Posted by: kevinfortruth | May 4, 2012

Ryan O’Loughlin – time for another petition – now, more than ever!

For anyone who does not know about Ryan O’Loughlin and his tragic death, please click on one of my other blogs about Ryan or go to Ryan’s site to read the petition to have the FBI or the Justice Department look into Ryan’s untimely and criminal death – yes criminal.


The most important of the three links is the 3rd one, in which you will find a petition awaiting your signature to encourage the FBI and/or the U.S. Justice department look into the circumstances surrounding the homicide of Ryan O’Loughlin, who was beaten extensively by the Westerly, Rhode Island Police Department.  The Medical Examiner determined that Ryan died as a result of homicide and the family believes that the homicide in question was caused by the extreme beating Ryan received in an alley by three policemen.

The D. A. took the case to a grand jury and no indictments were handed down against the three policemen.

One only has to see the relationship between district attorney’s and police departments to understand why an indictment sometimes will not get handed down.  Police and D.A.’s work very closely and when they want to use their combined resources to get a suspect prosecuted, it frequently happens – maybe those indictments only get handed down when the grand jury is investigating regular citizens like you and me but when it involves our “finest?”, the criteria being evaluated might require a higher threshold.

Regarding Ryan and his story, you do not have to visit one of my blogs, I am not trying to promote myself – just do a search on “Ryan O’Loughlin Westerly Rhode Island police beating” and you will be offered dozens and dozens of links that go into great detail about Ryan’s beating and subsequent death 16 hours later.

So, what should happen next?

  1. One option is to keep pushing to get thousands of citizens in Connecticut (Ryan’s home state) and Rhode Island (the state where Ryan was beaten) and other interested individuals across the country to sign the petition at
  2. I am not sure when the petition will garner a sufficient number of signatures to have it presented to the FBI and the Attorney General of the United States, but until that happens, I believe the family should initiate another petition that will be presented to the Town Council of Westerly, Rhode Island for them to render a no confidence vote to the Westerly Police Department.
  3. Another option of for all interested parties to call in their dissatisfaction with the Police Department and the Town Council.  The phone number for the town hall is    401-348-2500 and their fax number is 401-348-2571.  If anyone is going to send a letter, the Town Council address is:  Town Council, Broad Street, Westerly, RI 02891.
  4. Another option is to visit a town council meeting.  They are held the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30 pm.
  5. When the O’Loughlin family feels they have enough signatures for the second petition (the one that will go to the Town Council of Westerly), they should present it to the council at a regular town council meeting and have as many people attend as a show of support.  If the Town Council does not allow that to happen, I recommend that the family IMMEDIATELY follow through with their plan for a civil lawsuit against the town of Westerly, Rhode Island, the Westerly Rhode Island Police Department, and also the three officers as well as the retired chief of police.
  6. Another consideration – the Town Council is probably deathly afraid of Westerly being sued and as a result, they do not want to hint at any wrongdoing of its police department – specifically the three officers and the retired chief, but that is just tough luck for Westerly RI and its town council – if they allow officers to beat citizens, then the town of Westerly deserves to be sued for every damn penny it has in its’ piggy bank.
  7. Not right now, but in the near future, if the Town Council disregards looking into its police department, then all friends and relatives and concerned citizens should initiate an economic boycott of Westerly – do not support their restaurants, stores, gift shops, gas stations, parking meters, newspapers, hotels, etc.  When these businesses feel the pinch, they might, themselves, visit the town council and have the council take action.  Damn it, money talks and if the tax base that Westerly depends on, such as tourism and normal economic activity decreases, that will make something positive happen.
  8. If the Town Council of Westerly, RI will not deal with the issue in one of their meetings by firing the three officers, I suggest that the O’Loughlin family have T-shirts made up that have a photo of Ryan and wording something like: Boycott Westerly, R.I. in honor of Ryan O’Loughlin.  Sell them at a modest price and have family, friends, and supporters wear them proudly in high traffic areas of Westerly – include a website link so those who do not know about Ryan can find out.  At some point, sell the T-shirts on a website – maybe the link.

Ryan O’Loughlin died in Westerly, Rhode Island because of the beating he received from the police and the police work for the town and the Town Council might have to be forced to do the right thing and if it takes money to make it happen, then so be it!



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