Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 18, 2012

Is Romney talking about Blacks and Hispanics when he said 47% depend on checks from Obama?

Romney said earlier this year, off the cuff, that 47 percent of America depends on government checks every month and they are voting for Obama.

Here is the link to Romney’s talk about Obama’s base that depends on government checks:

I also read a few months ago that in less than a decade Whites will be a minority in this country, less than 50 percent.

It doesn’t take one having a math degree to determine who Romney was talking about and the sinister meaning of his words.

Mitt Romney is trying to divide the Democratic Party into two main groups.  One group consists of Blacks and Browns together and the other group consists of low income and middle income Whites.  Why?

Because he wants to make the Whites think the Blacks and Browns are freeloaders and that average Whites should disassociate themselves from the Democratic Party and vote Republican.

First, I find it hard to believe that 47 percent of Americans do not pay ANY taxes.  In fact, I know that is not true.

The truth is that there are a modest group of Americans who are paid somewhere around minimum wage and as a result, at tax time, there income obligation is so low they pay little or no taxes.  Reword it how you want but some Americans pay taxes all year and in April when they fill out their tax forms they get refunds – deservedly so because they worked hard all year and made very little in income.

In those cases it makes perfect sense.

Republicans work hard at not allowing increases in the minimum wage – so on one side they are bashing low income Americans for not paying a lot in taxes but they are making sure people in minimum wage jobs do not see an increase in their wages.

Romney is also implying that because we have a Black president that somehow black Americans are benefitting exponentially because Obama is in the White House.

Back to the 47 percent.

Blacks and Hispanics are not the only Americans on welfare – in fact, over 38 percent of people on Aid For Dependent Children (AFDC) are White – yes, White.

So, Republicans, good try saying that people of color are dragging our country down.

Let’s talk about the other end of the income ladder.  Our leaders in the Supreme Court were nice enough to say that Corporations are people – so how many of these high income people paid no taxes?

Citizens for Tax Justice looked at 280 of the Fortune 500 companies.  Seventy eight of the 280 companies paid NO taxes in at least one of the past three years.

Thirty corporations of the 280 paid NO taxes in any of the last three years.  Talk about welfare.

On one hand you have people at the bottom of the spectrum making so LITTLE money that they do not have a tax obligation but then you have 30 of the top 500 corporations not paying any taxes over the last three years.

Also, corporations have a 35 percent tax rate but, on average, the 280 corporations in the study paid only half that rate.

Again, 78 of the 280 corporations paid no taxes in one year in the last three years.  During that period, those corporations earned $156 billion dollars in pre-tax income.

Now, my dear friends, Black and Hispanic and White, corporations represent where the real welfare is in America.

Just to be sure, the 30 companies talked about are not little corporations or corporations that are not talked about every day in the news.

How about these freeloaders:

General Electric






Wells Fargo


Duke Energy



Pepco Holdings (not Pepsi but the power conglomerate)

For the complete list, please visit:

In the 3rd paragraph of the link there is a link to the 30 corporations that will take you to a well written PDF that goes into great detail about not only the 30 corporations but the 280 corporations as well.  It is worth your time.

On one hand you have Republicans literally griping about the Americans at the bottom end of the income ladder not paying taxes while those same Republicans are congratulating large corporations who duck paying taxes using loopholes.  Arhhhhh.

So, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, instead of bashing Blacks and Hispanics for being freeloaders, look around you at your 5-star hotels and your 5 star restaurants – many of the people sitting next to you are on corporate welfare and are probably paying for their meals on the backs of the Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites that work for them as minimum wage workers.  They also are paying for their meals with the tax savings they realize by hiding money in Cayman Islands and by hiring a gaggle of tax attorneys that take advantage of every tax loophole available for the rich to save on taxes.

Lower paid Americans do not make enough money to shelter it in the Caymans – they live from paycheck to paycheck and seldom have anything left over – in fact, sometimes they have to choose between paying for prescriptions OR food OR gasoline OR medical bills OR rent OR……….

Also, because Mitt Romney had his tax attorneys and tax accountants categorize some of his income improperly as dividend income, his lovely wife is able to focus on whether to buy a Cadillac CTS or XTS or Escalade.  It pains me to see her having to make major decisions like that.

Keep in mind that if Mitt “Cayman Islands” Romney and Paul “Marathon Man” Ryan win the election, the list of Welfare Corporations that get a free ride in taxes will only increase while average Americans will see a decrease in Social Security, Medicare benefits, Medicaid, and a loss of being able to claim your mortgage as a tax deduction.

Rich corporations are doing quite well, thank you.  They are sitting on trillions of dollars – choosing to not hire until after the election (assuming Romney wins).  They are keeping their corporate feet on the pulse of America in an effort to make Obama to look bad – like he personally failed on his promises to America.

Average Americans – Black, Hispanic, and White – it is your choice – the economy is slowly recovering but if Romney/Ryan get elected, average Americans will lose in more ways than you can imagine.

In closing, believe this:  Romney, during his candid crude remarks basically said he will not worry about the 47 percent of Americans he believes are freeloaders and that he will be there for the other 53 percent.


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