately $50,000 of the $200,000.  Call me silly, but I would be hard pressed to spend that much money in six months – never mind during the short period he was in hiding – doing everything possible to not be recognized.

What all this proves is that Zimmerman knew there was a significant amount of money building up in the account associated with his website – otherwise, how would he have known to take $50,000 out of it when he disappeared?

Frank Taaffe said on the Jane Velez-Mitchell show last night that the money did not start coming in until after the bail hearing when the actual bond amount became known.  I take exception to that; I believe a good amount of the money first started rolling right after Taaffe gave the site address weeks back on the Nancy Grace show.  It sure was nice of HLN shows to give Taaffe a forum to provide Americans the correct address of the site that was set up for everyone to donate to Zimmerman’s defense fund and his “go into hiding” fund.

A full analysis should be done of that website – from analyzing things like the daily balance, who accessed the account and when and when Zimmerman’s legal team took over responsibility of the account.  It will be then and only then that we will have a full acountability of what happened.

Zimmerman has been given preferential treatment from day one, so it doesn’t surprise me that the money raised from his website was not discussed in conjunction with the bail hearing.

If a highly competent attorney is going to make a miscue about $200,000, it makes sense it would be made while representing George Zimmerman.

For some reason I thought the “Get out of Jail Free” card only applied to the game Monopoly.

So, Zimmerman and his lawyer attend the bail hearing and they somehow convince the judge that Zimmerman has little or no money and that the bail, if approved, should be a low amount so he can get out because otherwise Zimmerman will have to stay in jail until a trial takes place (or he gets some kind of dispensation from the Pope).

What I find interesting is that there is an alleged “madame” in New York City who is in jail on Riker’s Island and her bond has been set at $2,000,000, or $1,000,000 cash and it was based on one count of prostitution – not 2nd degree murder.  Am I missing something here or what?

In addition to not being a flight risk, it was determined that the bail was set low because Zimmerman had a squeaky clean criminal record.  What a joke.  If assaulting an undercover officer in the commission of his duties is not criminal history (even though he got off and the records were sealed), I do not know what would constitute a criminal past.  I believe he was also charged with domestic abuse but I am sure that doesn’t matter when determining bail for Zimmerman.

HLN showed Zimmerman some love when it chose to not discuss Zimmerman’s previous brushes with the law – even though they discussed Trayvon’s truancy, his rumored graffiti attacks on school property, him having jewelry in his backpack and finally him having some marijuana residue in a plastic bag in his possession.  This is another example of HLN giving Zimmerman some good loving.

I would love to see the paper trail in Zimmerman’s lawyer’s office that he filled out – showing available funds, savings, and other sources of money.

Even Zimmerman’s friend Frank Taaffe was ALLOWED to talk about Zimmerman’s website that was set up to receive donations – well before O’Mara became Zimmerman’s attorney.  So, in addition to Sanford, Florida showing some love for George Zimmerman, HLN showed a bunch of love for Zimmerman by letting Taaffe talk about the site – including repeatedly giving the exact URL of the site.  Taaffe was also allowed to directly avoid answering very specific questions and then allowed to ramble on about whatever he wanted to in defense of Zimmerman.

I wonder if Taaffe is going to be allowed to do the same thing in court – if, and when, Zimmerman ever goes on trial.

I find it hard to believe that O’Mara did not know about the $200,000 or whatever the amount was at the time of the bail hearing. What did O’Mara believe Zimmerman was living on during his time in hiding?

So, Jessica Recksiedler, the original judge that was assigned to Zimmerman’s case stepped down because of the “appearance” of a conflict of interest – yet – some shenanigans were done by someone to portray Zimmerman as being almost destitute so he could get a low bail.

Something needs to be done to level the playing field here because it appears that racism is alive and well in Sanford, Florida as well as in our national media.

In closing, when someone refers to Trayvon as a kid, others are quick to say that Trayvon was 17 years old and 6’3” and pretty muscular – implying that he should not be referred to as a kid.

To that, I say, I hear many in the media refer to our kids going off to combat – even though most of them are at least 18 years of age and older – some much older.

