Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 25, 2012

One hundred round and fifty round clips – super rich and everyone else – they are related.

Assault weapons and high capacity clips are being used as political footballs – nothing more.

I am sure there are a few macho individuals who feel they cannot live without assault weapons and these same super heroes feel they need high capacity clips when they shoot these assault weapons.  Why?

That is simple to explain.  The arguments for and against these weapons and clips only exist to insure that the NRA, weapons manufacturer’s and their gun toting cronies can bash those on the left who always stand up for the dead – dead in places like Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Luby’s restaurant in Waco, the Aurora theater, and other places where sicko’s took out their twisted anger on innocent strangers – women, children, and the elderly.

Rich Republicans, along with wealthy weapons manufacturers and members of the NRA live for mass shootings because in each case caring and concerned Americans on the left who are committed to eliminating or reducing the carnage by reducing the likelihood that nut jobs will be able to buy high capacity clips for their instruments of death.

I have no problem with assault weapons if they are purchased by “responsible” people who do not have criminal records and do not who have a history of a serious mental illness.  The other requirement I would require is that these assault weapons must be stored properly to prevent theft and they need to be used responsibly.

I know, I know, there are those who are so obsessed with being able to buy any weapon they want and also being able to purchase as many rounds of ammunition as they want and put those rounds into the highest capacity clips they want to use to get their jollies off when shooting these weapons.

The operative word in the last sentence is the word “want.”

I used it three times for a reason – because these individuals “want” to get their way, even if it means that others who “want” to live to see another day might be killed by someone just because he/she wanted to shoot an assault weapon while discharging as many rounds of ammunition as possible in the shortest amount of time.

So, why would anyone feel the need to have a high powered assault weapon and be able to shoot dozens of rounds as expeditiously as possible?

One friend of mine said it is because of the “rush” it gives him.  To hold that powerful weapon while shooting 50 rounds in less than 5 seconds is beyond description, he said.  Just knowing that you are “man enough” to be able to feel the surge of power while controlling the operation of the weapon while it is discharging the rounds, and still being able to direct the bullets in the general direction where you want makes you feel like another “Rambo” or even another “Chuck Norris.”

As an alternative to the “rush” described in the last paragraph – why not go bungee jumping or go hang gliding or put on some boxing gloves and go into a ring with a kangaroo – any of these will give you an equal rush and you might be the only person who might die – well maybe you can get lucky with the kangaroo.

I am not proposing that assault weapons be banned any more than I am suggesting that high capacity clips be outlawed, BUT, what I am proposing is that high capacity clips be restricted to gun ranges only.  How would that be possible you might ask?

Easy.  Allow these high capacity clips only to be sold and inventoried to gun ranges where customers can come in, load those high capacity clips and shoot their assault weapons in a controlled environment where these macho individuals can do their best imitation of “Rambo.”  If they feel they do not have the time or the desire to load the clips themselves, they can schedule a shooting time and for a fee, the range personnel will load the clips so these obsessive/compulsive individuals can get to the purpose of their visit as quickly as possible and then back to their six-packs, latte’s or Martini’s.

No, I am not saying that people cannot have assault weapons in their apartments and homes; I am only suggesting that the high capacity clips have no purpose except in controlled environments – like a war – where they are justified and necessary.

Even if those restrictions are in place, a lot of people can still be killed at one time, BUT, it will take each sicko loading up a bunch of 8 – 10 – 12 round clips one at a time and having them on his/her person to empty one clip at a time.

The good thing is that after discharging the bullets in one clip, the sicko will have to remove the clip and insert another clip before commencing to shoot more people. The 10 – 30 second down time will give some potential victims the opportunity to seek cover and live to see another day.

The customers seeing Batman the other night did not have the luxury to run because the mass murderer was able to keep shooting without having to stop to change clips in his assault weapon.

The logic behind my suggestion is the same logic as to why you cannot buy a tank and have it in your garage or why you cannot have your own drone equipped with missiles that you can direct at cars on highways or direct at sports stadiums.

If the killer in Aurora took his madness instead to a more upscale theater in nearby Cherry Creek or Lone Tree (both are just a few miles away from Aurora) or maybe a theater on Martha’s Vineyard or an upscale theater in Beverly Hills, California or a theater in a rich suburb of Houston, Texas or Dallas, Texas and affluent children and spouses and friends of citizens were killed with last names like Koch or Limbaugh or Giuliani or Romney or Shelby or Sessions or Hutchison or Hatch or Grassley or Sessions or Adelson or Gingrich – we might see Congress get to work on restricting certain assault weapons and limiting access to large capacity clips.

