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Mitt Romney – from Lying for the Lord to Lying to the Lord

Near the end of my Air Force career I was NCO in charge of a small software development unit at a large Air Force base in New England that was considered a high tech think tank.

For those not familiar of the term “NCO”, it stands for Non Commissioned Officer – which also means wearing stripes on the upper sleeves of the uniform instead of officer emblems on the shoulders.  At the time I was a Master Sergeant, which was one of the top three enlisted ranks in the military at the time.

We had no aircraft and no active runway but we had thousands of Air Force officers who were computer systems professionals, scientists, and engineers who worked with the hundreds of high tech companies nearby.

One of the Airmen who worked in my unit was married to a very lovely lady and I believe they had five kids – maybe six.  My personal impression of him was that he was a great husband and a wonderful father – his whole life was centered on his family and sometimes his dedication at home adversely affected the quantity, quality and timeliness of his work at the base.

I am intentionally not referring to this young Airman by name – so let’s just say that Airman “X” was a Mormon who was very active in his church.  I found him very challenging because I was never sure if what he was telling me was entirely true.  I never caught him in an outright lie, but he sometimes said things that were not entirely true.

The base we were stationed at had a small medical clinic, a small commissary and a small Base Exchange but there was an Army base about 25 – 30 miles away that had a large Army hospital, a beautiful well stocked commissary, and a large modern Post Exchange.

Needless to say, Airman “X” preferred to do his grocery shopping at the Army base.  He also preferred doing this shopping during the week so he would have more time to devote to his family on the weekend.

Being active in his Mormon church, the last thing he wanted to do was spend hours driving back and forth to the Army base on the weekend.

This posed a dilemma for him because I was not okay for people working for me taking hours away from their work to visit the Army base unless it was absolutely necessary for reasons such as medical appointments.  Once in a blue moon to go there and shop was fine – but not on a regular basis.  If anyone had a medical appointment at the Army base it was perfectly okay to do a little shopping while there.

One day he told me that he had an appointment the next day over at the Army base and I thought nothing of it because of his large family and their medical needs.

During his absence, one of his customers came into our office to pick up some computer listings and I told him that Airman “X” was not available because he went to the Army base to a medical appointment.  One of the other Airmen in the unit chuckled and said, “Medical, Schmedical, he is doing his bi-weekly grocery shopping at the Army commissary and the PX.  I was told that he uses the, “I have an appointment at the Army base” as an excuse because he knew that I would not pry into the details of any appointment he was “sorta kinda” hinting that was medical in nature.

The real appointment he was referring to was a commitment he and his wife made together to do a major grocery shop because the Army Commissary was less crowded during the week.

The next day when he returned I confronted him about his appointment – he acted surprised that I was even questioning him and said, “Well, I told you I had an appointment – I never said it was a medical appointment.”  He sincerely felt his excuse was perfectly okay and he did not believe he deceived me with his original comment about an appointment.

Moving on… I have read numerous articles about Mormons “Lying for the Lord.”  The crux of this subject is that Mormons have no problem stretching the truth – even avoiding the truth by omission, skirting an issue, or even talking around the subject at hand.

Do individuals of other faiths or those who are Atheists or even Agnostics stretch the truth or even lie – absolutely.

So, why am I focused on Mormons?  Because they take it to a whole new level.  They are so very careful not to lie that they have earned a PhD in stretching the truth to a point that most individuals would not even think they are being deceived.

Here is another story about deception, misstatements, untruths and possibly outright lies regarding the Mormon Church.

Since the beginnings of the Mormon Church in 1830, the church has taught and educated its members that blacks were inferior and would never be eligible for priesthood in the Mormon Church.

The reason, supposedly to those in charge of the Mormon Church, goes back to Cain and Abel, where Cain killed his brother Abel and God changed Cain into a black man and thus began “The Mark of Cain” which visually included Cain having black skin, a flat nose, and kinky hair.  Cain, a white man, was changed by the Lord instantly into the first “negro.” (Per the Mormon Church)

The Mormon Church also taught that Cain married his sister and she became the second Negro.

All male Mormons over the age of 12 hold the priesthood and they need that to get into the highest Heaven.

It was further taught that anyone with one drop of Negro blood was banned from the Mormon Temple and from Mormon priesthood.

These teachings continued to 1978 – for a period of almost 150 years.  So, what changed and what caused the change?

President Jimmy Carter was rumored to threaten the religious community of loss of their tax exempt status if they discriminated against blacks and other people of “color”, including American Indians.

In 1978, Bob Jones University was deeply involved in a tax case regarding exclusion of black applicants.  It is generally thought that the Mormon Church saw the handwriting on the wall – so on June 8th, 1978, Spencer Kimball, the 12th President of the Mormon Church wrote to his followers telling them that he had just received a revelation from God that he should now allow blacks priesthood in the Mormon Church.

