Posted by: kevinfortruth | May 13, 2012

So you are good looking – does that give you rights or responsibilities or both?

By most anyone’s standards, Mitt Romney is handsome, tall, distinguished looking and if you did not know of him you would probably think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

I started watching a movie this morning on the Lifetime Movie Network titled, “Odd Girl Out” in which a tall shapely beautiful girl was very devious and jealous and used her clique to humiliate others who were not as attractive or well off.

Years ago, when I lived in San Antonio, I was in a relationship with a wonderful woman; let’s call her “Jan,” who had two sons who were active in sports throughout their school years. 

“Jan” lived in an upscale neighborhood but the school her kids attended also was attended by kids from very affluent neighborhoods – and that turned out to be a big problem.

“Jan’s” two sons were both great kids – good looking, both of average height and they were popular – but there were other more popular kids from the more affluent areas who tended to be somewhat taller and walked around with an almost air of nobility.  They were the starters on the basketball team, the quarterback, wide receivers, and defensive linemen on the football team, and the star pitchers and outfielders on the baseball team.

“Jan’s” oldest son, let’s call him “Tom,” was quite athletic but his size sometimes prevented him from excelling in some sports.  For example, he was an excellent catcher but his smaller size prevented him from throwing someone out running into second base and as a result, another taller, physically stronger kid got the catching position. 

As a result, “Tom” chose to get into golf and he also became an editor on the school newspaper.  “Tom” soon realized that golfers were not treated equally as baseball, football, and even basketball players and “Tom” used his position at the school newspaper to vent about the disparity.

“Tom” wrote an editorial in where he blasted the athletes in popular sports – complaining about the unequal funding and the favoritism given to certain sports and their star players.

The next day, “Jan’s” brick mailbox outside next to the curb was plowed down by someone driving a large pick-up truck – and I do not believe it was a coincidence.

The mailbox incident did not deter “Tom” – he continued with his editorials.  One day, during school, while in the restroom, some of these chosen athletes confronted “Tom” and picked him up and placed him upside down in a tall metal trash can.

“Tom” insisted that his mother and her ex-husband not get involved in the incident.  “Tom” felt it would cause more problems that it could correct and they both felt the same.

The editorials became less vocal and things settled down but the cruelty of the bathroom incident probably left “Tom” with a bad taste in his mouth for years to come.

Reading about Mitt Romney’s actions in high school brought all this back to me and it made me give thought to how being born with good looks and being of affluence is not only a gift but with it comes responsibility.

If your good looks and/or your physical abilities give you either a head start or an obvious advantage then you have a responsibility to appreciate that others are not as fortunate – and with that, you need to be more considerate to not belittle them or pick on them or degrade them.

If you already have so much going for yourself, then you surely do not need to bully someone who is lacking what you have. 

Enjoy the doors that are almost automatically opened to you but when you are entering one of those doors please be careful to not slam it in the face of someone who is not as fortunate.

Lastly, please, please, please, participate in the polls – they are not scientific but the responses are greatly appreciated.  Also, leave a comment because it does a lot to get others involved in the blog as well.  Thanks!





  1. Mitt Romney is “fake”. I am a woman with pretty good taste. He gives me the “he-be-ge-be’s”. Now Kevin, YOU are cute 🙂

    • You are making me blush. By the way, I shaved off my beard and mustache so I am sure you would have a different opinion!

      So, how are things with you?

      Got your email. thanks for the update.


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