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The Blair House fiasco in 2009 should have been a clue for what was to come

From January 1981 to January 2009 there had been a Bush or Clinton in the White House every election and most Americans were finally ready for a change – but did that change include having an African-American male in the White House?  Not for some.

I included 1981 because Bush senior was vice-president to Ronald Regan for eight years before becoming President himself.

America needed a breather – they needed a breather thanks to two wars, a financial crisis, a housing crisis, a pending recession or worse yet a depression.  But, was Barrack Obama the correct prescription for everything going wrong in America?

Republicans were caught off guard when the Obama campaign rallied minorities and middle income white Americans to his pursuit of the White House.  Obama and his campaign wizards redefined what a grass roots campaign was all about – and much of it was thanks to the Internet.

Who would have thought that average Americans, including blacks and Hispanics, could pass the hat and collect what must have been considered, at the time, laughable – millions of small amounts of money that would eventually rival the huge donations – mostly from well-off White power brokers.

How dare tens of millions of Hispanics and Blacks try to compete long established election strategies that have been proven and were handed down from one election year to another.

Moving from Election Day 2008 to Inauguration Day 2009 – it had always been a tradition for the incoming President and his family to stay in the Blair House during the transition of the White House from one administration to another – regardless of party affiliation.  Needless to say, Clinton did not need the Blair House between his two terms in office and neither did George W. Bush.

I believe when the Republicans knew they were not going to continue in the White House, President Bush and others collaborated to make sure the Blair House would not be available for the Obama’s.

Did Republicans play their “get even” card by denying the Obama’s use of the Blair House?  I believe so.

For those who do not know, the Blair House is no tiny bed and breakfast consisting of 4 or 5 bedrooms and maybe one dining room.

The Blair House was built in 1824 and has been visited by hundreds of heads of state and other influential individuals from all over the world.

Here is a piece of trivia – the Blair House, consisting of 119 rooms, is actually larger than the White House – it consists of 14 guest bedrooms, 8 staff bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, 4 dining rooms, laundry facilities and even an exercise room – and is over 70,000 square feet.

The State Department manages the Blair House – which means basically the President controls who comes and goes – who can stay there and who cannot stay there.  Surely the incoming first African-American U.S. President and his family would be able to stay in the Blair House prior to moving into the White House.  One would think so, right?  Not this time – Bush made sure of that.

The White House booked the Blair House with “white” friends from Australia and England.  John Howard, at the time was the former Prime Minister of Australia and a close friend and ally of Bush who was invited to stay at Blair House – even though the time of his stay would conflict with the transition of a new President to the White House.  Tony Blair and others were also invited to stay during this transition period.  Why?

Tony Blair and President Uribe of Columbia both declined the invitation to stay at the Blair House.  Did they know the possible sinister plan being put in place to prevent the Obama’s from staying at Blair House?

Here is a link to how Obama was kept from staying in Blair House.

Let’s put that aside.  Moving on to Inauguration Day January 2009, there was another indicator of what was to come. That night there was a secret dinner attended by a very small group of key Republicans from the House and Senate who were currently serving in Congress, at which they strategized to do everything possible to obstruct the new black President – they secretly agreed to do everything possible to insure this president accomplished nothing during his administration.

Some of those key Republicans attending this strategy dinner were Eric Cantor, Pete Hoekstra, Pete Sessions, Tom Coburn, Bob Corker, Jim DeMint, John Kyl and John Ensign.  In addition, a few others of note were Newt Gingrich and surprise, surprise, the current Republican Vice President candidate Paul Lyin’ Ryan.

It is believed that there were 15 key Republicans at this secret dinner but I only listed a handful of those I considered influential having names that would be easily recognized.

Last night was the first time I heard of this secret dinner during MSNBC coverage of the Democrat Convention.

Information about this dinner and other information about Congress are in a new book by Robert Draper titled, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives.”  The dinner is also mentioned here:

For those who doubt this dinner and its purpose, please check out this link in Vanity Fair:

So, a group of elected officials met to conspire against the future of our country – and that was okay.

Recently a small group of our military was conspiring to plan a grass roots campaign to eventually overthrow our government and they were arrested and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of military and civilian law – rightly so.