The letter, from Spencer Kimball, containing this revelation was signed by three individuals – Spencer W. Kimball, N. Eldon Tanner, and Marion G. Romney – a cousin of Mitt Romney’s father George W. Romney.  Marion G. Romney died in Salt Lake City in 1988 – almost 10 years after the revelation allowing blacks priesthood in the Mormon Church.

I do not know if God gave Spencer Kimball a revelation or not, but I find it interesting that this revelation happened in 1978 when all the dust was kicking up about educational institutions and religious organizations being threatened with losing their tax exemption status because of discrimination issues.

I remember Church Lady of Saturday Night fame saying, ““Well, isn’t that SPE-CIAL?!”, “How con-VEEN-ient!”, and “Could it be…SATAN?”

So, was the Mormon Church reversing its’ long standing “White Only priesthood status” to insure the continuity of tax exemptions?  I, for one, believe that was the motivation behind the so called “Revelation.”

My personal guess is that Spencer Kimball thought something like “Heavens to Purgatory, we might lose our tax exempt status – I better have a revelation – and soon!”

Just a couple of years ago a black couple was visiting Salt Lake City and was part of a large group of tourists wanting to visit the Mormon Temple.  When they approached the entrance to enter, a Mormon representative welcomed them by saying it was “okay for you to enter because we let you in.”

I find it fascinating that whites are escorted in with no comment or exception, while blacks are told that they are being “allowed” to enter.

Does the Mormon Temple act like a place that in 1978 changed a 100 plus year old policy of discriminating against blacks – by telling black tourists, “we let you in?”

I wonder…. If Romney ends up getting elected to the White House, will there be some sort of tax reversal policy dealing with tax exempt organizations and then the Mormon Church will rescind all the “black” priesthoods and become a White Only Club again?  We will see.

Let’s move on to Mitt “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Romney – the primary focus of this blog to begin with.

I believe Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for President, constantly tells untruths, aka lies, and that he does everything possible to word things in a way that are “technically” and maybe even “legally” correct simply because of a missing noun or adjective or adverb.

Just to clarify, I do not resent Mitt Romney for his wealth, his assets, his holdings, or even the monies he has offshore in the Cayman Islands or even in Swiss bank accounts.

What I do resent, however, is how he chopped up perfectly fine companies – putting thousands of individuals out of work while he was making tens of millions in the process.

Bain Capital, the company that Romney founded is physically dismantling a manufacturing company machine by machine, conveyer belt by conveyer belt and will soon be shipping all of it to China and in the process Bain will profit significantly.

This company is a profitable company but not profitable enough in Bain’s eyes.  Not only is Bain shipping the jobs overseas, they are shipping the whole company to China – piece by piece.

Not only are Sensata employees training their Chinese counterparts, they are also disassembling and packing up their own company to ship it, in its entirety, to China.

See for yourself.

Please keep in mind that Sensata Technologies is a productive and profitable company that makes quality products for the auto industry.

Bain purchased Sensata in 2006 and now is choosing to ship the entire company, part and parcel, to China.

Some reading this can defend Romney by saying that Romney is not actively involved in Bain any longer so he cannot be responsible for what Bain is currently doing to companies like Sensata.

To those naïve individuals I would respond with this – Romney set the standard – he developed the model – and even though he no longer manages Bain on a daily basis, they are doing things he taught them all to do and part of the profits that Bain is making during Romney’s absence are going into a trust for Romney that he will be able to claim when, hopefully, he loses the election this fall and returns to run Bain early in 2013.

Enough about Sensata Technologies – let’s get back to Romney’s Tax returns.

In addition, there are questions on how revenues, income, and other financial transactions were booked.

Another thing that bothers me is if Romney is tithing to his Mormon Church with money he duped from tens of thousands of hard working Americans, this should be brought to the attention of voters.

If Romney, through his Bain Capital, misstated earnings and deceived the IRS by hiding funds offshore and overseas, he should be held criminally liable for his actions and if he knowingly violated the law, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of tax law.

The bottom line is this:  If Romney is deceiving the IRS on his tax forms, he is underpaying taxes.  In addition, if he is supposedly tithing based on those same tax forms, i.e. giving, let’s say,  10 percent or 15 percent to his church, he is also lying to his Lord and his Church, which by the way is one in the same.

I believe those two reasons are why he will not release the additional 5 – 6 years of tax returns.

Back to how Mormons deceive others – regarding Romney – he is acting just like the Airman who worked for me.  Mitt Romney is careful, when talking about what he paid in taxes to carefully not use the word “income” when talking about taxes.