For those who didn’t notice, the names are of Republican billionaires or rich Republican media personalities or well off Republican U. S. Senators.  It is these individuals who will never act unless they suffer a personal tragedy at the hands of a sicko using an assault weapon with a high capacity clip.

It is obvious that the killing of President Kennedy and his brother Bobby and Dr. King and the shooting of Gabby Giffords and President Reagan haven’t done much to tighten gun control laws on a permanent basis.  Why?

Maybe because the majority of political shootings have been directed at Democrats – except for President Reagan.

The only assault weapon used was against Gabby Giffords – but she was a Democrat and a woman at that.

The likelihood of rich Americans or powerful Republican legislators being affected by assault weapons with high capacity clips is almost zero and as a result, they are more interested in a person’s right to have his/her weapon and clip of choice – whether or not that same choice can continue to be used to kill “average” Americans in Waco, TX or Killeen, TX or Austin, TX or Columbine High School or Aurora, CO or Virginia Tech or San Diego, CA or Binghamton, NY or Camden, NJ or Jacksonville, FL.

The rich communities in the U.S. are like the castles in Europe – separating the rich from the poor and protecting them from tragedies like I have listed above.

We are entering the era of the “have’s” and the “have not’s.”

The division in our country is not one percent against the other ninety-nine percent – it is more like the 10 – 20 percent against the other 80 – 90 percent.

It is the top 5 -10 percent who live in gated communities with either security fences or gates – usually with a guard shack and highly sophisticated camera systems surrounding the community.

Murders, burglaries, rapes, and kidnappings happen less frequently inside these gated communities.

Yes, there are murders, but they are probably committed by the male owner of the residence against a pregnant wife or an irate mistress or a jilted lover.  Seldom will an outsider have access to the rich and famous inside these communities – except at an office party or a wedding reception and usually the invitation list is highly screened and controlled.

Some might think I am just blowing smoke or that I am jealous that I do not live in a gated community or jealous because I do not have a six digit or seven digit income or a ten thousand square foot residence or a limited production luxury vehicle.

I can assure you that none of these things matter to me. I am on a modest pension and I live in a halfway decent apartment that meets my needs and desires.  I drive a fairly nice late model car that gets reasonable fuel economy and I have fairly good medical coverage.

I feel for others who do not have as much as I do and I hurt for others who have a lot less. Those who live in those castles surrounded by gates and guards have a lot to do with how little others have.

The well-off have what they have because they have shortchanged many of the people at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder in America, who have been cheated out of overtime or adequate salaries and benefits.

More Americans are either unemployed or under employed than ever before because the individuals who live in these American castles have acquired and consolidated businesses and outsourced jobs overseas or moved production facilities overseas as a way of maximizing profits – all of this done to break the backs of middle class Americans.

I digressed and for that, I apologize.

We are in a class war in America and these mass murders are just another way to show that the ultra-rich are insulated in more ways than I ever gave thought to before.

The middle class and the poor will need to come to the realization that they really are the ones who can effect change – both at the polls and with their purchasing power – even though that has been reduced by unemployment and underemployment.

Regarding the mass shootings, there are many average Americans who are obsessed with having the right to fire their weapon of their choice with the clip of their choice, but it will take these same average Americans to stand up to the big weapons manufacturers and Wall Street and Big Pharma and tell them “Enough is Enough”.  All of the above entities depend on the remaining 80 percent of America to buy their foreign made products and buy their DVD’s and music CD’s and big screen tv’s and perfumes and cologne’s and clothing and foreign appliances and Apple products made in God knows where.

If you are a gun owner in Texas or Alabama or Montana or Nevada or anywhere else – you know you do not need that 50 round clip.  That clip represents a tool for Republicans to turn average Americans against Independents and Democrats in the House and Senate who want to implement legislation that will “encourage” big business to reinstitute manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and hire Americans again – not as a form of protectionism but as an effort to return some jobs back to America to help our economy prosper again.

The more average Americans gun owners who stand up to the NRA and the big weapons manufacturers, the sooner weapons will cease to be a political football.

The rich owners of big businesses are the ones who are busting up unions in an effort to reduce average salaries and pensions of teachers, fireman, police, oil workers, factory workers and state and federal workers and they are doing this in an effort to increase their own wealth.

Just how much do rich people need?  Their incomes and net worth have gone up exponentially while everyone else have seen incomes, assets, and net worth decrease and this is only going to get worse until there is a non-violent uprising to return the middle class to its former level of prosperity.

We need to appreciate and respect each other and we all need to “live and let live.”  We also need to reduce our predisposition for never ending wars – especially pre-emptive wars – and by reducing our obsession with war and instruments of war; we might reduce our desire for assault weapons and high capacity clips.

All we are saying is, “give peace a chance.”

Those would be great lyrics for a song, right?



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