Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 28, 2012

Should Nancy Grace be arrested? I think so!

Is Nancy Grace interfering with a Police Investigation – I believe so.

The other night, Nancy “I am going to dig until I get answers to my questions” Grace did it again – she showed a total disregard for a police investigation to the point of what I would describe as “Tampering with a police investigation” or even  “Interfering with a police investigation.”

First things first – Nancy is no longer a prosecutor and for good reason.  In my estimation, she is now an overly dramatic over paid talk show host who usually exaggerates the truth to have viewers stay glued to her show.

She opens every show with something dramatic, like “Breaking News tonight” and then she says, “Live from Tucson, Arizona.”

Then she will give a synopsis about a case that could be weeks, months, or even years old.  She restates a handful of things that has happened in the past like but makes it sound like it is a brand new crime being reported.

By the time the smoke clears, Nancy then talks about what usually is an insignificant piece of information that surely never warranted the dramatic opening.

The other night was a little different – the case she opened with began last Saturday morning in Tucson, Arizona – an adorable 6-year old girl went missing sometime through the night.

The initial description of what happened Friday night is that Isabel’s parents put her down to bed around 11:00 PM and the father discovered her missing around 8:00 AM in the morning.

Nancy was on the phone with Paul Birmingham, News Director of KNST, 790AM/97.1 FM and as he was talking, Nancy kept interrupting so she could insist on an expansion or a clarification of what Birmingham was saying.  To be sure, Nancy already has sufficient pieces of the information already in front of her and she uses her interruptions to correct and sometimes chastise someone for not staying on script.  Then, Nancy enters with a few bits of information to show that she is on top of the case – usually making the other party look like an incompetent buffoon.

When Birmingham said that Isabel’s parents put her to bed around 11:00 PM, Nancy immediately went into “Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Mode – in an effort to get the upper hand in the conversation.  She continued, “Paul Birmingham, stop right there – what do you mean “her parents TOGETHER put her down?  They both go in there and what? – sing or tell a bedtime story or give her juice or what – they both are in there?  Who specifically put her down?”

Birmingham responded with, “that’s a great question right now Nancy and there are a number of things that Tucson Police are not saying right now as far as this investigation goes. Basically, what they are saying is, in fact, that her parents put her down to bed around 11 o’clock – as far as what transpired during that time that remains unclear at this point.  As they continue with this investigation they’re saying they do not want to do anything to possibly jeopardize the investigation as it stands now.  So, that’s what we are hearing, the family put her to bed and it was the parents who went to check on her the next morning.”

Then, Nancy responded in a way to show her expertise, or her lack of expertise, by saying, “I am telling you Paul, – I do not see how it is going to jeopardize the investigation to tell ME who put her down.  Then Nancy went into how she and her husband put the twins down – like the way they do it is how everyone else in America should put kids down.  She said something like they both start putting them down and then he goes in another direction.

On a personal note, when my own three daughters were young, my wife and I sometimes took turns putting some of them down – other times my wife put all of them down – they were a few years apart in age and they had different ”down” times – so we either flipped a coin or whoever was wanting to step up put them down.  It never needed to be overanalyzed – sometimes one of the girls would choose one of us to put her down.

What Nancy was trying to do was to pinpoint something like, oh, the mom put them down and it was ONLY the dad who found her missing.  It turns out that the mom went to work before Isabel woke up and it was the dad who went into her room and discovered her missing around 8 AM.

Nancy then went into an exhaustive dialogue as to whether the mother looked in on Isabel before she went to work.

Getting back to putting kids down, because it was a weekend night, I am sure Isabel was allowed to stay up late and all three of them were heading back to the bedrooms at the same time and both of them went in to tuck Isabel to sleep.

When Paul Birmingham talked about the father finding out that Isabel was missing, Nancy again interrupted Birmingham saying that the parents did not find Isabel missing because the mother went to work shortly before the father   discovered Isabel missing.  In fact, Nancy already had those little facts so she correct someone and sometimes embarrass them for not stating the correct information.  I suspect that Nancy appreciates them not having all the facts and presenting them in the correct order because it makes her look so thorough when she gives out the correct info.

I am going to research Arizona laws to see if there is some ordinance in Tucson that prevents two parents tucking in a child at the same time.  I hope you all know I am just being sarcastic here.

