Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 1, 2012

When I get it wrong, I admit it. Update on Mormon Scripture on peoples of color.

While researching Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church regarding the church’s position on people of color – American Indians, Hispanics, and Blacks, I read dozens and dozens of references that went into great detail about how the scripture negatively and insultingly described each group specifically.

Last night, I searched some of the scripture in more detail and I found another group of articles that talked about how the Mormon Church updated those references – in effect “scrubbing” their negative comments.

The date, or dates, changes were made to Mormon scripture to soften its stand on peoples of color – especially blacks, is not known but it has been estimated between 2007 and 2010.

So, blacks were not allowed priesthood until 1978, the same year agencies of the U. S. Government were looking into the church – and conveniently there was a revelation and the church’s position changed.

Fast forward to 2007 – 2010 and Mitt is running twice for the presidency – and conveniently Mormon scripture is changed to erase all the negative wording on peoples of color – especially Hispanics and Blacks.

Could it be because those two groups represent almost 50 percent of Americans and having those groups informed of the negative view of them written in Mormon scripture would result in fewer people of color voting for Romney?

It is not that ALL blacks and Hispanics vote as a block but because the majority of blacks and Hispanics are middle income and less they share similar concerns about the economy, jobs, housing, and discrimination.

In closing, here are a few references – quite credible ones – that talk about what was in the scripture and how it was changed – including some time estimates that conveniently coincide with Mitt’s two presidential bids.,506065,506065,quote=1

This last link includes a lot of references about people of color and how they WERE referenced in Mormon scripture.  I am not sure if all of the references have since been “scrubbed.”

In closing, I would like to ask the Mormon Church this,

“If the Revelation in 1978 that resulted in Blacks being allowed in the Priesthood is true, why did it take almost 30 years until scripture references to peoples of color were changed?”

Also, was it another Revelation that led to the scripture changes or was it to “scrub” scripture because Mitt Romney was running for President of the United States?”



  1. Well done, A man humble enough to admit that he some times can be wrong
    You may be interested in Mark Twain’s description of Mormonisn ;
    Quote ; ” Choroform in print.”

    • No church has the truth. The truth is not a set doctrines but a way of life. The only person who had the truth was Jesus.
      HE LIVED IT!

    • Thank you Peter. I totally agree with your comment on “truth”. In the case of Mormon scripture – I found their version of the “truth” to be disingenuous because it appears they were tweaking their “truth” for political expedience.

  2. Kevin
    good job on the blog, I am glad to see that you can admit when you are wroung good job on all of your blogs.

    • Thanks Amiee; I don’t think I described sufficiently what I did wrong. I thought, wouthout checking, that the Mormon Church never changed their various scripture when they decided to permit blacks to the priesthood. I was partially correct but that was not good enough.

      The church did change the scripture sometime between 2007 and 2010 and I believe they toned down their quite negative racist comments about people of color – especially if they are black.

      My guess is that at soon as they knew that Mitt Romney was going to be on the national stage instead of being an elected official in Massachusetts they realized that Mitt and the Mormon Church would be more scrutanized.

      So, they quietly went out and toned down the scripture so it would not hurt Mitt Romney’s chances of being elected President of the United States.

      It didn’t help Mitt in 2008 and I sure hopetheir religious trickery doesn’t help him this time either.

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