Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 23, 2012

Romney throws a “tantrum” and gets his way with Univision event – i.e. stacking the deck.

Mitt Romney will do anything to get an extra 5 or 10 percent of the Hispanic vote – even arm twist Univision so he can bus in his followers and require Univision to re-record the intro because he did not like the original.

A few nights ago, on back to back nights, Univision did events with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama – Mitt went the first night, followed by a longer interview with Barack Obama the following night.  For those who watched both events, nothing appeared weird and nothing leaked out about the dirty tricks that took place on Romney’s night – by Romney and his cronies.

Obama and Romney agreed to their respective interviews – Obama agreed to a one hour interview and Romney agreed to a 35 minute interview – but Romney did not like how the Univision host told the audience about the scheduled interviews and the time each candidate had dedicated to the interviews.

Early on it was decided that seating would be reserved for University of Miami students, Univision guests and members of the respective campaigns.  Because the interviews dealt with an educational theme – both campaigns and Univision agreed to keep the audience restricted mostly comprised of University of Miami students.

Romney’s camp canvassed the university to recruit conservative students to fill up the seats during Romney’s interview but they could not find enough conservative students to take up all the available seating – so Romney’s campaign insisted that University allow the Romney campaign to bus in Romney sympathizers from the surrounding area. Not only did Romney insist on bringing in outsiders – similar to how companies bring in scab workers to bust up unions, Romney went so far as to threaten to reschedule the event if he did not get his way. One Republican at the re-recording said that Romney threw a tantrum.  Romney is so robotic at most events it is hard to believe he could even muster up enough emotion to be categorized as a tantrum – but it was a Republican who used that word.

This reminds me of Howie Mandel’s character, Bobby, when Bobby was asked, “Bobby, how come every time I put you on the potty, you cry?” Bobby replied, “Because it’s my potty and I’ll cry if I want to.”

Another interesting tidbit is that Rudy Fernandez, the university official given the task of coordinating the forums between Univision and the campaigns is also a member of Romney’s Hispanic Steering Committee.  As church lady used to say on Saturday Night Live, “How con-VEN-ient!”  Talk about stacking the deck.

My biggest question is this – Why did Univision cave in to the Romney campaign?  Was big money behind the mandatory changes demanded by the Romney campaign?  Secondly, did Romney’s campaign do a marginal job recruiting students for the interview so they could bus in their campaign supporters from around South Florida?  Also, considering this was at the last second, how could they round up all these people and bus them in for the event?

I believe the Hispanic community should be outraged with Univision showing gross favoritism toward Romney’s interview by allowing bussing in of followers and the re-recording of the event because Romney did not like the opening remarks.

So, a picture is surfacing to me of Mitt and Ann Romney – either throwing tantrums or criticizing or faulting the media, and the public – women, Hispanics, the elderly, and others to “Stop it” (per Ann Romney).  She wants people to stop picking on her husband because they do not know him like she does.

Maybe the delay and re-recording of Romney’s event was caused by Romney having such a tantrum backstage that he wet his pants and Ann had to change him before he came out on stage.

It this election was not so critical to the future of the middle class I could write off Mitt Romney and Ann Romney as a pair of comedians like Laurel and Hardy or Abbot and Costello or even the Three Stooges – if you add Fox News collectively as the third stooge.

Here is a link to the background of the Univision interviews.


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