Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 25, 2012

It is not what Ann Romney said; it is what she didn’t say – and why she didn’t say it.

When Ann Romney said, “Stop it” – she was telling the media, the Democratic opposition, and even some in her own party to stop picking on her hubby.  Here is the link:

The above link has a video as well as text below it describing Ann’s pity party sob story.

Lately, Ann Romney is trying to make average Americans think she is one of them – that she and Mitt had rough times while they were in college.

To that I say – she and Mitt had a big chunk of money that they spread out over their college years.  They did not have to work to buy books or pay for tuition.

Mitt is now saying that he cares about all Americans and not just the 53 percent supposedly who are working and paying taxes.

On a side note, if a family of four is making say, $24,000 a year and they take their deductions and exceptions based on the size of their family, it might end up that they owe no taxes and in fact they might get a refund on the taxes they paid all year long.  But, even if that happens, they still paid their portion of FICA and Medicare and those amounts represent a higher percentage than the percentage Mitt is paying in taxes.

To that I say that Mitt and his wife care about those White Americans who are in the upper half of the income earners in America.  I am confident he could care less about those Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks in the lower middle class and the working poor in America.

Ann Romney, in her latest rants, reached out to women in hopes of having more women to vote for Mitt – even though I cannot understand even one woman voting for Mitt – except for Ann, of course.  Here is the link about Ann reaching out to “dumb” lady voters.

Ann Romney, in the same rant, reached out to Hispanics – trying to make them believe that her husband will be there for them – yea, right, the same Mitt who wants all of them to self-deport.

Here is the link where she “lectures” Latino’s, not Hispanics – about who best will meet their needs – the same Latinos Mitt refers to as “illegal aliens.”

So what did Ann NOT say?  She did not reach out to Blacks, which does not surprise me.

The Mormon Church treats some dark skinned people differently from others.

Ann and Mitt are Mormons and their Mormon Church finds the dark skin of the American Indian and Hispanics to be an undesirable trait and a physical characteristic that denotes moral and spiritual failure – but neither was denied priesthood in the church was never denied.  Maybe that is why Ann Romney reached out to Hispanics because they are “marginally” acceptable.

Blacks, on the other hand, were not permitted to serve in the church until the 70’s, when the federal government was cracking down on educational institutions for discriminating by taking away their tax exempt status.  All of a sudden, a “miracle” happened – the Mormon leader at the time had a vision and guidance from God to change their position on Blacks.  Is it possible that the color of money made them change their treatment of black people of color?  I think so.

I believe that Ann Romney carefully avoided reaching out to Blacks because of racial bias – however, if she felt for one minute that Mitt needed another 5 percent of Americans for her hubby to win, I believe Ann would drive her Cadillac through inner cities across the country to throw out $100 dollar bills to buy black votes.  She would probably first go to a tanning salon to darken her skin and maybe get her hair braided to fit in – not much different than Mitt either visiting a tanning salon or getting some serious sun before his interview with Univision.

Even though Blacks are now “allowed” to enter the priesthood in the Mormon Church, Mormon scriptures still have the status of divine revelation for the LDS Church and refer to dark skin as a curse, or that which is to be despised.

The references are Pearl of Great Price – Book of Moses 7:8; Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 5:21, 22; Alma 3:6; Mormon 5:15.

The LDS Church has neither removed nor repudiated these passages.

Wow, one could almost feel the pain that Ann feels – imagine her seeing blacks in her church that the Book of Mormon still curses and despises in print – knowing full well the votes of those despised individuals could put Mitt in the White House.

So, what is one to do – that is easy – let the Republican governors in swing states deny as many of these cursed people from voting because if they are not inclined to vote for Mitt, then everything will be done to make sure they do not vote for Barack Obama – another individual the Book of Mormon still despises.

