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A little good and a lotta bad about Mitt “I supported the draft” Romney

I was quite surprised to read that Mitt Romney was for the draft during the Vietnam Era.  It initially sounded great to me – someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth wanting everyone to take their turn in a senseless war where over 50 thousand American’s died – not to mention over a million Vietnamese lives lost – between North and South Vietnam.

I was fine with Mitt’s position until I found out he got a deferment because of his Mormon religion.  Well, not only did he get a 30 month deferment because he was serving as a missionary in France, he also got a combined 36 months of deferments before and after France because he was a student.

Except for the fact that over 55,000 Americans died in combat or combat related illnesses, I have an appreciation for one doing the Lord’s work.  As far as granting college deferments, I am not as okay with avoiding combat for educational reasons – but let’s give him a pass on that as well.

So we have a young Mormon, while the U. S. is in a major multi-year war, getting deferment after deferment after deferment – yet, he spoke out supporting the draft.  He didn’t burn the American flag – nor did he protest at Kent State – nor did he run off to Canada – he just went elsewhere – just like he has moved his money for decades to avoid paying his share of taxes.

So, Mitt “when the going gets tough” Romney, sure knows how to avoid paying his fair share in taxes and he sure knows how to run away for religious and educational purposes instead of patriotically supporting his country by serving in combat.

For those who don’t know, Mitt could also have volunteered for the Navy or the Air Force or even the Coast Guard or the Merchant Marine and probably would have not been shipped to a war zone.

I voluntarily entered the Air Force upon graduation from High School in 1962 and I was stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware for six years where I worked intimately with the Dover AFB Mortuary as part of a team that reshipped thousands of military remains to their ultimate destinations in the states.

My feelings on the matter shifted abruptly when I saw two significantly different quotes attributed to Mitt in 1994 and 2007.

When Mitt “the consummate liar” Romney was running for the Massachusetts Senate in 1994, he was quoted by the Boston Herald as saying, “I was not planning on signing up for the military.  It was not my desire to go off and serve in Vietnam, but nor did I take any actions to remove myself from the pool of young men who were eligible for the draft.”

Keep in mind that the above quote was made while he was running for a state campaign in 1994.

Fast forward to 2007 – when Mitt was running for President of the United States for the first time – he realized that he had to rethink his earlier position about his desire, or lack thereof, of serving in combat in Vietnam and come up with a much better story that would work on a national stage.

So, he talked to Boston Globe this time – instead of the Boston Herald – I don’t know if speaking to a different paper made him comfortable enough to lie, but he said that he did not recall “thinking about political positions when I was knocking at the door in France.  I longed in many respects to actually be in Vietnam and be representing our country there and in some ways it was frustrating,” he said.

I feel that if Mitt Romney “longed in many respects to actually be in Vietnam” that he could have told that to his church and they would have understood.  He also could have told his mother and father and even though they might not have agreed with Mitt’s desires or even his questionable patriotism, they would have respected his decision and allowed him to sign up.

With all that said, I am sure the above quotes prove Mitt has lied again – this time a lie of epic proportions.  I won’t insult everyone here by saying he told a “whopper” because that would be making light of a serious issue of serving in our military.  It would also be like someone returning from a fishing trip talking about the huge fish that got away – when in fact he never tossed his line in the water at all.

Something is fishy here and it is not the fish that got away – it is the fishy person who is at the head of the ticket of the Republican Party.

Some people laugh off Mitt Romney – but the issue is bigger than laughter – it is not that Mitt waffles on his positions – he actually lies and tries to get away with it.

Mitt is the worst kind of liar – tens of thousands of families saw their sons and daughters come home in body bags – some other parents and wives and husbands and kids are wondering if some of their soldier’s bodies will ever be found in the jungles of Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia.

But we know where Mitt Romney was while all the dying was taking place in Vietnam.  Here is proof as to where he was and just how much fun he was having.

Mitt was in France.  Here is a picture of him where he just finished making a huge heart in the sand for the love of his live.

Mitt on a beach in France while thousands were dying in Vietnam

Oh, a beach in France – that reminds me of other beaches in France – Normandy to be specific where 9,387 were buried in a cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach.

