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Did the Board of Trustees, the PSU President and PA Governor come to bury Paterno, not praise him?

The list of people associated with Penn State University in one capacity or another who individually or collectively did little or nothing to stop Jerry Sandusky from molesting children from Second Mile either while visiting facilities at Penn State or when Sandusky invited them to away games is getting longer.

The current Board of Trustees of PSU, the current Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, who was previously the State Attorney General, and even the current President of PSU must be tickled that all scrutiny has been shifted from them to Joe Paterno.

Yes, Joe Paterno was powerful and he probably ran his football program with an iron fist but he was not bigger or more powerful than Curley, Schultz, and ex-PSU President Spanier.  These three men could have easily stood up to Joe Paterno – if that was what it would have taken to convene a Grand Jury and ultimately bring Sandusky to trial and to prevent PSU from a lot of embarrassment and possibly financial devastation.

Spanier, in addition to being President of PSU, was also on the Board of Trustees and as a result had additional clout and credibility while serving in those capacities.  Also on the Board at the time was Governor Ed Rendell.

Between Governor Rendell and then Attorney General Corbett, along with the three PSU administrators, this entire matter could have been brought to an abrupt halt and Sandusky could have been charged and found guilty years earlier than his trial played out.

If Rendell and Corbett chose to act together in a bipartisan manner – considering they are from different political parties, it would not have been political suicide for either of them – sure, they would not have been popular in “Happy Valley” but the bulk of the scandal would have been rightly focused on Sandusky instead of Penn State.

So, we have a Board made up of extremely powerful individuals in Industry and the public sector sitting on their laurels – and they are now feeling relief that Paterno is taking all the heat.

It is as though people are finding reason to exhume Joe Paterno’s body every day to mock him, spit on him, and throw him back in the ground.  When will it ever stop?

Today they removed Paterno’s statue from Penn State – what is next?  Will they remove JoePa’s remains and move them to a pauper’s grave in Western Pennsylvania?  Don’t put it past this crew.

Please don’t get me wrong – Joe Paterno probably attempted a cover-up using his position of power at Penn State and that, by itself, was a very bad thing to do – BUT, believe me, there is more than enough blame to go around.  I believe this whole Sandusky thing is not a cover-up initiated by only one powerful football coach.  I believe it is a conspiracy perpetrated by the private and public sectors – made up of high elected officials in the State of Pennsylvania as well as a small tight knit group of very affluent members of the Board of Trustees and high senior executives at Penn State.

The constant bashing of Joe Paterno will stop when the media shift focus from Joe Paterno and start focusing on Spanier, Curley, Schultz, Governor Corbett, ex-Governor Rendell, current PSU President Rodney Erickson and even the executive committee of the PSU Board of Trustees – every last one of them. I believe that some, if not all, of them, know a lot more than they are leading us to believe.  They all have a lot to lose – careers, income, and even pensions – all of which are reasons to clam up – and to protect each other.

Let’s take them one at a time.

Spanier – he ran the show at PSU from an executive management position and to me was quietly more powerful than Joe Paterno – but supposedly Paterno convinced all three – Spanier, Curley, and Schultz to participate in a cover-up?  Yea, right, and I have a “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska to sell you.

Curley and Schultz – these two, I believe, were told everything by Paterno – yet even though they were technically above him, they, along with Spanier, caved to Paterno.  Again, let me sell you that bridge.

PA current Governor Corbett, who was then PA Attorney General – this is the guy that was the lynchpin in all of this.  He was the one who was high above PSU who could have forced a serious investigation and demanded a Grand Jury and also coordinated with the PSU Board to nip the whole Sandusky issue immediately in the bud.  He made little or no progress regarding Sandusky – did he cave to the “Board”, which leads one to believe that the “Board” knew much, much more than they are admitting.

PA Ex-Governor Rendell – when things were heating up about Sandusky, Rendell was on PSU’s Board of Trustees and he would have had both public and private contacts who could have more than stood up to Joe Paterno (if in fact that Joe was the Big Bad Wolf everyone is portraying).

Current PSU President Erickson – I find it hard to believe that Curley and Schultz bypassed Erickson to go straight to Spanier – if anything, if these three stooges felt the need to cave to Paterno, they might have thought twice if Erickson was also on their side.  Again, I find it hard to believe that Erickson is squeaky clean – especially if the other three were either fired or put on administrative leave – with or without pay.

The Freeh report discusses how Corbett did not do enough regarding the scandal and this same report, along with senior members of the Board itself talking about how they did not ask enough questions.  If that is the case, why are they still on the Board and why is Corbett still the Governor of Pennsylvania?

