Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 22, 2012

Romney’s father released 10 years of taxes. So did Mitt’s V.P. candidates – Why not Mitt?

What is so special about Mitt “Double Standards” Romney that he feels he can simply draw a line in the sand regarding releasing his tax returns?

Mitt is arrogant and he thinks he can march to his own drummer while at the same time flipping his middle finger to voters who are asking to see his tax returns for the last ten years.

His father, when he ran for office, released 10 years of back taxes and just recently when Mitt was looking for someone to join him on his ticket, he required all potential V.P. candidates to provide 10 years of tax returns as part of the vetting process.

Who does Romney think he is that he can require even V.P. candidates to submit their tax returns but not submit his as well – considering that he is running for higher office than his potential running mates?

A bigger question is, “What are you hiding, Mitt?”

He even had his wife come to his rescue on the issue.  What a guy – having his wife fight his battles.

My guess is that Mitt was waiting to get past the start of early voting – so that some Americans would cast their vote for him before he gave in to pressure by releasing 9 more years.  Don’t get me wrong, he probably sill slither under the carpet and worm his way out of doing the right thing.

What a wuss.  He thinks he is above everyone else.

He doesn’t talk issues at all.  He talks in generalities.

What Mitt and Paul Ryan have been doing most of the time lately is acting like two kindergarten kids raising their hand and telling their teacher, “Miss Johnson, Barrack said something mean about us” or “Miss Johnson, Barrack is picking on me because I won’t release my taxes.”  They are sounding like two crybabies.

Neither of them will discuss how they are going to deal with things like mortgage interest deductions and other tax changes they are considering.

They will not talk about their foreign policy or specifically what they are going to do regarding Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and other important issues.

They want people to simply put their trust in them and give them their votes but anyone that does that is crazy.

To all the lower income Republicans – i.e. those making less than 100k per year – be careful because when these two yokels implement tax changes that will hurt the middle class, you folks will be negatively impacted.

Everyone thinks Romney is only planning on blowing off the 47 percent – but believe you me – there is another 40 – 45 percent that will regret ever voting for Ryan and Romney.

Romney cares ONLY about the top 3 – 5 percent of income earners – everyone out of that range will be adversely impacted when King Mitt and Queen Paul repeals ObamaCare because middle and high middle income earners have kids in college that will lose medical coverage – in addition, middle and high middle Americans have family members with preexisting conditions and when ObamaCare is repealed by King Mitt and Queen Paul, you all will realize the mistakes all of you made.

These two are only concerned with Big Pharma, Big Healthcare, Wall Street, Big Banks, and Big Energy and the Military Industrial Complex – everyone outside this range will suffer if and when these two self-centered egotistical far right conservatives get in office.

All Americans making less than $250k in America will see an increase in their taxes so that millionaires will get bigger tax breaks.

If anyone knows how to start a petition on or a similar petition site, please start one so millions of Americans can tell Romney and Ryan that they will refrain from voting for them until Romney releases the remaining 8 – 9 years of his tax returns.

Here are 20 prominent Republicans who want Romney to release more tax data.

George Will of ABC’s “This Week.”

Bill Kristol, conservative commentator

Ron Paul, former Republican Presidential candidate

Robert Bentley, Alabama Governor

Michael Steele, former RNC Chairman

Walter Jones, Republican Congressman, North Carolina

Ana Navarro, former adviser to John McCain

Pete Sessions, Republican Representative, Texas

Haley Barbour, Republican Governor of Mississippi

Matthew Dowd, Conservative Commentator

Rick Tyler, Republican Strategist

John Weaver, Republican Strategist

Britt Hume, Conservative Fox News Commentator

David Frum, Conservative Journalist

John Feehery, Republican Strategist

Rick Perry, Republican Governor of Texas

Chuck Grassley, Republican Senator of Iowa

Senator Dick Lugar, Republican Senator from Indiana

Wayne McDonald, Republican Chair, New Hampshire

Mike Murphy, GOP Consultant, the Daily Beast

The above conservative Republicans realize that for Mitt Romney to receive enough votes to be elected he must release at least an additional 5-6 years of tax returns – ideally 10 years would erase all doubt that he is hiding something.  Anything less will make voters think that there is something significant hidden in his tax returns that will result in him not getting elected.

Trust me, even though Ann Romney and Mitt Romney are making a big deal about their tithing, no one in the country gives a hell.  They are sidestepping the real issues hidden in the bowels of their tax returns.

When asked by Robin Roberts as to why she and her husband are reluctant to release more tax returns for review, Ann Romney said:

“Because there are so many things that will be open again for more attack and you just don’t want to give more material for more attack. And really, that’s just the answer. And we’ve given all that the people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life.”

Her answer begs the question, “If everything in the additional years is squeaky clean like Ann Romney hints at, why would anyone attack what is there?”

Something stinks here and I smell a skunk – no, two skunks.

Keep in mind that Mitt Romney released more tax returns to John McCain when he was being considered as a running mate to Presidential Candidate John McCain but that was one Republican releasing tax documents to another Republican – maybe McCain saw a significant amount of questionable data in Mitt’s returns – enough to reject Mitt as a potential candidate.

