Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 12, 2012

Free Speech for all – even for Mitt “Never Apologize” Romney.

Mitt Romney might have sealed his defeat in November with his controversial, insensitive attack on President Obama today regarding the embassy attack in Libya.

It is believed that when Romney made his attack on Obama’s initial response regarding the embassy attack in Libya, it was not known that there were American deaths – including the Ambassador, himself, along with three other embassy employees – all American.

Regardless of the timing, Americans were just getting the news of the attack and subsequent deaths and that surely was not the time to bash the President – instead it should have been a moment of quiet reflection.

It takes a man of honor to take the time to find out as much information as possible about an event and after that there is plenty of time to verbalize a response and initiate some kind of diplomatic, political, and measured posturing, including the use of a military response.

Romney showed a lack of sensitivity for not only those who died in the embassy attack in Libya but he displayed an inability to temper his comments – considering that families and friends of two individuals had not been notified as of this morning.  In addition, two families were notified and were beginning the grieving process and Romney took that away from them by posturing inappropriately in a time of national mourning.

Romney jumped on the political bandwagon prematurely in an effort to posture himself as a strong man who would be a decisive leader in times of emergencies such as the embassy attack.

An effective political leader, especially a head of state who is also the commander in chief, has to temper his remarks in emergency situations.  Obama’s comments, I believe, were to reach out to mainstream Muslims to prevent further uprisings – it was a smart, calculated move.  If he simply used forceful words to attack those who attacked the embassy, it might has expanded into riots in the streets and a wave of Muslim backlash that might have resulted in more attacks on American Embassies throughout the Muslim communities across the Middle East and Eastern Asia.

Romney’s actions in this matter are no different than when he, as the fulltime CEO of Bain Capital bought and chopped up companies and fired workers on a moment’s notice – while making tens of millions of dollars in the process on each and every transaction.

I am sure that Romney never stood up before the employees of any company Bain bought and chopped up for profits and apologized to them for the financial ruin that was being reined upon them.

Making a profit while in the process of negotiating a business transaction is one thing but displaying total insensitivity by plundering retirement funds, cancelling health care coverage, and showing total disregard for the employees, their families, and the local community shows that Romney is a calculating, self-centered, and insensitive entrepreneur who has no place in any high government position of power – including head of state – such as President of the United States.

Looking at Romney on the news this morning, he looks like he took some kind of eye drops to make it appear that he was up all night grieving for the embassy employees – when in fact he was salivating over the fact that he thought he took advantage of a “gotcha” moment in an attempt to make Obama look bad.

If anyone has a chance to see a rerun of Romney talking on the news this morning, you will also see a slight cocky smile that showed his enjoyment of seizing the moment – instead of taking the time to truly reflect on the tragedy that just took place.

I truly feel sorry for Romney that he lacks the character to show compassion and sensitivity to the embassy employees, their families, and Americans all across the country who were denied the opportunity to reflect on what happened.  Because of his crass actions and words the embassy attack was turned into a political football.

I hope that Romney gets a full time job in November – not as President of the United States, but as the General Contractor in charge of destroying his own “small” California home and rebuilding it as a larger two floor home.  I also hope he ends up with a few more Cadillacs for his lovely materialistic wife to park in his expanded garage.

Millions of Americans across the United States – especially those who have lost their homes over the past four or five years due to the mortgage crisis would live to have Romney’s California home as it currently is – the sad thing however is that Romney is paying for the demolishing of his home and its’ larger replacement with money he made (and not necessarily earned ethically) from the companies he chopped up with reckless insensitivity and greed.


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