Posted by: kevinfortruth | May 11, 2012

How to answer polls when they are embedded in a post

I usually include one or two polls in most of my post.  I put them at the bottom so everyone has the opportunity to read my post before answering the polls.  If I put them at the top of the post, one might answer the poll and then regret the answer after reading the post completely.

So, now you are at the end of the post and there are two poll questions – What is one to do?  That is easy.  Look at the first poll question and view the choices and make the choice that best fits how you feel ablut the question itself.  You can choose one of the answers or you can fill in an answer.  If you do not want to participate – ignore that poll and scroll down to the next poll and do the same thing.

If you did participate in the first poll, you can view the results or simply go on to the second poll and participate if you so desire.  Rember to make your choice and then vote. 

Many times I see more people participating in the first poll than in the 2nd poll.  I do not know why but I think it may be because they filled out both polls but only hit the vote button for the first poll.  When that happens only the first poll gets accepted.

You can only vote once in each poll.  Also, in addition to participating in polls, I encourage everyone to leave a comment regarding the blog subject itself.  You do not have to agree with me – just feel free to leave an opinion and just be respectful – disagree all you want – but play nice, please!


Comments appreciated

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