Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 23, 2012

Pin the tail on the Dead Man – Trayvon Martin and Joe Paterno.

Aka: Pin all the “blame” on the Dead Man.

I am sure some people are going to be upset that I put these two individuals together in the same blog article, but I hope those parties will read the entire article and then reevaluate and possibly redirect their anger.  At the end, if anyone is still mad, please leave a message as a comment so I will be able to evaluate your position.  I promise I will respond to each comment. Thanks.

Okay, let’s hit it running.

There are those who want to nail Trayvon Martin to the cross simply because he was out that night – well, the nerve of this black teenager walking in a predominately white neighborhood wearing a hoodie – what was he thinking?  These same individuals also believe that all blacks wearing hoodies are up to no good.

Geraldo Rivera said recently that, “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.”  To me that was one of the most ludicrous remarks I have heard in association with this tragic crime.

Is Geraldo’s remark much different than someone saying that a woman got raped because she was wearing a provocative dress?

CNN/HLN, the major networks, major newspapers and tabloids were quick to pounce on Trayvon – of course they waited a day or two for the black protest crowds to subside, but they kept asking questions about how George Zimmerman got all that blood on his face and head – wow, that black kid really attacked Zimmerman and bloodied him up, so the assumption was that George Zimmerman must be telling the truth.

Their collective prejudice is so rampant that they see no other alternative, but I have come up with several alternatives in my various posts on this site.

See for yourself.

The biggest alternative to what the media are reporting is this:  Zimmerman was so obsessed with the black kid in the hoodie that he got out of his truck to follow him – he also covered his bases by calling 911 and telling them about this black kid looking suspicious and appearing to be on drugs.

All Zimmerman did was laying down a foundation to support his Stand Your Ground defense.  It is a given that all “whites” tell the truth and that “blacks” are in jails all across the country because they are liars, thieves, and druggies – so who can believe “them” – especially if they are not alive to tell their own story – which of course would also be a lie.  (Please remember I am using the justification that racists and bigots use – the typing is mine but the exaggeration is to show how truly racists feel about blacks.

Again, blacks did not come to the country by choice, they came here in shackles in the bellies of ships – to be sold to rich white plantation owners to raise their white kids, to work in the fields, to cook dinners for the white families, and for the black female slaves to be sexual objects for the white male plantation owners.

So, let’s get back to Trayvon.  He was walking at night in the drizzle with an Arizona Tea and the infamous package of Skittles.  Those are interesting purchases for blacks – they should have been a bottle of some cheap wine and maybe a stale roll of bread from the 7-11 dumpster, right?  (Please do not take me serious)

Disgusting – even while I am writing it, I feel the need to apologize.

So, Trayvon is scared shitless – some white guy is tracking him down without justification – even police dispatch told Zimmerman to back off.

Was Zimmerman drinking that night?  We do not know.

Was Zimmerman snorting something or smoking a joint? We do not know.

Was Zimmerman on some kind of prescription drugs and maybe a little disoriented?  We do not know?

Why?  Because the police believed everything that came out of his mouth because Zimmerman was White (or part white).

So, why should police test a white guy for anything if he comes across so believable?  Makes sense to me!  Not! A district Attorney showed up himself – not one of his underlings.  Why, because Zimmerman’s daddy is a retired magistrate who has this special friend he served with in Vietnam. So, of course Zimmerman wouldn’t lie – he is squeaky clean because his daddy had all his courtroom visits sealed.  Some of his court dates had to deal with assault, some with domestic violence, but again, the white guy is squeaky clean – it has to be the black kid who is the bad guy here.

Then the media focused on a few, what I would consider to be, misdemeanors – like possession of a bag that had, at one time, contained some controlled substance – and, yea, don’t forget jewelry of questionable origin.  In addition, Trayvon missed school here and there.  Also, don’t forget that they said he was a young, strong, 6’3” black, in excellent health and someone who could probably kick Zimmerman’s ass from here to eternity – except for the fact that Zimmerman had in his possession a gun.

At the same time, we saw this puny Zimmerman, a slight Hispanic/White guy who looked like the guy on the beach everyone kicks sand at – a relative weakling – all of which supports Zimmerman’s story that the black punk attacked him.

