Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 3, 2012

Should Mitt Romney bring scissors or maybe even Mormon scripture to the tonight’s debate?

One thing in Barack Obama’s favor is that he is usually seen as the same person with the same consistent ideology and level headedness – he is not a Moderate on Monday followed by a Ultra Liberal on Wednesday followed by a Socialist on Friday.

I have to admit that I am disappointed with Barack Obama because he made two specific promises to Americans and those promises are the two biggest reasons why I voted for him.

Barack promised to close Guantanamo (GITMO) in his first year of his presidency.  He also promised to roll back the Bush tax cuts – I am not sure if Obama gave an actual date that the tax cuts would be rolled back but that is not the issue – my assumption is that he would not let them stay in place until a second term because there were no guarantees going in that he would be reelected.

This is not a cop-out but I know decisions like closing GITMO are not made in a vacuum in the White House – the Pentagon has a significant say in closing GITMO and it might be possible that Obama made concessions to the Pentagon that resulted in GITMO staying open – I do not know – I wish I did.

Regarding the effort to rolling back the Bush tax cuts – it appears Obama chose to place more importance on comprehensive health care reform and I am glad he did, but he should have made more of an effort to either fully or partially roll back the Bush tax cuts.  Again, maybe he sacrificed tax cut rollbacks to get ObamaCare passed.  If that is the case I am even more disappointed because he theoretically paid the rich off to get his health care bill passed. I hope that is not the case because that would mean that he made two concessions, not one, to get health care reform passed.

Republicans, right out of the starting gate made a public statement to make their absolute top priority that of making Obama a one-term president.  The Republicans agreed in public and even more deviously in private to bring our country to a halt just to get their way.  For them to put everything else on the back burner was un-American on their part.

I am sure the subject of Republican obstructionism will be part of one or all debates between Obama and Romney as well as the one debate between Biden and Ryan.

It will be interesting to see the zingers thrown from the right and how they are countered from the left.

Because Obama is the incumbent, he will take the high road and not throw zingers – even though he probably would love to.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is a pure wise guy – a cocky arrogant condescending elitist who thrives on taking anyone to task he perceives to be inferior in any way.

So, what tools will Romney have in his arsenal for the first debate?

He could bring a pair of scissors with him so he could humiliate Obama by tackling him and cutting off his hair.  No, that wouldn’t work because Obama does not have golden locks that he can grab at and cut repeatedly until visible clumps of hair are seen on stage.

Another reason why the scissors would not work is that Mitt Romney cannot do anything alone.  When Romney was in school he had a group of his friends hold a fellow student down while Mitt cut his hair – which means Mitt is not man enough to do his own dirty work.  Sure Mitt did the actual deed but his thugs made sure the victim could not fight back in any way shape or form.  That surprises me because Mitt looks like he is a rock – handsome, tall, and probably in fairly good shape physically.  Little did I know that Mitt is really an empty vessel – one who needs a crowd or a gang to make sure he gets his way.

So, what is Mitt to do?

Well, he could quote Mormon scripture.

There are numerous written words in Mormon scripture that clearly state that “blacks” are inferior to whites – especially Mormon whites.  Maybe if Mitt quotes scripture and Obama hears some of those twisted racially charged biblical words it will make him feel like he is no competition to Mitt and  adversely affect his ability to effectively debate Mitt.

The risk Mitt might run into is that he is already on record talking about the 47 percent and even though Mitt did not say so, my guess is that in Mitt’s eyes, he assumes most of the freeloaders in America are black – with a good amount of Hispanics thrown in.  So, quoting racial Mormon scripture might actually backfire.  Be careful Mitt, be careful.

So, one of the only things left for Mitt are zingers – and plenty of them.  Everyone remembers Ronald Regan’s zingers to Jimmy Carter, “There you go again” and “Are you better off than you were four years ago.”

We all remember Lloyd Bentsen’s zinger to Dan Quale, “You’re no Jack Kennedy.”

The problem with zingers is that they need to be delivered naturally and not as something appearing to be memorized or read off an index card.

Mitt will probably try to memorize a dozen or more zingers but he will stand the risk of coming off condescending or even worse like he was waiting for an exact moment to blurt out something he was eagerly awaiting to say.  If any are done in haste and appear calculating, they could backfire.

To me, Romney comes across as one of those wise guys you love to hate in mob movies – whether they be about the Mafia or the Russian mob or other ethnic groups trying to control illegal drugs, prostitution, or gun running.

If Romney comes across as too sarcastic or hateful or cocky or condescending or even arrogant – he might be thought of as a white racist putting down the black man – trying to run him out of town.

That kind of cockiness is not working for Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts with his insults against Elizabeth Warren. The situation got worse for Senator Brown when several of his campaign workers were filmed doing a “tomahawk chop” dance to protest Warren’s Indian heritage.

It also is not working for Senate candidate Todd Akin in Missouri against Senator Claire McCaskill when he referred to her as acting less ladylike.

It also did not work for Republican George Allen a few years ago when he used a racial slur, “Macaca”, against a worker of Jim Webb.

Zingers are usually used by those who are losing or are perceived to be losing.  Their vessel is empty and they default to becoming wise guys.

One thing about the possibility of either Romney or even Ryan using a version of Reagan’s “Are you better off” quote – is it could backfire, especially if Obama or Biden countered with, “No we are not and that is partially due to Republicans like Mitch McConnell saying, “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President.”

For a senior Republican senator, like Mitch McConnell to say that is to also accept partial blame for things not getting done during Obama’s presidency.

Keep in mind, Mitt and Paul, that even though Obama and Biden are the incumbents, they are sharp enough to smell skunks trying to outshine them by using zingers and they are more than capable of responding with responses to make sure those zingers backfire.

I shouldn’t be doing this, but Mitt and Paul, you will do well if you stick with exactly what the two of you want to do FOR America.  Lay out your plans in excruciating detail – don’t take the low road – Americans are hungry to hear your plans and they will vote for or against the two of you depending on how well you tell Americans exactly what you intend on doing for them and America.

But, unfortunately, neither of you are capable of telling the truth – both of you have been caught in lie after lie after lie – so maybe it is best for you to continue doing what you do best – and that is simply, “Keep lying.”


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