Posted by: kevinfortruth | September 28, 2012

Many of the 47% are White – and it’s almost 50/50 that you are in that group.

Romney is trying to divide the country into two groups – freeloaders who depend on some kind of government check – or checks – to exist – and everyone else.  Subliminally he is trying to tell all Whites that the freeloaders and the needy are Blacks or Hispanics in an obvious effort to divide the Democrat vote and cause class warfare.

There are considerably fewer Republican voters in America than there are Democratic voters, so if Romney can get low income and middle income White Democrats to cross over and vote Republican, he wins – game, set, match.

The problem with his game plan and his logic is he has no idea about the demographics of the 47 percent – in fact, some of the 47 percent are large corporations who pay no taxes at all. How is that even possible for an American company to make billions of dollars, yet pay nothing in income taxes?  I am sure Romney will have a valid explanation because he hob nobs and rubs shoulders with corporate elites all the time.

In my opinion, these are some of the individuals that make up the 47 percent.

  1. The majority of our military in the enlisted ranks are in the 47 percent because they receive government paychecks and also various kinds of government assistance.  In addition, when they are stationed in high cost of living areas across our country, thanks to their low salaries, children of enlisted military are sometimes eligible for free school lunches and the families are sometimes eligible for food stamps and/or debit cards to be used at grocery stores.  Some of these enlisted “freeloaders”, Mr. Romney, come home in caskets while fighting the wars you and your sons do not have to concern yourselves with – the same wars you never mentioned at your convention.  I guess our “freeloading” troops are out of your sight and out of your mind.
  2. Tens of millions of retired seniors, of all colors, are receiving Social Security checks – representing money they paid into the system all their working lives.  These individuals, even though the majority of them no longer are working full time, are proud Americans and resent being categorized as needy.
  3. Tens of millions of families fall into this category as well, even though they consist of full time workers.  Unfortunately, many of them make minimum wage or less and when their family size is factored in, they do not owe any federal taxes.  They do, however pay their FICA and their Medicare taxes, so, in many cases, their tax rates are greater than Mitt Romney’s effective tax rate.  By the way, Mitt, you could prove me wrong on your tax rate if you would release your tax filings for the years 2003 – 2010.  What could you possibly be hiding, Mitt?  Maybe some creative accounting that categorized some of your income as dividends so you could save 20 percent on your taxes.  Mitt, Mitt, Mitt!
  4. Many others in the 47 percent represent the working poor – those families who are working hard to get off of welfare but still need a little help with daycare expenses or even food stamps – but at least they are working and doing their best to lift themselves up.
  5. There are many working poor seniors who are too proud to sit back and take a handout – some of these are people who worked for companies that Romney and Bain ransacked – even though they will tell you they bought the companies to help them – Bain charged high management fees, raided their available cash and pension funds, cancelled health care and ultimately fired people close to retirement – all without batting an eye.  Many are receiving some kind of state funded aid and federal aid but many proud seniors will be found bagging your groceries at your neighborhood grocery store or cleaning tables at your fast food restaurant.

Again, I do not know the gender breakdown – nor do I know exactly what percentage of the 47 percent are White, Hispanic, African-American, or other ethnicities but what I do know is that the majority are not sitting on their laurels.

We are in a trickle down economy and that applies to jobs as well. When teachers or programmers or fire fighters or police or librarians are laid off, after looking for jobs that match their skills and educational background and not finding one – they seek a lower skilled and even a lower paying job.  That makes perfect sense but what then happens is that a lesser skilled or lesser educated person is beat out for the job.

Eventually, all degreed individuals get trickled down jobs – even manual labor jobs and jobs in the restaurant industry – once a bastion for those with high school degrees or less.

So, why does Romney think that all the “freeloaders” are Black or Hispanic or even American Indians?

Maybe the answer to the above question is in Mormon scripture.

American Indians and Hispanics and blacks from Africa have always been treated “differently” by the Mormon Church, comprised by mostly white Americans. Oh, I am being nice when I say “differently”.

Mormons believe American Indians came from Native Americans descended from Israelites and traveled by boat to North America in 600 BCE where God darkened their skin and made them sinful, polluted, blood-thirsty savages.

Hispanics are not held in much higher esteem – in fact, Hispanics, because of their dark skin, are considered to be those of moral and spiritual failure.

Mormons, however have never denied American Indians or Hispanics of entering the priesthood in the Mormon Church.

So again, American Indians and Hispanics, even though they have low morals and are spiritual failures they can join the church and even enter the priesthood because hopefully they will tithe and make the church wealthier in the process.

Blacks, on the other hand are the worst of them all – God obviously made them darker so they would stand out in the eyes of the Mormons – no priesthood for them until the IRS and the U. S. Attorney General put the squeeze on the church because of their racist position – then the head of the Mormon Church received a Tweet or an Email or an IM from God telling him that he probably should let Blacks in or they would lose their tax exempt status.

Maybe the Mormon God, in addition to the Tweet or Email or IM, also sent a “Wink Wink” to say that we will “allow” the Blacks into the priesthood but we will still show our prejudice in our scripture.

The white Mormons will always see the official church position on American Indians, Hispanics, and Blacks in Mormon scripture and will know in their heart that they are sitting next to dark skinned inferior individuals.  Well, at least they tithe and you don’t have to have them over for dinner, right?

How would you like to be one of those three groups and sitting during worship your kids read some scripture that told of them being inferior and of lower morals and spiritual failures? Wow, what a kick in the teeth, right?

It is amazing that Republicans, again mostly white, were so critical of Obama’s minister Jeremiah Wright for saying Americans should not sing “God Bless America” but instead should sing “God Damn America” instead.

Maybe the Republicans passed all the voter id laws in swing states in tribute to the Mormon faith – because if the Mormon scripture still thinks so little of people of color “we” simply will do everything possible to prevent them from voting.

In closing, if I were a dark skinned American there are two things I would not do – I would not vote Republican and I would surely never join the Mormon Church.


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