Posted by: kevinfortruth | August 23, 2012

Is Kortne Stouffer being used as bait to catch bigger fish?

Kortne was in the public eye the entire night – including the wee hours leading up to her mysterious disappearance.

On Saturday night, July 28th, Kortne went dancing – not at one place – she went to at least two places and while at the second place, the Hardware Bar,  there was some kind of disturbance that involved Kortne and she was either thrown out of the club, asked to leave the club or she left by her own choosing.

Numerous individuals interviewed have said that it was out of character for Kortne to be argumentative – especially in a social setting, so what was up with Kortne that night?

Facts are few and far between but it appears that Kortne left with two individuals, both guys – one being the designated driver.  After reviewing a handful of news articles it appears that Kortne and one of the men entered Kortne’s residence in Palmyra and shortly thereafter Kortne ended up in another argument – this time with her downstairs neighbor.  This neighbor called the police and when they arrived everyone was advised to go inside and get to sleep.  I am sure there were more words that than but the end result was everyone did go into their respective homes and the police left.

Unfortunately, the night did not end there – it would have been nice if it did – maybe Kortne would have woken up and walked the dogs like normal – but the night was far from over.

Again, from piecing various news articles and blogs together, Kortne is rumored to have started stomping on the floor which upset the downstairs neighbor(s) enough to call the police again.  On the other hand, maybe something more sinister was occurring in Kortne’s apartment.  The police arrived again – but Kortne did not answer the door and because everything appeared to be quiet, the police left.

What is interesting however, it appears that the neighbor who called the police did not come out to discuss the reason for the second call.  It also appears that the police did not attempt to contact the neighbor to discuss the second call.  Why?

Skip forward a few hours, the male guest got up and after not seeing Kortne, he left.  He went to a nearby store and at that point he sent a text message to Kortne saying basically that he did not see her so he left.  Sounds a little weird to me, how about you?  Why didn’t he make any attempt to double check whether she was home or not?

Let’s back pedal to the night before at the club.

There are cameras inside the club and outside the club but unfortunately, from what I have read on different blogs, someone associated with the club erased data from the outside cameras – which would have shown people leaving the club and getting into vehicles.  Was someone in the club trying to hide something?  Could that be considered tampering with evidence?

Who picked up Kortne’s friend early Sunday morning?  Was it the same person who dropped them off after they left the club?  If so, why didn’t that person come straight to Kortne’s house to pick up the friend?  Did they meet at the store because there was a store camera to capture Kortne’s friend making a purchase?  Was it done to timestamp his activity?

So, from the time the noise was made after the first police visit, exactly what transpired between then and when this friend was captured on the store camera?  A lot could have happened in those 3 – 4 hours.

I have seen pictures of Kortne in what appears to be the same outfit she wore out at the clubs on Saturday night.  Why aren’t police releasing that photo in an effort to jog anyone’s memory about what they might have seen Saturday night and early Sunday morning?

Also, why aren’t police releasing the names of the two men who were possibly two of the last people to see Kortne that night/morning?  I know the police are not designating either of these individuals as POI’s or suspects, but maybe police could say that these two individuals drove Kortne home that night might help because anyone knowing these two might be able to advise police if either of them have acted differently or if they might have said something that might help in finding Kortne.

Many articles on Kortne’s disappearance skirt the issue of drugs – hinting that maybe there might be individuals involved with drugs who might know about what happened to Kortne.  If Kortne or her boyfriend or the guys who drove her home had a history of drug use or were involved with distribution, the possibilities of what happened to Kortne increase exponentially.

If police feel that drugs are a bigger issue than the issue of finding Kortne, then the wait in finding Kortne might go on for quite a while – and that will be so sad for everyone who misses Kortne.

Kortne’s disappearance reminds me of the Holly Bobo case in Tennessee last year.  Holly went missing from her driveway as she was preparing to go to classes at a nearby nursing school.

Holly Bobo went missing about 16 months ago and the reward fund is up to $250,000.

Back to Kortne.  Different sources have said that the man who spent the night was an old friend and he might have been invited over because Kortne’s boyfriend was away and she might have feared being alone.

If her friend dozed off, someone she feared might have come to the door or maybe Kortne received a call from someone she feared and she quickly left to avoid a confrontation.  If Kortne did leave her apartment in the wee hours and she was walking down the main drag, anyone could have stopped and picked her up – including the police.

The bottom line is that the police know about the two individuals who drove Kortne home and they were concerned enough to question them extensively, search their vehicles and also search their residences.  They also obtained search warrants for Kortne’s place and went through it with a fine tooth comb.