Zimmerman, himself, even talked about Trayvon representing those kinds of people who had been robbing his predominately white neighborhood.

In Zimmerman’s eyes, killing Trayvon would help reduce the crime rate in his subdivision.

What was working in Trayvon’s defense, even though he is dead and cannot talk for himself, is that a girl was on the phone with him at the time and she was encouraging Trayvon to walk, or even run, to where he was visiting – that way, Trayvon would get out of harm’s way.

For sake of argument, let’s believe that Zimmerman shouted to Trayvon and asked, “Hey, you, what are you doing in MY neighborhood?”  That might have forced Trayvon to stop in his tracks our of fear, but Trayvon might have said, “Your neighborhood?”  “I am visiting here so I am supposed to be here – back off, leave me alone!”

Somehow the two came face to face and that is when Trayvon earned his right to “Stand his ground.”  Did Zimmerman possibly feel threated?  Maybe, but remember he had the gun – the white guy had all the power and the equalizer, a handgun concealed or partially concealed.  If I were Trayvon and if I saw a partially concealed weapon, I would have hauled ass – I would have disappeared as fast as I could – unless I couldn’t.

Maybe Zimmerman threw the first punch – maybe Trayvon did – it doesn’t matter – the end result is that Zimmerman, the stalker, had the gun and he used it.  If Trayvon was acting in self-defense he had the right to kick Zimmerman’s “white” ass. The only problem is that a southern police department would NEVER believe Trayvon’s story.

Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, probably white and probably racist, are giving to Zimmerman’s legal defense.  Yes, I said it; most of the donations are coming from racists, white supremacists, KKK, or people who quietly hate blacks for little or no reason at all.  Believe that.

I am sure there are a few neighbors of Zimmerman who donated because they know him but there are other neighbors who know him well who would not give a penny because they know the kind of guy he really is.

Knowing how Zimmerman’s wife misrepresented their financial status shows they will do anything to trick the public, the jury, and the court system into finding Zimmerman innocent.

Also, either Zimmerman or his wife lied about the second passport – I am sure that is so Zimmerman could leave the country if things do not go his way.

So in closing for this part of this blog, a dead youth who cannot speak for himself is being vilified by the media in the news and by others in comments on blogs and websites.

So, let’s shift gears to Paterno, one of the key players in the Sandusky pedophile trial.  Paterno is dead and like Trayvon, cannot talk on his own behalf.

The biggest differences between Trayvon and Paterno is that Paterno lived a long and successful life – Paterno is white and he had an extremely great record as coach and worked hard to have a high graduation rate for his players.  He is almost worshipped by millions – students, graduates, fans, and people throughout the middle Atlantic area.

So, what’s the problem with Paterno?  Basically, he covered for his friend – normally a noble stand – except for the fact that his friend was a pedophile – one who raped and forced underprivileged kids into unwanted sex – giving and receiving.

The biggest problem here is that Paterno is dead and he cannot speak in any capacity as to what he did and why he did it.  What made him protect his friend?  Did Sandusky have something on Paterno?  Did Sandusky have the goods on Penn State regarding athlete grades or gifts to athletes from the alumni or worse yet – game fixing or even gambling on games?  I have not read anything as to any rumors of that magnitude but I am just throwing it out there.

Something made Paterno stick to Sandusky like glue – because I feel Paterno would normally stand up to child abuse – and if he walked in the shower at night, he probably would have attacked Sandusky.  Either way, Paterno was wrong – but Paterno is NOT the only bad guy here.

There is enough criminal wrongdoing to go around here.  I have read numerous articles that imply that the current Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has done everything possible to paint Joe Paterno as the bad guy – and that he is perfectly content with people taking that opinion as well.  Why?  Is it because friends of his who are members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees will be it insulated from scrutiny?

Is it a combination of things that Tom Corbett did or didn’t do while serving the state of Pennsylvania as Attorney General?   Many talk about Corbett not making a concerted effort to get to the bottom of the Sandusky issue.  Corbett did have dealings with Second Mile but it was to raise donations for his run for Governor of Pennsylvania.  If Corbett made a serious effort to investigate Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile, it would have adversely affected the money they were planning on giving him for his campaign.    Could you imagine Corbett walking into the front door of Second Mile and upon entering say, “Hi, I am Attorney General Corbett and I am running for Governor and I am also here to investigate how much each of you knew about Jerry Sandusky and his “relationship” with young kids, but first, would all of you donate $600,000 (or more) to my campaign?”