So, if I get this right, if someone between 17 – 25 dies in combat he or she is one of our kids coming home in a flag draped coffin but if a 17 year old black person wearing a hoodie is racially profiled, stalked and killed on a dark rainy night in Sanford, Florida by a mature 28 year old white man, he cannot and should not be referred to as a kid.

Let me look at this from another vantage point – Trayvon, to some, should not be referred to as a kid at 17, but if he lived that night and joined the military at 18 and went to Afghanistan and was killed in combat at the age of 19, he would be one of our kids coming home in a flag draped coffin.

There is something radically wrong with that logic but for the life of me I am having a problem grasping exactly what I am missing here.





  1. Get this friend of zimmerman off the show please. I know he means well and thinks he knows zimmerman but he is so wrong. It is unfair to trayvon who cannot defend himself and never had the opportuniyt to save himself or tell what happened. Please get framk off the show. I cannot watch frank anymore. It is ridiculous how he cuts in and disrups others

    • Hi Lorraine; The real issue is that they never pull his mike. He is arrogant, rude, and I also believe he is lying for Zimmerman. Nancy, and any other HLN and CNN show he is on should read him the riot act ahead of the show and tell this jerk that they will pull the plug if he goes rogue. Zimmerman’s other man crush is in law enforcement and is equally devoted to Zimmerman as Frank is. Taffee and this other guy I am talking about always have the “deer in the headlights” look when they talk about Zimmerman.

      Thanks for stopping by….

  2. I cant believe the way trayvon martin is being portrayed by zimmermans lawyers and the poor child is dead he cant defend himself. do you really think that George Zimmerman would have followed trayvon martin if he never had his gun cause I don’t . I agree 100% with everything you said . if George Zimmerman hadn’t got out of his car and followed him trayvon martin would still be alive today.

    • Thanks for visiting and for leaving a well thought out comment.

      I agree entirely, also, Zimmerman was quoted as telling the police dispatcher that they always get away with everything. So, who is “they” and did Zimmerman hunt down and kill Martin so the killing could be used as an example so “they” stayed away from his subdivision?

      I believe so.

  3. I agree with all of the comments. George’s friend Frank went on HLN and stated that Trayvon wouldn’t have died if he had only answered George’s questions. Now the defense team wants to bring out old texts messages from Trayvon as if this was a provocation to cause his death. If I was walking home from the store and saw someone following/looking at me, I would be scared and ready to defend myself if necessary. George should have stayed in the car and It sickens me to know that people don’t value other people’s life. It’s sad that this kid lost his life behind being black, wearing a hoodie and so-called not looking like he belong there. America is supposed to be the land of the free, but for WHO???? Lastly, instead of continuing to bash a dead kid, accept responsibility, spare the family more grief; they have experienced a tragedy from the beginning (crime scene) to now…this is truly a travesty and an injustice!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by again. I agree with everything you said in your recent comment. America is no longer the land of the free. Corporations now run the country and people are secondary – unfortunately, blacks and Hispanics got caught in the squeeze. There is a play being made for health care benefits, jobs, and social security and Medicare. As more people became unemployed, those with degrees took lesser jobs and it kept trickling down until those with lesser educations even took summer jobs away from college students and high school kids.

      Corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars, refusing to hire again. Profits are up because they are working their employees as many hours as possible. People are so scared they put in extra hours of displaced workers and as a result, the job is still getting done – making corporations tickled pink.

      As long as unemployment is up, there will always be volunteers for the military and because they come from average neighborhoods, the affluent could care less how many Americans die in combat.

  4. Thanks for providing some eye opening information.

    • My pleasure, Greg, and thanks for visiting and your comment.

  5. I agree with you 100%… Zimmerman should have been put in jail like anyone else would have been until proved innocent… Another thing I don’t understand is why they only charged him with 2nd degree, I feel it should have been aggravated murder for the reason he was told not to keep following Trayvon

    • Hi Ed; Thanks for commenting. My guess is that because the people on the switchboard can recommend you or advise you to do or not do something, only a law enforcement officer can give you an order that if you refuse you can be charged with at least one additional offense. I do web development and I am not in lawforcement, so don’t go by me. Thanks again for writing.

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