Posted by: kevinfortruth | May 4, 2012

Nancy Grace – the Pot calling the Celis interview on Today “Controlled”

Poor, poor Nancy Grace is on the warpath, probably because she did not get the exclusive interview with the parents of Isabel Celis, the missing girl from Tucson, Arizona.

Nancy is stuck with 5 – 6 questions that she desperately needs answered and the parents, nor the police, are accommodating her.  Nancy repeats these questions every night.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, also of HLN fame, even one-upped her by having Isabel’s uncle on her show last night.

So, in retaliation for her not getting to interview the parents, she is critiquing all aspects of the Today show interview.  You can bet your bottom dollar that Nancy would have been okay if Good Morning America got the exclusive because she would have raced to the show to get her two cents in – and I believe that is all Nancy could have provided in this case – two cents – and that might be an over estimate.

Time will tell who was involved in Isabel’s disappearance but until then everyone, including Queen Nancy needs to back off. I can see her blood boiling on recent episodes of her show – she if frustrated that she cannot command the police or the parents into playing her game.

Nancy, on her show tonight, keeps on saying how controlled the Today show interview was this morning – but I am surprised that Nancy is faulting the controlled nature of the interview – considering that the Nancy Grace show is the most fortified show on television.

You NEVER hear anyone getting through to talk on Nancy Grace who has anything negative to say about Nancy Grace or her show.

Anyone calling in who gets through her screeners will get through with their question or comment IF they coat it with nice comments about EITHER the twins or how special they feel Nancy is regarding victims and their families.  Nancy can be on the warpath just before taking a call from someone who thinks Nancy is the greatest thing since peanut butter – and then Nancy magically turns almost into Mother Teresa, and she tilts her head forward almost bowing to the caller and appearing to be humble – whispering a soft thank you.  Also, if any caller compliments her for her recent competition on Dancing with the Stars, Nancy gets even more peachy creamy – if that is even possible.

In addition to controlling ALL calls coming in, Nancy, and her crony producers, control all conversations with all guests – she constantly interrupts anyone deviating from what she expects as the only acceptable answer.  Nancy, in my estimation, is a control freak, a master manipulator, someone who demands others to play her game – and if anyone deviates, Nancy will sometimes cut off that person’s mike or even humiliate that person while other guests snicker.

So, how can Nancy complain about or criticize the Today Show for having a relatively controlled interview?  Jealousy?

I hope and pray that Isabel’s parents are never STUPID enough to agree to an interview on Nancy Grace because I know exactly how an interview would play out – and it would be to the dismay of Isabel’s parents – they would be blindsided and left devastated by Nancy’s rude and attacking style.

Nancy, if the opportunity presents itself, would start out almost in a tearful voice expressing how sorry she feels for them that Isabel is missing – then Nancy would immediately relate to how one of her twins got out of her sight in a department store and how she panicked.

Then Nancy would shift gears to talk about how her fiancé was murdered – another diversion to soften up Isabel’s parents for the kill.  Immediately, Nancy would strike like a python – asking penetrating questions that would catch the parents off guard – like “Who actually put Isabel down that night, you, or your husband, or both of you – and why haven’t you answered that question to date?”.  Then Nancy would ask “Why are the two of you being so secretive about so many aspects of Isabel’s disappearance? I am not implying that either of you are suspects or persons of interest, but I have personally worked on so many cases where parents were extremely open and would not avoid being interviewed for two weeks.”

Nancy is playing both ends of this case – she repeatedly says that the parents are not considered suspects or persons of interest but then she turns to body language experts and parents of abducted children and others covering the case – almost in hopes of any of them suggesting that the parents might have something to hide – by doing that, Nancy is off the hook and if it turns out someone else took Isabel then Nancy can say something like, “I never really thought they were involved at all.”  On the other hand, if it turns out that the parents are complicit in Isabel’s disappearance, then Nancy can say she believed they were guilty all along.

Nancy learned a little with the Casey Anthony case but she still has so much to learn.  One thing she has learned is that her nasty disposition is making her a lot more money on television than she could ever hope for in a courtroom and she has no plans on changing her spots.