I read, in another article, where one commenter referred to the $600,000 (actually over $650,000), as possibly a bribe from the board at Second Mile for Corbett to keep them from being scrutinized and also to make sure Paterno would be the focus of any investigation and not Second Mile.

To me, AG Corbett (at the time) was just as bad, if not more, for not digging extensively into the Sandusky charges.  He let it appear that Joe Paterno was the bad guy for not making a bigger issue about Sandusky’s indiscretions.

At least Paterno talked to Curley and Schultz and they, in turn, talked to Graham Spanier, the then President of PSU.

Now, everyone is implying that Joe Paterno had so much clout that he had Spanier, Schultz, and Curley in his back pocket.  I find that hard to believe.

So who did AG Corbett or Governor Corbett talk to about Sandusky?  His wife, his secretary, one of his State Policemen, a therapist, or maybe a few members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees?

The three men, Curley, Schultz, and Spanier, if they chose to, could have collectively gone to the board in an official capacity and discussed the matter and then the board; either in Executive closed door session or in its’ entirety could have dealt with Joe Paterno.

Paterno was almost a God to some but the world did not evolve around JoePa.

There is an old saying that goes, “Penny wise and pound foolish.”  It basically means you can micromanage your pennies but you will ultimately be foolish with your dollars. (updated for the U.S. – “pound” actually deal with British currency)

So, near term, a cover-up might keep PSU out of criminal court and civil court, but long term, criminal and civil lawsuits can bring PSU down on its knees.

Also, I find it hard to believe that Spanier, who wears one hat as PSU president and another as a key player on the Board of Trustees could walk that fine line to keep everything a secret from the Board while being part of a four man conspiracy to protect Jerry Sandusky.

In fact, the Board has already admitted to the fact that they did not ask enough questions – they took statements and things at face value.  Why?  Were they hoping that the four men would be able to take the heat and if they were uncovered, they would be pushed under the bus?  I think so.

It is of my opinion that the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees should be required to resign en masse .  They said that they needed to remain for continuity but, c’mon, Curley and Schultz could pose the same ridiculous argument.

A janitor or two along the way saw inappropriate activity between Sandusky and kids (and I am being nice here).  These janitors were the lowest paid people involved in this whole cover-up and they were deathly afraid to speak up because of anticipated retaliation for turning in one of the PSU football heroes.  These janitors have families and their salaries were critical for their existence – if they were “blackballed” for reporting Sandusky they might not have been able to get another job ANYWHERE.

Mike McQueary, a graduate student, also chose not to interrupt Sandusky raping a child because, I am sure, he worried about a coaching position with the team.  He says he slammed a locker loudly to let Jerry Sandusky know someone was in the area, but instead, he should have slammed Jerry Sandusky into the wall of the shower and wrapped that kid up and taken him to the nearest police station.  He didn’t and the rest is history.

To me, Paterno dropped the ball – he should have gone to Spanier himself – he should have also talked to Sandusky and told him to turn himself in IMMEDIATELY.

So, Curley knew, Schultz, knew, Spanier knew, Paterno knew, AG Corbett knew, head coaches across the country knew, the school police department knew, and there is a high possibility, no – probability that some of the Board of Trustees knew – yet people want to tear down a statue, remove a halo on a mural, and strip away Joe Paterno’s pension.

So, again, we have another guy, a deceased guy, who is being vilified because it is so easy ganging up on a dead man because he cannot fight back.

It is easy to go through computer servers and delete certain emails that support one person and leave those that burn another, especially a dead person at the cross.  Please do not get me wrong, I am sure that Joe Paterno made some terrible decisions regarding Jerry Sandusky, but Curley and Schultz and Spanier and even ex-AG Tom Corbett, now Governor Corbett need to be closely scrutinized, investigated, turned upside down until they divulge everything they knew, when they knew it, and what they did or did not do about it and why.

I believe each and every one of them, including ALL members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees should be required to testify under oath.  That is the only way we can get to the bottom of it.  Sometimes you have to go to the top of a ladder before you know everything about all aspects of that ladder.  Sometimes one gets tired halfway up the ladder and as a result, those “special” people at the top get away with almost “murder” or in this case, a conspiracy or being complicit in a cover-up.