Mitt is so out of touch with average Americans that he even said that if people want to start a business they should ask their parents for a loan.  Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, said at the Democratic Convention said how he felt about Mitt’s naiveté – most people wanting to start a business do not have well-off parents to come up with startup costs – mostly because they were not born into wealth.  Castro’s mother was holding down three jobs to make ends meet.  Quite an accomplishment for a person, by Romney’s viewpoint, supposedly did nothing all day and waited for a welfare check and food stamps.  There are many individuals in the 47 percent that Romney refers to who get up earlier than Mitt does and are still working well after the sun goes down, while  Mitt is still deciding how to invest his money in either the Cayman Islands or Bermuda or elsewhere.

To add insult to injury, banks are not loaning money to small business startups.  Instead, big banks are gambling with a variety of negotiable financial instruments – case in point, one large banking corporation lost over $6 billion dollars gambling in markets.  That bank and others doing the same things should lose their designation as banks and instead be required to reclassify themselves as gambling casinos and not be allowed to be bailed out by taxpayers.

Mitt, when talking about vehicles, makes sure to talk about the Dodge he had AND the Ford AND the Chevy he had.  He might have had all various points in time, but he uses the brands to make everyone happy.  Case in point – back him in a corner and ask him which truck was his favorite and he waffles the night away so he does not offend anyone.

I am sure he would tell organic farmers that he is a vegetarian and then tell cattle farmers he eats a steak every day.

He is so afraid of alienating anyone because it might mean losing one vote.  He waffles on everything – no, he lies about every subject. Maybe half the time he is telling the truth but you don’t know which time is true and which time is a lie.

He will not state his position on anything – income tax deductions, Medicare, Social Security, gay marriage, health care, tax cuts and almost every divisive issue.

He feels that if he can duck giving his opinion on anything important he can trick both sides into believing he is on their side.

That is a pretty smart strategy if he can get away with it – except for one thing – at some point, he is going to have to get off the fence – eventually he will need to say I am going to buy a Ford or a Chevy or a Dodge – if two of the dealers get mad at him, then so be it.

But the stakes are higher than choosing what car will be in your driveway.

If Mitt is going to give more tax cuts to those making over $250,000, then the 60 – 75 percent of Americans who make less than that need to know, especially if their taxes are going up in the process.

If Mitt wants to deceive everyone and keep them in the dark then he does not deserve to be in the White House.

A person either believes in global warming or does not.

A person either believes in God or doesn’t.

A person is either pro-choice or not.

A person is either for same-sex marriage or not.

A person is either for the death penalty or not.

A person is either for ObamaCare or not. (I know a person can like part of it while disliking another part of it).

So, let’s do a little question and answer. (My questions and you come up with your answer – don’t tell me, just think about my questions and think about your answers.)

  1. If Romney said he was going to reduce taxes on those making over $250,000 and raise taxes on the 47 percent of Americans he perceives to be free loaders who feel they are entitled, would you vote for Romney?
  2. If Romney said he would support an amendment to the Constitution preventing same sex marriage, would you vote for Romney?
  3. If Romney said he wants Roe v. Wade overturned and wanted an amendment to the constitution banning abortions for any reason – even the life of the mother, would you vote for Romney?
  4. If Romney said he was going to raise the age for Social Security and make changes that would make Medicare more expensive for seniors, would you vote for Romney?
  5. If Romney said he was going to take away the mortgage interest deduction for the first $15,000, which would drastically hurt middle income Americans, would you vote for Romney?
  6. If Romney said he was going to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety and replace it with nothing, would you vote for Romney?
  7. If Romney said he was going to replace Medicare with a voucher system – for everyone – including those already on Medicare, would you vote for Romney?
  8. If Romney admitted there is nothing he can really do about reducing unemployment, would you vote for Romney?
  9. If Romney said he would raise Social Security and Medicare payroll deductions to help make them solvent, would you vote for Romney?

Okay, I want everyone to be sure here.  I do not believe the questions represent Romney’s positions – nor do I believe his positions are different – mainly because I do not know his position on almost everything important.

Also, most Americans do not know either.  So, why would anyone vote for Romney until they know his positions on all the serious issues that affect all of us?

Just to be sure, here is where I stand.

I am for ObamaCare because if helps families with college age students – especially if parents lose their jobs they can still get healthcare.  Also, it takes away the free rides that are going on in the country – everyone will have to pay something for healthcare – even the lower income individuals will have to pay something.