Is Nancy showing that she is all glitz and NO GLITTER?  Nancy is no longer a prosecutor and she should stop acting like one. She is a celebrity and a well-paid one and her rudeness is part of her façade.  She lost a lot of respect because of how she treated Casey Anthony for years and most people now see right through her.

If anyone has called into her show but was refused access to commenting, please comment about the specifics of your call.

One hundred percent of her callers compliment her on her twins, her efforts helping victims and complimenting Nancy about her experience with Dancing with the Stars – to that I say no one has 100 percent positive calls or comments – even a person, such as Nancy, with such a hateful disposition.

Please leave a comment and also please take part in the short poll.

When Nancy’s twins are old enough to ask meaningful questions and one of them asks, “Mommy, why are you so mean and nasty to everyone on your show, Mommy Dearest?” mommy might reply with, “because they pay me a lot of money being mean to everyone, kids.”





  1. Nancy Grace:
    She needs to take some time off from her job and go on vacation with her husband and kid’s. When she is on vacation she needs to do some soul searching and realized that she is not super women.

    She is just a human being that puts her pants on like everyone else in the world. I feel sorry for her husband and the kids.

    As for the husband I bet he’s getting tired of her bring up her ex fiancé all of the time. I do realize that she can relate to the people that she is interviewing.
    But she needs to get over it or go get her head examine and get the help she needs. I feel sorry for her husband in having to listen to this every day.

    He has more courage than I do in staying with her and not telling her off. I believe that she is using her show for her own personal agenda.

    When she doesn’t get the answers that she wants answered right there and now she throws a hissy fit.

    Give us a break Nancy and get your “FAT HEAD” off the air “NOW”. Let someone else have chance on the air that really cares about what they are reporting on.

    We are all tired of your kind of reporting Nancy. We want more understanding reporters that cares about her/his job and not themselves.
    So inclosing Nancy we are tired of your type of reporting. We are sick of hearing about your past we all know about it now so get over it and move on in your life.

    • Hi Aimee; Your comments just prove my point – why can so many people who either dislike Nancy or disrespect her find places on the net to vent, yet none of them get through to her show to give her a piece of their mind?

      Simple answer – because her Gestapo screeners make sure nothing negative gets through to Nancy – but if you want to compliment her on her Dancing with the Stars experience or to compliment her on the twins – you go to the top of the callers.

      Thanks for your comments.

  2. Having sworn off Nancy Grace after the Casey Anthony trial, I recently tuned in to a few shows to see if things had changed, and also to be able to comment some what intelligently in my favorite blog. The first night I tuned in was live coverage of the Etan Patz case… with helicopters whirling in the background, Nancy was breathless in her delivery of the facts of the 33- year old case. She cried continuously throughout the show, regaling the death of her fiancé mixed in with “being the mother of twins”… oh, and one phone call after another beginning with, ” Naannceee, Ah just Love you, God Bless”, made me want write my umpteen letter to her network. Of interest was the lack of response of Etan’s parents to her. This is just one more lead in a long 33- year old case. I pray that they find peace, they had nothing to say to Nancy. I find myself viewing her in a different light lately. I wonder.. does she REALLY think her in your face, crass, jump to conclusion “reporting” for lack of a better word helps anyone? What is wrong with her?
    While my intention is not to offend anyone, the network is cashing in on the bible belt mentality. I have never once heard an intelligent caller who didn’t start off with the I love you so much Nancy crap. She has the power to sway people with her national audience, polluting jury pools, spouting her opinions as if they are fact. It makes me sick. When did our country (or her audience) become the norm? When did people become so gullible? What “I” pray for is God forbid I ever needed to be tried by a jury of my peers, they are not Nancy Grace “fans”. Scary.

    • Hi Olivia, aka, aka, thanks for taking the time to watch the Queen to give a first hand opinion. I always appreciate your comments – as they are spot on.

      Did you see my other posting today? Drop me a line if you get a chance.

      Your friend,

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