The father of one of the young men spoke on television saying that he knows both boys well enough that if either of them did anything to Kortne, he would have noticed changes in their behavior.  How interesting.  I find it interesting that he went on national television yet the police will not release the names of the two individuals who might be critical to Kortne being found.

Today, I drove up to Palmyra to see exactly where Kortne lives – yes “lives” because as far as I am concerned, she is alive and will hopefully return to where she “lives.”  In front of her apartment were a few flower arangements and  a well worn bible.  Whoever left the bible obviously read it inside out hundreds of times and was thoughtful enough to leave it as a tribute to Kortne.

Front view of Kortne's apartment

Kortne’s apartment

After walking past Kortne’s house, I asked a postal delivery person if she could direct me to Mazzocca’s Place, a pizza shop that is making a “Kortne Peace” pizza for 10 bucks, with 5 bucks, yes 5 bucks being donated to the fund being set up as a “Bring Kortne Home Fund.”

I talked with Toby, the prettier of the two owners (husband and wife team), and she told me Kortne’s disappearance really hit close to home because she has a 21 year old daughter of her own.  On a side note, Toby does not look a day over 30, so I found it surprising that she has a daughter that old.

I ordered a Pepperoni “Kortne Peace” pizza and upgraded it with Mushrooms for $2.00 more – money well spent.  The pizza arrived at my table and it looked large enough for the Vienna Boys Choir – with just the right amount of cheese and a tasty marinara sauce and a light thin crust.

Even though I secured a table, I stayed at the counter chatting with Toby and a customer or two as they came in one by one or three by three for their “Kortne Peace” pizzas.

Most of these people have no idea who Kortne is – they read about her and saw all the signs on electric poles and traffic poles and store windows and they decided to show their solidarity by doing what they could to in support of finding Kortne.

I went from Hershey to Londonderry – probably passing through 5 or 6 towns – not knowing when I left one and entered another – maybe that is why the support for Kortne is working – all these towns are one long street of average Americans – many with their own 21 year olds – many hoping that what has happened to Kortne will not happen to one of their own.

No one was saying, “We are Palymra” but they were all reading the signs and shaking their heads and you could see the concern in their eyes.  The ones coming in to buy pizza might not even like pizza but they were coming in a steady stream to take part in the only way they know how.

Several were talking across the tables like people used to do.  These days people come in places and don’t even look at who is seated next to them – but today they wanted to talk about Kortne.

Some expressed concerns that they wanted the police to do more, while others were saying the police were doing all they could do – they all believed the police had more information than they were sharing with the public and many acknowledged the need for police to not reveal everything.

Palmyra, and the surrounding area had the feel of a “Missing POW” but instead of yellow ribbons, the town had photos of Kortne everywhere – some were printed on pink paper and others were on blue paper – nice touch to get people to stop and look and pay attention to the fact that one of their own was missing.

For those who do not like pizza or who have to watch their diets, stop by and get a pizza and drop it off at the police station or the fire station.  If not, go by and buy a gift certificate and drop it in the collection plate on Sunday – your pastor or minister or Rabbi or priest will figure out who could use it best.

Mazzocca’s just took over the location – stripped it down to the bare walls and started from fresh – they put a lot of money into the place and a lot of love.  Regarding what they are doing for Kortne – most restaurants when they do something for a cause will donate a buck for every order – these guys went over the top – they are donating half the price of a large pizza.  My God, who does that any more?

They do not even have a big lighted sign outside and they are donating this kind of money.  By the time the smoke clears, the money they will end up donating would have paid for a pretty nice sign above their front door.

Kudos to Mazzocca’s Place.

In closing, I have three daughters and I can relate what Scott and Wendy, Kortne’s parents, are going through.  Maybe that is what motivated me to drive to Palmyra today.

It is not because Kortne is pretty – even though she is.  It is not because Kortne is a blonde with green eyes – even though the poster describes her that way.

It is because Kortne is someone’s daughter – someone with her whole live ahead of her.

Prayers to Kortne, Kortne’s parents, and all those in the Palmyra area who are in pain tonight because one of their own is missing – and needs to be found.







  1. my name is bill sells i know who took kortnie i know how they took her the methods they use his name is paul planter and mike planter and mellissa miller they live in harrisburg pa they use high tech surveleance equipment and own the apex porn theratre in baltimore md and kmi entertainment in md. i have called and talked to the police and the stouffers nobody wants to listen i have battled these people for years. i know more about these people than anybody. they are serial killers and stalkers they film as a family incest porn and also run other illigal businesses. i am frustrated by the lack of responce, i have a least 10 police reports on them for stalking me trying to kill me about changing lincence plates every week, not once have they been questioned about kortnie or bobo and 3 other that i can tie them to. not once have they got a search warrant for the apex. i am here i have the information and all of it can be checked. my email is headlyz@yahoo