Could it be that John McCain is aware of explosive information in Mitt’s returns that would embarrass Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is being sneaky, underhanded, and deceptive – to say the least – he is afraid of something – so he stays off topic.  He acts like he did everyone a favor today by releasing one more year of tax data.

In my estimation, Mitt Romney cannot be trusted.  It doesn’t matter if he is a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent – he is out for himself – and he is deathly afraid about something hidden in his tax forms for the years 2002 – 2010.

I believe it has to do with those documents showing that he  was really employed by Bain when he said he took a leave of absence to run the Olympics.  Those returns might also show that he reported some of his earnings as dividends when it should have been reported as income – the difference would be significant. Income should have been reported as 35 percent taxable and if it was accidentally or intentionally reported incorrectly, he only paid 15 percent in taxes.

Also, maybe his church would be surprised as to how much he actually earned during those years.  He said he tithe’s at 10 percent – well, if he underreported income to his church, he is fibbing to them as well.

Mitt has been caught in so many lies and untruths and misstatements, I wonder if he ever tells the truth.

I recently saw Mitt walking on a tour in a factory and the way he was walking reminded me of someone and I have been scratching my head for days trying to identify who it is.

Well, the name of that person just came to me.  Mitt walks with an air of superiority – a condescending, laxidasical, holier than though strut – sort of like a relaxed goose step – a strut just like Saddam Hussein used to exhibit when inspecting the troops or walking past those of lesser means – the 47 percent in Iraq.

Maybe Saddam also divided his country into two groups – the upper elite that supported him and his two sons – and the other 47 percent.

In closing, maybe, just maybe, Mitt Romney does not want to be President of the United States – maybe he wants to be Dictator of the United States because he is being so secretive, so elusive, so evasive, so sneaky, so underhanded, so dishonest and so deceptive.

By the way, those are all traits of a dictator – not a President – especially the most powerful president of the free world.

Here are a few statements contrasting a leader and a dictator.

Read them carefully and then decide whether Mitt “My job is not to worry about those people” Romney is a leader or more like a dictator.

  1. A leader has his peoples’ best interests at heart, a dictator has his own interests at heart.

(He is only interested in his Mormon Church, making money, and lying.)

  1. A leader corrects injustices, a dictator commits and encourages injustices.

(He buys companies, steals their cash, and fires everyone, while making millions in the process).

  1. A leader protects the weak and helpless, a dictator oppresses the weak and helpless.

(He wants to reduce Medicare, food stamps and other programs for the poor.)

  1. A leader unites the people, a dictator creates division and polarizes the people.

(He recently divided the country in two, the 47 percent and everyone else.)

  1. Leaders are trusted by their people, dictators betray the trust of their people.

(He says he wants to protect Social Security and Medicare and he says he will create jobs but he will only help the rich by shortchanging the poor.  He will give tax cuts to the rich and offset those cuts by raising taxes on the poor. i.e. he will lose all trust of the 47 percent, if he has not already lost their trust.)

For those who are unaware, the New York State Attorney General is investigating over a dozen private equity firms – one of which is Bain Capital.  The investigation centers around examining whether the firms have abused a tax strategy to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.  It is thought that these companies reported billions of dollars in management fees from “income” to capital gains, reducing the tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent.

In closing, something dark and sinister is hidden in Mitt’s tax returns from the time when he “left” Bain to run the Olympics – believe me, the Devil is in the detail – he and his tax accountants and tax attorneys did something illegal or they outright violated the tax code by committing civil fraud (underpaying taxes) and Mitt is deadly afraid that some sharp individuals will uncover what the IRS “overlooked” or missed.

Mitt and his charming wife, Ann, are trying to make it seem like people are concerned about how much money they gave to their Mormon church.  I surely do not care about their charitable contributions, do you?  Talk about Smoke and Mirrors.



  1. Kevin

    Nice job on the blog like you i do wish he would release more of his taxes from past years. By law he does not have to release any of the if he doesn’t want too. So I am sure you saw that Mitt ended up paying more in taxes than he had too. This proofs that he does pay at least what he needs too in taxes.

    so keep up the good job on the blogs.

    • Hi again Amiee; Not sure where you get your “facts” but Mitt, to my knowledge, has never paid more in taxes than he was required to pay. These days, thanks to Bush in 2001, tax laws were changed to have dividends taxed at 15 percent and ordinary income at 35 percent (for those making a ton of money), so when calculating tax you have to separate your income in two categories to determine the actual tax obligation.

      If all of Mitts income was in dividends he would have paid 15 percent – no more, no less – and believe you me – he would never pay more than 15 percent because he is a nice guy.

      In case you doubt what I am saying about Bain being investigated and that there is a difference between what is taxed at 15 percent and what is taxed at 35 percent, see this article at Gawker:

      and here as well:

      Another issue about Mitt’s tax returns is whether he was still working for Bain when he said he took a leave of absence to run the Olympics. If he was earning money at Bain while he ran the Olympics and the NY Attorney General proves that Bain broke the law, then Romney broke the law as well. My guess is that the time Romney was running the Olympics he was quietly running Bain and earning money and that would show he lied to everyone when he said he took a leave of absence – but lying is what Mitt is all about anyway – so most people will not be surprised – even Republicans.

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