So, regarding the Penn State scandal, yes, that is what it is – I am sure Penn State would prefer it be called the Sandusky scandal – but either way, I wonder if someone else died other than Joe Paterno, would then Attorney General Corbett, now Governor Corbett, and the Board of Trustees be crucifying that person instead of Coach Paterno – AND – would Governor Corbett and the Board be twice removed from scrutiny as they are now?  I think so.

Instead of raising champagne glasses together, I believe Governor Corbett and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Penn State University should be seeking the best legal counsel they can afford.

So in closing we have a young black kid who made a small handful of minor mistakes that many teens his age make – even white kids – yet he is being made the scapegoat in an incident in which he was killed by an adult who previously had numerous run-ins with the law – significant enough where he was arrested and appeared in court numerous times – yet escaped jail time because he had relatives and civil servants who took care of his shortcomings and cleaned up behind him. So, while Trayvon is resting in peace there are those who want to blame him for that tragic evening.

We also have a coach who lived a long and successful life and who made a series of terrible decisions and is being blamed as the main character in a group of characters who acted in concert to protect Penn State from scandal at the expense of young kids who were sexually assaulted by one of Penn State’s own; coach Jerry Sandusky.

As different as Jo Paterno and Treyvon Martin were in life, there are those who are doing everything possible to attack them in death.



  1. Google: web exclusive. Psu coverup – connecting the dots. This is going to get out and soon Sandusky is going to start talking!!! This will exonerate paterno and psu football but destroy the upper leaders of Pennsylvania the FBI as we as psu current board of trustees and president!! Current NCAA pres will also have sw explaining to do of his own !!!

    • I knew that as soon as they selected Freeh to do the investigation that it would stop at Spanier…

      I read the report word for word and there are so many obvious things that are not discussed. It says that some refused to be interviewed, yet it does not list those individuals – except for 3 or 4 who chose to not participate at the advice of their council. When Freeh was not given subpoena power, that was a dead giveaway the whitewash was in.

      My guess is that he did not want that power because it would put the burden on him to do a thorough job.

      There are rich elites sitting on numerous boards across the country and they cross-polinate and advise each other and share ideas that ONLY benefit big business.

      The lady from the board who spoke during the Freeh report said herself that they did not ask enough – my opinion is that you do not have to ask questions when you already know the answers.

      How is it that Corbett did so little for over two years when he had all the resources he needed?

      If the Executive Committee remains intact, the student body should protest enmasse, camping out and staying out of school until the key members resign.

      Someone should post the link to the article you reference on the PSU website.

      Also, as far as email archiving goes, a good IT person can search, spin off, and even tweak the emails to make them say whatever they want those emails to say.

  2. You might want to check out an article written in the free press titled. Web exclusive psu coverup- connecting the dots. You will be blown away!!!! Paterno was set up and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do! Major people including former, current president, da as well as FBI were covering for the second mile charity!!! They set up PDA football and perfectly calculated paterno to take the fall so the media would go wild !! It worked. Or did it!!!!

    • Laurie; thanks for taking the time to leave your comments. I have been smelling a skunk for quite a while and I have worked in IT for a lot of top companies and in every one of them when their was any kind of investigation (for a variety of reasons), the people who got the ax were low/middle managers – and everyone in all cases knew the muh higher ups were the corrupt ones.

      Money talks and when you have men in 3,000 suits and 500 dollar shoes – they get away with almost murder. That also works for women as well – 3,000 – 4,00 purses and designer shoes and suits and dresses allows for them to be insulated from scrutiny.

      Someone in the trenches needs evidence and plenty of it – and you need multiple copies and you need to copy it far and wide and let it go viral.

      I am reading the article now. thank you very much.

      Maybe JoePa made some bad decisions but the corrupt ones are on the executive committee. If Curley, Shultz and Spanier were conspiring to cover things up as long as possible, that could not have been an isolated event – there were coaches across the nation who knew Sandusky was a very bad apple and that is why no one picked him up.

      Sandusky’s indiscretions were known far and wide across our nation – it probably was one of the most well known secrets around.

      Thanks again.

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