I am pro-choice because I believe in a woman’s right to choose – her choice is her choice and not my choice to make for her – nor should it be the governments choice to make. I am not pro-abortion – only a woman’s right to choose.

I am against a woman having to watch an ultrasound before terminating a pregnancy.  I also feel an abortion should be allowed when the mother’s life is in danger or if done soon enough in cases of rape and incest.

I am for same sex marriage because it does not invalidate “straight” marriages.  Why should a straight couple feel threatened because there is a gay couple in front of them in line in the courthouse to be married by a magistrate?  Maybe straight couples might be embarrassed if same sex marriages statistically last longer than straight marriages.

I am for repealing the Bush tax cuts implemented in 2001 – they did not encourage rich Americans to create more jobs or to hire more people.  I feel the entire law should be repealed and new tax cuts should be enacted for those making less than $500,000.  Those making over $500,000 were doing quite well before 2001 – thank you very much.

I am for returning combat veterans being giving extra consideration for jobs.  They should not be given a job strictly because they were in combat, but it should be a factor in the selection process.

I am for a draft so that all Americans when reaching 18 years of age have some kind of military or Peace Corps or other kind of civic or volunteer service for two years.  If our country chooses to go to war, then everyone’s kid should serve in some capacity.  The kids of billionaires and millionaires should not be able to go to the Harvard’s and MIT’s or anywhere else to college while the kids of middle Americans are shipped off to die.

I am for closing loopholes where the rich can hide money offshore in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, or anywhere else.  There are enough ways to invest right here in America – CD’s, Money Markets, Stocks, Options, Futures, REITS, and the like.

I believe we are damaging our planet and that our use of fossil fuels is partially to blame for global warming – but some of it is happening naturally and in cycles.  How can anyone think all our trucks and factories and airplanes and instruments of war are not harming our planet?  How about all the dumping of chemicals and waste in our oceans and how it affects our long-term future?

Another thing I am for is taking away the capability of pulling only one lever in the polling booth to vote straight ticket.  If you want to vote for 2 people, pull 2 levers, if you want to vote for 20 people and 10 referendums, pull 30 levers.

If you are too lazy to do that, then stay the hell home and watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie.

Tough crap if you are double-parked or you are going out to eat or you have three more stops to make.  Voting is serious business.  If you only want to pull the lever for President, then pull it – but then every other race will not be voted upon.

Voting is your choice – if you don’t want to vote, then don’t vote – however, if you want to vote, take it serious and make the individual choices you want to make.

Keep in mind that there are many things on the ballot that pulling only one lever does not address.  If you insist on pulling one lever, take the time to scroll down to the bottom to see if you are missing something important.

I also believe that each and every American of legal voting age has the right to vote – Students, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, rich, poor, old, young, atheists, and believers – and no group or individual should have the right to prevent another person from voting.



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  2. Kevin,
    Nice job with the blog, I agree with you it is our right to vote who we want in the office. So if we give up on fossil fuels what do we use corn and other crops that we grow food for to eat. I weather see us start drilling for more for oil in this country and get away from the Mid- East for our oil.

    We are using more corn in make gasoline than framers grow for the markets granted you do have the farmers that do grow the corn for the farmers markets around the country.

    If i was as rich as these people I would want to have off shore accounts also but as soon as that money is moved back into this country you have to pay taxes on it.

    I like Obamacare but he says its not a tax well we have to pay for it some how and being tax is the easiest way to pay for it.

    I am think marriage should between one man and women but on the other hand I also think that there should be same sex cilvil marriage for them. Thay should also get the same tax breaks as a married couple do. If they decided to break up they should be allowed to and nail there partner in court.

    We used to have select a draft when I was 18 I had to sign up for it. Why can’t our government bring that back? Other countries do it so why don’t we.

    For a finally not when I go into a voting booth I personally read the whole ballot. I don’t always vote a stright party. You are right Kevin I think people today take it very lightly on voting today and it is a very important thing that we need to take it more seriously on what we are voting on in our country and states.

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