I believe the student body of PSU – from all campuses should collectively demand a thorough investigation of the board – especially the executive committee.  It should also demand that whoever is in charge of the investigation have subpoena power to require all individuals to testify and any PSU board members, administrators, coaches, and even high government officials at the executive level in the State of Pennsylvania be required to submit to questioning.

So, who should step down right now?  That is easy.

I believe the following should happen:

  1. The entire Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees should resign en masse.  There are a lot of previous members of the Executive Committee that served prior to Sandusky’s indiscretions who could temporarily fill those seats until new members can be selected.  I know they feel that continuity is needed but that could not be further from the truth.
  2. Governor Corbett should resign immediately and if necessary, depending on laws governing a replacement, there could be a special election.
  3. Current PSU President Erickson should resign as well. An executive search committee could be formed to find a suitable replacement.
  4. Curley and Schultz should resign and await results from the Grand Jury to see if they will be indicted.


  1. Think the board should resign? Sign the petition

    • Sam, thanks for initiating the petition on Hopefully, others will see it and sign it as well. Good Luck and thanks again for taking the time to do the petition.

  2. Did Sandusky “retire” to devote more time to the 2nd Mile, or did Joe fire him because Joe knew Sandusky was a pedophile? Was Joe told that it was out of his hands and to keep out of it? After all, supposedly Spanier and Joe did not get along so why would Spanier listen to Joe. Did Spanier call Cynthia Baldwin when he was told, and did he follow her advice? Would Spanier have been so dumb as not to call the trustees on such an explosive matter? Why didn’t the State College police arrest Sandusky in 1998? Why didn’t the Centre County DA’s office prosecute in 1998? Why is Assistant DA Ray Gricar missing? There are too many unanswered questions.

    • Hi Glenn, thanks for stopping by. You threw a lot of questions against the wall – and a lot of them are being discussed in a variety of websites.

      How do you feel about some of your questions? What is your gut regarding Cynthia Baldwin? I read on a couple of very reputable websites that Cynthia went with Curley, Schultz, and Paterno to the grand jury and Curley and Schultz thought that she was there on their behalf, yet, she admitted that she was there on behalf of Penn State.

      How could that be possible? Curley and Schultz are not stupid – they both climbed the executive ladder to their positions at PSU, yet they could not figure out whether Baldwin was representing them or if she was there to protect Penn State or maybe even herself?

      Personally, if I ever have a lawyer accompany me to court or a grand jury or some deposition, I will be sure to find out whose interest the lawyer represents. If I have the lawyer on retainer, they better be representing me and me alone.

      So, we have Spanier knowing about Sandusky – while Spanier was wearing two hats – one as a Board Member and the other hat as PSU President, we also have the ex-Governor on the Board and his Attorney General Tom Corbett was in a two year investigation of Sandusky, and we have the General Counsel of the Board attending grand Jury hearings and the Board, as a whole, says they didn’t know details about Sandusky.

      So, Glenn, even though I thank you for your thought provoking questions, how about your thoughts and opinions on whether the executive committee members will resign one by one or en masse and what is your opinion about the results of the upcoming investigation of the Second Mile board of trustees.

      Do you believe Governor Corbett spun his wheels as AG – and instead of going after Sandusky full throttle, did he choose to focus on campaign pledges from the 2nd mile trustees? Did he intentionally wait to investigate 2nd mile until he got a ton of campaign bucks? Was there a conflict of interest on his part and should he step down as Governor because of choices he made?

      Your turn, Glenn…

  3. Many are found dead or killed while in custody of the police
    such deaths never reported by the media / the beatings the
    mental abuse / the killings that are carried out just continue
    by an percent of police officers whom are truly psychopaths.

    The police force in being a magnet for psychopaths / where
    they can freely carry out acts of brutality / mental abuse /as
    murder // police do not turn against fellow officers / thus the
    horror of injustice continues / in main the acts of brutality be
    in restraining a individual /where restraining the individual is
    but a cover to carry out violent acts of abuse bringing death.

    The point being such injustice happens /where the systems
    boundaries put to protect adult and child are not respected
    people turn a blind eye / not wishing in speaking out in fear
    of loss of employment in speaking out brings a troubled life.

    Its as the case of women whom the victim of rape /there be
    more chance they win the national lotter of $millions / than
    be the rapist ever goes to court / if the case going to court
    then a conviction / is most unlikely in vast majority of cases
    thus many women don’t even bother report that an rape in
    having taken place / their faith in the courts but below zero.

    • Hi William; Welcome. Thanks for taking the time to visit and moreso to leave your footprint here. You made some very valid, but sad points and they needed to be made.

      I agree with your observations on brutality and especially your thoughs on rape and rape reporting or absence of reporting for fear of reprisal or not being believed.

      Thanks again, William

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