  2. Kevin, I agree 1000%!!!! I seriously think the two guys (who I know the names of) and the one guys’ dad, the neighbor below AND the officer ALL should take a polygraph test! SOMEONE out of the 5 of them is lying!!! We need to find out what is going on & one of them WILL not pass the test, I have that feeling one of them know something. I don’t know but I just know one of them has the starting point to all of this! Yea, I know where she lives too & it was weird because the FIRST video they showed of Kortnes house (it was like 2-3 days after she’d been missing) they showed like the back part of her apartment & each side has a cellar door to go down in. The left side (her downstairs neighbor) was not covered at the time (the 2-3days after that she’d been missing). About a week or so after she’d been missing, I drove by there & that cellar door to her neighbor below her is tarped off…Has a black tarp over it with a lock? To me, that was just weird! I heard this neighbor had gotten a lawyer….FOR WHAT I do not know. WHY does he need a lawyer?? Unless he did something wrong?! That just seemed weird to me…after 2-3 days that she was missing, that cellar didnt have a tarp & a lock on it…now it does after about a week or so since she’d been missing? I just gotta keep praying & wish for the best. I hope she’s ok. :/

    • Hi again Tiffany; I never heard about the cellar doors. Amazing about the tarp. Almost sounds like a crime scene but without all the yellow police tape. I wonder who put the tarp and the lock on that cellar door.

      Maybe some external police department, like the State Police, should come in and dust the lock for prints and look for DNA on the tarp – that would show who is making sure the cellar cannot be entered. I wonder what is down there that might have to do with Kortne’s disappearance?

      Oh, by the way, I went to the pizza place that was selling the “Peace pizzas” for Kortne. Nice people running the place and there were people coming in to buy them and they were all concerned about Kortne.

      I also found it interesting that one of the guys went to a convenience store and made sure he was on camera to give him some sort of alibi. Where was this convenience store? Was it on the main drag that goes by Kortne’s apartment?

  3. Hello Kevin…I knew Kortne & went to school with her. I know she would not just up & leave without talking to SOMEONE in her family! It’s such a sad thing to hear she’s missing! I keep thinking to myself, I wonder if something was set up for her to go out to a club, get some alcohol in her & have this guy stay with her…because AFTER the 1st police call but BEFORE the 2nd call, when the neighbor heard stomping, I keep thinking to myself if someone had ahold of her & she was struggling to get away…& then they had to be quiet for when the cops showed up the 2nd time. It’s total bull crap the cops didn’t stay or call for backup & break in to MAKE SURE she is ok! That’s crazy. I just hope if there’s ANYONE out there with info on her where abouts to please let the Palmyra police know! Or SOMEONE know!! I miss her, her family misses her & all her friends & supporters! We just want her to come home! The longer she’s gone, the worse we think….I pray to God every day & night for her to return home safe, just wish I knew where she was. We all love you Kortne! Thank you Kevin for this article!

    • Hi Tiffany; Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughtful comment. I am perplexed that the police, on their second visit, did not do more. There are a few things I do not know. Was it the same police car and the same police that came out the second time? Also, could it be possible that they did knock and Kortne did answer and could she have been taken away by police? Could some drug enforcement police unit have come by and apprehended Kortne in an effort to go up the food chain to eventually capture drug dealers?

      Kortne had no reason to walk away from her place. She had a friend stay over and that gave her some comfort instead of being alone and scared – walking out would have only increased her fears being on the streets.

      What I do not like is when people like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell insist on everyone taking lie detector tests to get to the bottom of a case but police are never asked to do the same.

      I have no doubt there are good cops and there are bad cops – and hopefully there are more good cops and that the number of bad cops are few and far between.

      Considering they were called out a second time – they should have insisted on entering Kortne’s apartment – they had justification because they were called again. If they went in and Kortne was gone, they could have started looking for her immediately – on the other hand, if Kortne was knocked out or tied up, they would have gotten the person who was trying to abduct or kill her.

      The neighbors downstairs might have seen something and if they took a lie detector test, it might prove helpful.

      I visited Palmyra and I went by Kortne’s place and parked out front where there were flowers and a bible up against the tree outside. She lives on a main street and the main parking is out behind her place – so anyone taking Kortne would have been able to do so without being seen.

      I do not think the police did their job that night and an investigation needs to start there first.

      I feel your pain in your words and I hope and pray your friend Kortne is found soon.


  4. Hi kevin
    Nice job on the blog, i think that cops around the country do cover up kidnappings. I have lived in some small towns and the cops in those towns seam to cover up things in there town thats because everyone knows everyone in that town. Who knows if the cops know what has happen to her do you know if the FBI has been called in on the case or not. Keep us informed on this case.

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