From what I make of all this is that we lost over 50,000 soldiers in Vietnam and almost 10,000 soldiers in Normandy, France almost 40 years earlier.  Some of these soldiers volunteered for active duty, while others were drafted – either way, none of these 60,000 patriotic dead Americans ran off to France to draw hearts in the sand.  The soldiers on Omaha Beach left their hearts in France – never to see their loved ones again – Mitt drew a heart in the sand on a beach in France only to return to his family shortly after – only to take advantage of yet another deferment or two to avoid Vietnam.

So, exactly who is Mitt Romney?

So far I have come to the conclusion that he is the most un-American person ever running for higher office because;

  1.  He enjoys buying companies, charging them excessive management fees, raiding their piggy banks, raiding their pension funds, cancelling their health care, firing the employees and then moving their manufacturing overseas.  All in the name of profits.
  2. He and Bain Capital also dismantled another U.S. company and shipped all the production and manufacturing capability overseas so the same products could be manufactured in China.  Bain also imported Chinese Workers to the U.S. before the dismantling began so the American workers could train their replacements so they could go back to China skilled enough to do the work.  Talk about adding insult to injury.
  3. Mitt Romney does everything humanely possible to minimize his taxes – he has an office full of tax attorneys and accountants to move and sometimes hide his money in overseas accounts, some secret, to duck paying his fair share – just like he ducked the draft.

Maybe he should be called, Mitt “The Ducker” Romney?



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    • Hi Emily; thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice words.

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  4. It might be interesting for you to cover the greatest of all draft dodgers, Willie Clinton. I know he doesn’t fib at all but try to do your best to show you’re not highly partisan!

    • The issue is not about Bill Clinton being a draft dodger – Clinton did not serve in the military – that is a given. Mitt Romney lies and he lies at the drop of a hat. He was quoted in two different Boston newspapers, years apart, in one where he said that he really desired to REPRESENT our country in Vietnam – you do not represent your country, you SErVE your country. and when tens of thousands were going to Vietnam, Mitt was running off to France. Later, in another newspaper article, he said he had no desire to serve in the military.

      Mitt lies with total disregard for what he said a minute or an hour, or a day, or however long he said the opposite.

      Mitt is the worst kind of draft dodger – He got 5 deferments. He kept getting them and he had the audacity to say he really wanted to represent our country – bullshit.

      • Also, Mitt is a Bishop in the Mormon Church and if he is the poster child for Mormon Truth, God help the Mormon Church.

        Even his wife lies – almost as well as Mitt does. She said on the View that Mitt missed her so much when he was in France that he got so sick he was admitted to the hospital. Well, he got into the hospital NOT because he missed her – it was because he was in a head on accident.

        These two were one lie from getting into the White House. Thank God they were found out ahead of time.

  5. Kevin,

    Very interesting post! How about the facts about Obama now; that could prove to be even more interesting…

    Rob Struck
    Vietnam Combat Vet 1970-71

    • Hey Rob; Thanks for your comment and taking the time to read my blog.

      As to facts you are looking for about Obama, if you could give me a general direction I will do my best. Regarding the Vietnam era, Obama was too young to even take a side on the draft or not.

      I was only talking about Romney’s position because he was quite vocal FOR the draft while he was getting deferment after deferment.

      Obama never joined the military like so many others but he supports the troops – as well as his wife and Jill Biden and as you know, Joe Biden’s son went to Iraq for a year (I believe a year).

      Romney has 5 sons and they will never serve.

      I was only trying to contrast Omaha Beach against Romney on the beach and the one million plus troops, including you, who served in Vietnam while Mitt was off to France. Even that would not have been so bad if he didn’t say conflicting things.
      Another thing, he said: “I longed in many respects to actually be in Vietnam and be representing our country there and in some ways it was frustrating,” he said.

      Lastly, I never heard anyone say I want to be “representing” our country there – they might say “I want to “serve” my country there. Olympic athletes represent their country – maybe he was equating Vietnam to the Olympics.

      Oh, by the way, when you were serving in the 1st Air Cav in Vietnam (70-71), I was in Panama as an AF transportation specialist and I was providing transportation arrangements for the Tropical Survival School at Albrook AFB for U.S. military personnel before they went to Vietnam. Also, the school trained our “allies” in Central and South America and I routed them back to their home countries. (it was not Vietnam, but I did what I could for all the troops who came to Panama for training.)

      Thanks again, Kevin

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