A little later on, Nancy was on the phone with Maria Hawke, the Public Information Officer of the Tucson Police Department and Nancy grilled her as to who specifically put Isabel down and again asked if the mother looked in on Isabel before going to work in the morning.

Maria Hawke told Nancy that she did not know the exact answers to Nancy’s question and she also skirted answering other questions by saying something to the effect that is an ongoing investigation and they do not want to release some of the specifics of the case.

Nancy then talked about the window screen in Isabel’s window being ripped from the window and the PIO modestly corrected Nancy, saying that the screen was not ripped.  Nancy did not like that – it was semantics but one thing I know about Nancy is that she HATES being corrected – nicely or otherwise.

Now here is the part where I believe Nancy crossed a line she had no DAMN business crossing.

Nancy then had a neighbor on the phone and she asked the neighbor the same questions but to Nancy’s frustration, the neighbor did not have the answers.

Here is where I think the Tucson Police Department should have a heart to heart with Nancy – clearly telling her that there is information that they have that they do not want released because it could harm their investigation.  Police tend to hold their cards close to their vest for a reason – not to deny Nancy the information, but to make sure that no information gets released that could benefit the person or persons who took little Isabel.

Nancy will usually ask a police officer something and if she does not get the answer (because they do not want that fact released), she will immediately turn to one of her producers and ask the same question and if she does not get the answer she will turn to a neighbor or another source until she gets the answer – almost in a way to rub it in the face of the police officer.

Nancy also became obsessed with who exactly put Isabel down and if the mother looked in on Isabel before she left for work Saturday morning.  The police did not want that information to be released to the public or the media.

The next night Nancy had a video call with the next door neighbor and this neighbor who told Nancy she heard voices outside Isabel’s room the morning of her disappearance.  I am sure the police did not want that information released because if the kidnapping was done by someone other than the family, the police did not want the culprits knowing the police knew about them.

Nancy feels like what she does is more important than what police departments do in kidnapping cases.  She wants her fans to know that she is the consummate investigator and she is there to tell them everything she can dig up about a case – even when doing so can hamper an investigation.

She also feels that all police departments are there to serve her needs and the desires of her viewers – and Nancy of all people should know that what she is doing is wrong.  She has worked with prosecutors and police departments in the past and she is well aware that certain facts MUST remain out of the media.

Another thing Nancy excels at is when she, in my estimation, fakes getting emotional and her voice gets wobbly and she relates to either her twins or her deceased fiancé.  When she brings either the twins or her fiancé up, she is softening someone so she can “relate” to them on a tragedy level and then she goes for the jugular by asking very pointed questions after she has caught them off guard.  Nancy is so predictable because I believe she is a phony and so highly choreographed in her style of questioning and her mannerisms in how she approaches individuals she is seeking to pull information from.

If Nancy released a piece of information that should not be released, a kidnapper could choose to kill a child and then escape and the blood of that child would be on Nancy’s hands.

Nancy, since leaving her job as a prosecutor, has gotten way too big for her own britches.  Someone needs to put her in her place before she causes the death of someone because of her sense of her entitlement and her big mouth.



  1. Kevin,
    Good job on the blog. I think that her head is way too big for her brain. Someone needs to tell her that she’s is going to get someone else killed.

    I hope that one of these police departments across the country tells her enough is enough. As you said she’s no longer a prosecuting attorney.

    She says she’s there for the kid – well if she is why doesn’t she just keep her big mouth shut. OH!! Wait – it’s Nancy “Miss know it all” Grace.

    As for the parent’s putting their little girl down at night together, so what if it’s one of them or both of them. I asked my parents if they put me and my brother at the same time and they said yes and they said they both put us down most of the time.

    Do we know if she and her hubby put her kids down together or not? Well if they don’t they must be the only parents in the world that don’t.

    I believe that she and her hubby have put their twins down together. If someone reads this from Nancy’s show tell her to get her head out of her butt and open her ears.

    She just thinks she needs to know all of the answers right now and when she doesn’t get them it pisses her off. Nancy you need to retire from your show and spend time with your kids and watch them grow up.

    • My sentiments exactly – my dad died when I was one and my brother was three, so our mom put us down but when my girls were small, we frequently put them down together. They were a few years apart but my ex and I sometimes took turns and sometimes we put one of them down together. Nancy needs a good shrink.

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