Bradley Manning, a member of our armed forces, who is accused of releasing damaging classified information to Wikileaks is sitting in solitary confinement – he has not even been found guilty yet. Eventually he will probably be prosecuted and spend many years or decades in a federal pen.

A New York alleged Madame was arrested and put in jail and bail was set at $2 million dollars. She was finally released after four months in Rikers Island.

So, why couldn’t these Republican’s be charged with obstructing the function of our government?

Don’t get me wrong, anyone in Congress can vote “yea” or “nay” or not even vote at all on any piece of legislation.

What I object to is when 15 members of Congress meet secretly and agree to obstruct everything a new President brings to the table – including all bills sponsored by Democrats.

This conspiracy is just the opposite of the movie “Rudy” where Notre Dame players walked into the coaches office and one by one laid their jerseys on Coach Devine’s desk insisting that Rudy be allowed to play in the final game.  These Congressmen, after their secret dinner, went back to Congress and one by one recruited other Republicans to become a larger group intended on bringing our legislative process to its knees.  If that is not conspiratorial I do not know what is.

Are these 15 Republic members of Congress much different that the small group of military who were just arrested on grounds of planning to overthrow the government?  I think not.  There is not much difference between planning on overthrowing a government or using your political clout to render that government ineffective.

How many Americans lost their homes or lost their jobs or lost their healthcare or simply lost all hope of a decent future through no fault of their own?  How many college students had to drop out because one or both of their parents lost their jobs and the Republicans did everything possible to prevent Americans from getting back to work?

Republican state governors have refused numerous attempts by the Obama administration to give states a kick start with high speed rail funding or Medicaid funds or money for shovel ready projects that would have gotten some Americans back to work.

Even the highly regarded Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in 2010 that his top priority was preventing President Obama from being elected to a second term.

What I truly do not understand is how dozens of Republican Congressmen and Republican Governors, all White by the way, can conspire to make our first Black president look so bad while at the same time destroying the middle class made up of blacks, whites, and Hispanics from both parties.

C’mon, I can see one party not wanting another party to stay in control of the Senate or the House of Representatives or even the White House, but to make that a person’s highest priority is not normal – it reeks of something more – more like they wanted to make sure Americans regretted voting for this black man.  They were okay with Obama coming across as a nice guy, someone you might even drink a beer with, but he just wasn’t the “kind of” guy that should be in the “White” house.

For months I have heard about the relatively small amount of accomplishments of the Obama Administration.  I agree that more could have and should have been done, but Republicans need to take partial blame for most of that because of their blatant obstructionism and anti-American politically.

The handful of significant accomplishments of the Obama Administration was because of Dems voting en mass for all of them.  In a few cases, a Republican or two voted with Democrats – but usually the majority of Republicans took obstructionist positions – they voted against everything just to make the first black president look bad – implying that he did not want to work with Republicans – that he did not want to meet them halfway or was just not qualified to do the job.

The nerve of this “black guy” not rolling over and sucking up to the rich White right men who have controlled so many areas of government and industry for decades.

If Obama was permitted to accomplish a good amount of meaningful legislation, he would probably get reelected and that would mean eight years of a Democratic administration – or would it stop there?

Maybe it would lead to even eight more years especially if Hillary Clinton runs and gets elected for two terms – the Republicans might not return to the White House for a couple of decades.

The current effort by Republican Governors in key swing states requiring photo ids to be able to vote is purely racist in nature.

These efforts are strictly to get even with all those blacks and Hispanics who voted for Obama in 2008 and they want to do everything possible, legally or illegally, to make sure that something like that never happens again.

It is as though Rosa Parks never moved to the front of the bus in Montgomery and Dr. King never gave his “I have a dream” speech and Barrack Obama never gave his, “Yes we Can” speech.

Republicans are perfectly content with Hispanics picking our crops and working in meat processing plants in the Midwest and cutting our grass and working in kitchens in restaurants across America.  Republicans are equally content in having blacks clean their homes and cater their dinner parties and work as nannies raising their kids and pruning their trees and running their errands – as long as they do not vote on election day.

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