He said that he paid 13 percent or 13.5 percent in taxes – and that might be correct – if you include sales taxes and even Social Security tax – but if he adds the word “income” in the sentence, that would probably make his comment an outright lie – so he chooses to deceive Americans while insisting that he “just looked” at his tax forms for the past ten or so years and he wants to assure everyone that he never paid less than 13 percent in taxes.

Could you imagine police letting an accused murderer saying that he just tested his own hands and clothing for gunshot residue and there is none?  Could you also imagine police believing an accused murderer who says that he just checked his gun and it has not been fired in years?  Surely not.

So why would anyone believe Romney when he talks in generalities about how much he paid in taxes.  The proof is in the pudding, Mitt, so do the right thing and turn over your tax returns just like your father did – unless, of course, you have something to hide – like something illegal or something highly questionable or unethical.  But, you are a Morman, Mitt, and I am sure you would not do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical, so do the right thing and cough up your returns.

I believe that if the mainstream media called him on his wording that it would make him finally fess up and show how he is deceiving the IRS and lying to his church at the same time.

Romney also moved money from one of his accounts to a blind trust for his wife so that he would not have to disclose this money on financial disclosure documents when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts.  This is just some more trickery on his part.

In 2010 and 2011 Romney “earned” $42.5 million and paid $6.5 million in taxes – and on the surface it shows that he paid a tax rate of just shy of 15 percent.  All that seems fine, but…

Numerous tax attorneys are questioning certain compensation during those years and how it is categorized because if it should have been booked as a “fee charged” instead of “carried interest” and, if so, should have been taxed at the rate of 35 percent and not at the lower max of 15 percent.

It is one thing to hide money overseas but to also report certain monies in one tax category instead of another to avoid paying a higher rate of income tax is considered tax fraud.

I believe this is the reason Romney is not showing his returns back to the same 12 years that his father did.

Ann Romney said in an interview that she cries every time she writes her tithing checks to her church – I bet she does.

Maybe the reason behind her tears is because she and her husband might not be able to buy or build one more mansion or that she might not be able to buy another Cadillac or two.

Her husband has a team of tax attorneys who look for every loophole to minimize taxes for the Romneys and that is fine with me – because looking for legitimate tax loopholes is perfectly legal.

But if his attorneys are using trickery along with deceptive practices to illegally lower Romney’s tax obligation – that is criminal.

So, some reading this might say, “What is the big deal – 15 percent rate or 35 percent rate?”

Let’s say that $20 million of Romney’s “declared” income was really “fees” that should be taxed at 35 percent instead of being declared as “investment income” at 15 percent, the tax consequences is huge.  The difference on the $20 million is $4 million. ($7 million versus $3 million)

My taxes are simple – I have very little interest income or dividend income and I do not own a home – my taxes are cut and dry.  Because my income and my expenses are clear cut and I do not have millions to hide here and there – I do not need an armful of tax attorneys and accountants to figure out ways to either legally or illegally decrease my tax obligation.

In case anyone reading this thinks I am bashing Romney because he is a Republican or because he is rich, here are a few links that quote noted professors and tax attorneys who  go into more technical detail than I ever could.

The articles go into how revenues and expenses in companies like Bain should be reported on tax forms.

Please keep in mind that loopholes are not the issue – I am concerned with how the money has been reported on Romney’s tax forms.

Another way of looking at this is when you go out to eat and at the end of the meal you need to compute the tip to the waiter or the waitress.

Some people, right or wrong, do not want to tip on the entire check – some deduct out the taxes and then compute the tip.

Sure, some people might consider a person doing this as being cheap, but on the other hand, the restaurant – and not the waiter or waitress – is collecting the tax amount to later pay the city, county, and state – so why should waitpersons get a higher tip based on the tax amount that is being collected for the government?

Using restaurants as an example only affects the 7 or 10 percent tax amount but the difference between earned income and investment income is 20 percent. (35 percent versus 15 percent).

Most people who follow my blogs know that I am a registered Democrat – but one who NEVER votes straight ticket.  I look at all races and vote for the person I believe will do the best job.  If that person is a Republican, an Independent, or a person affiliated with one of the minor parties, I will vote for that person.  If I am not versed in candidates running for a particular office, I will not vote for that race.

I will make one promise here.  If Romney releases a minimum of six additional years – not even the 12 like his own father did – and tax attorneys and tax accountants determine that all the loopholes are valid and legal and that his income and dividends are reported correctly, I will pull the lever for Mitt Romney.

On the other hand, if Romney does not release at least 6 additional years or worse yet, tax attorneys and tax professors and tax accountants determine that Romney has illegally or improperly reported monies incorrectly on his tax form, I will not vote for him – even if he is the only person running.

Keep in mind that if Romney is lying to his church and he is lying to the IRS, and he is lying to the media, the next person he will lie to will be YOU.

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