Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 3, 2012

“Lies over easy with a hefty side of waffles.”

“Lies over easy with a hefty side of waffles.”

If someone “adds” a degree on an employment application that was not awarded – that is a lie.

If someone says something that is not true to the police that person can be charged with filing a false report – which is a serious offense – I believe, in many cases, it a felony.

But, when Paul Ryan says things that are proven to be untrue, Paul Ryan, aka Lyin’ Ryan, usually gets away with it – take for example when he talked about his marathon time.

Paul Ryan recently did a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt where he discussed his marathon experience.

Hugh Hewitt’s actual question was, “But you did run marathons at some point?”

Paul Ryan answered, “Yeah, but I can’t do it anymore, because my back is just not that great.”

Hugh followed up with, “I’ve just gotta ask, what’s your personal best?”

Then Ryan replied, “Under three, high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something.”

On a personal note, my ex-wife ran three marathons and she knows her exact time for each marathon.  Her last marathon mattered the most to her because after a several year absence she prepared well and ended up recording her best time ever.

If you have competed in two marathons in your life, you certainly know whether the second time was better or worse than the first – and if you ran in only one marathon your finish time is burned into memory – forever.

Not only did Paul “I’m Lyin” Ryan lie about his time being under three hours, he also failed to take exception to Hugh Hewitt’s question if he ran marathons – plural.

The correct answer should have been, “I only ran one marathon” but Ryan answered in a way to make it seem like he ran multiple marathons.  He could have said, “I finished my one and only marathon in just over 4 hours” but he didn’t because Paul Ryan is not an honest person.

Even if Paul Ryan made an honest mistake and said sub 3 hour instead of sub 4 hour, he still would have been lying because everyone who runs a marathon knows they ran it in Over 3 hours or Over 4 hours – Runner’s World checked and it turns out that Ryan’s time was 4:01:15, so why would he even say he finished UNDER any hour when he finished OVER 4 hours?  The sad thing is that he is using his brother to help turn a lie to a misstatement.  Pathetic.

Ryan was not lying to a policeman during an investigation nor was he lying on a resume, he did worse – he lied to everyone across the country listening to the Hugh Hewitt show.

Here is a link to a discussion of Ryan’s marathon gaffe:

If he lies to Americans across the country, how many times has he lied in Congress – at hearings, during committee meetings, and possibly even under oath?  I wonder.

If he lies during a major speech at the Republican National Convention – while he was slamming President Obama left and right, is he lying to all of us about Social Security, Medicare, and even what he and Mitt Romney plan on doing after getting in office regarding revamping the tax code?

If he and Romney can rattle off one lie after another, like they are firing an assault weapon using 100 round clips, do we really want to trust that they will represent the needs of average Americans across the country?  I don’t.

In closing, why is everyone in both parties afraid to say that Ryan actually lied?  Why do Ryan’s lies get written off as misstatements, fibs, or half-truths?

Could it be because he is in good shape and scrubs up well in a nice suit and he has served in Congress for a while and is married and is a Catholic and is against abortion?  Could it be because he accepted Romney’s invitation to run on his ticket – so people want to give him the benefit of the doubt so early in the campaign?

Ryan thinks that he can say almost anything and get away with it – and if caught saying something that turns out to be untrue, he can simply talk his way out of it by saying that he misspoke or he got the facts wrong.

Paul Ryan reminds me of Eliot Spitzer before Eliot got caught literally with his pants down.  When Spitzer went after Wall Street he mistakenly got himself confused with the “Untouchables”.  Spitzer made tons of enemies and they found his weakness – hookers – and they took him down on Valentine’s Day of all days.  What scares me about Ryan is that he is acting like Spitzer – cocky and arrogant – but Ryan is only a Congressman – not a State Attorney General or U. S. Senator or Governor or Vice President.  God willing, he will not attain a higher office in government and will be defeated, as well in his Congressional election because of his lies and his total disregard for average Americans.

Some of you reading this might say that he only “fibbed” about his personal marathon time so what’s the big deal? Well, if Mr. “Six Pack” is so vain and self-centered that he has to lie about his marathon time to impress people what else will he feel the need to lie to us about?

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are matching book ends – and they are serving a breakfast of champions to average Americans of  “Lies over easy with a hefty side of waffles.”

So we now have a Republican ticket being led by a Mormon who excels at, “Lying for the Lord” and now we have a Catholic on the ticket who might have learned how to lie from a Priest who might have lied by saying, “I did not have sex with that altar boy.”

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    When I was married I and my ex both were runners and on the back of the bid that we had for that race we wrote down our times for that race. You are right he knew what his real time was I think he was trying to pull one over on us.
    If you are going to talk about the candidates lying to us I hope you will do one on President Obama also. He’s just as guilty as Romney, and Ryan. Anyone who does sports know there best score or time or whatever the event they did.
    I am looking forward to a blog from you on President Obama and Vice President Biden.

    • Hi Amiee. Thanks for commenting. I hope you know that you are more than welcomed to post anything you believe to be an Obama lie. Tossing a generality out there like you did does nothing for meaningful debate. Specifically say what you feel is an Obama lie but please give detail and quotes and links.

      I am upset that Obama promised to close GITMO but I do not consider that to be a lie on his part. I am confident it was his intention to do so but my guess is that he did some horsetrading with the Republicans and decided to leave it open to get his ObamaCare passed – I do not know that – just speculation on my part.

      I am also upset that he did not return the highest tax rate on the rich to what it was before 2001. Everyone says he had control of both Houses but in reality there is a large group of Democrats that are conservative and did not want to change the tax rate back. On the other hand, if he really wanted to roll the tax rate back, all he had to do was refuse to sign anything else – including the Pentagon budger until Congress voted to roll the tax rate back.

      So, what are some of Obama’s lies?


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