Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 24, 2012

Univision threw Obama under the bus – another Rosa Parks moment?

The two interviews were supposed to be just that – with Romney agreeing to a 35 minute interview the first night followed by a 60 minute interview the next night – both taking place at the University of Miami – hosted by Univision.

Unfortunately political bias got into the way – thanks to Mitt “Crybaby” Romney – and I am not exaggerating.  Read on.

Univision was planning on having both events on back to back nights take place in front of mostly University of Miami students – and Univision personnel and a few individuals from each campaign.

That sounds fair so far, right?

So, Romney’s camp goes around the campus, supposedly, to find some conservative University of Miami students to fill up the audience on Romney’s night.  Romney’s camp either did not do that or they really could not find enough conservative students.

My educated guess is that they made no effort because the whole time they planned on bussing in loud, boisterous, obnoxious conservative supporters that would cheer at opportune times and boo loudly if the moderator dared to ask any probing questions of Mitt “We’ll do it my way” Romney.

On Romney’s night, the Univision moderator greeted the viewing audience and those in the auditorium and basically announced that Univision was sponsoring a two night event and that Mitt Romney agreed to a 35 minute interview and Barack Obama agreed to a 60 minute interview the following night.

Well, excuse me, but Mitt Romney threw a hissy fit in the back room because of the wording by the announcer and he refused to come out on stage.

Univision was caught off guard – they went backstage and found out that Mitt “Crybaby” Romney did not like Univision talking about how many minutes he agreed to and how many Obama agreed to because it fairly depicted that Obama was open to more questions – well how about that!

Mitt “I’ll have to reschedule” Romney said if they did not re-record the announcement the way he wanted to be introduced, he would have to reschedule.  If I were Univision, I would have said, “Well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out – take it or leave it Mitt!”  But, of course Univision did not have any “brass” in their arsenal as Bill Clinton would have said, and they caved to the multimillionaire.  How disgusting.

Keep in mind that they had already caved in to the Romney campaign by allowing a bunch of “scabs” to be bussed in that turned the interview into a rally – something that Univision should have never permitted.

Something stinks about this whole event.  Somebody with a lot of control and a lot of money coerced Univision into conceding to Romney’s demands.

Here are several links to what happened at the Univision interview with Mitt Romney.

If Romney does win this election and he subsequently moves into the White House – will they have to install Kleenix dispensers in every room so when Romney does not get his way he can quickly grab a Kleenix to wipe the tears from his eyes?

Romney is acting like a spoiled brat – a temperamental rich kid that has to have his way all the time.

Romney has said on numerous occasions that he feels that all “illegal aliens” in this country should self-deport – he also considers all Hispanics and Blacks as the majority of his 47 percent of people not paying taxes, i.e. freeloaders who feel entitled to government support, food, and healthcare – but then he attends a Univision event and acts like he is their best friend.

He even brings one of his Spanish speaking sons to patronize the audience.

Of course he also brought up the fact that his father was born in Mexico (to his American grandparents) and said that it would be better for his campaign if he was born to Mexican parents.

The sad thing is that Republican governors in swing states are doing everything possible legally and otherwise to minimize voting by minorities – blacks and Hispanics – because the fewer of “those kind” voting, the greater chance he will win the election.

In Montgomery, Alabama, back on December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a black woman, was arrested because she was sitting in the “white” front section of the bus and refused to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus.

This week, Univision threw Barack Obama under the bus by caving in to Mitt “My way or the Highway” Romney.

I believe the mainstream media will pick up on this story because it already is all over the internet.  After they fact check the events that night, the Hispanic community and the rest of America will see again how much of a “little spoiled rich kid” Mitt Romney really is.

Keep in mind this is the same Mitt Romney, who as a prep school student, chose to attack and tackle a fellow student who was one year behind him – this younger student had long blond hair and was perceived to be “gay”, so Romney, with his friends holding the younger boy down, repeatedly clipped the boy’s hair with a pair of scissors.  It was premeditated because fellow students saw Romney leave his room with the scissors.

Romney conveniently forgets the event but 5 students – all professionals today – acknowledge in great detail the events that day.  Oh, 4 of the students chose to come out in public about what Romney did while one student asked to remain anonymous.

So, was that a harmless prank or a warning of things that would follow?

Firing over 6,000 individuals in 4 companies, ripping off cash from those same companies, raiding the pension funds, and cancelling worker healthcare are not pranks either.


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