Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 12, 2012

If Romney and Ryan do not have time to explain positions, we shouldn’t find time to vote for them.

I hope everyone in America votes – yes, everyone – Republicans, Democrats, Independents, whites, blacks, Hispanics, and every other nationality and ethnicity.  I also hope peoples of all religions vote and I hope those who are not believers vote as well.

Everyone of legal age should be encouraged and allowed to vote – yes, that includes students, seniors, and even our military – after all, it is our military that fights wars to defend our freedoms – one of which is free elections.

I will go one step further – I believe people who have committed felonies and have served their time and have been released, should have their rights restored to vote in local, state, and national elections.  After all, they did the crime, served their time, and now that they are back in society they should be able to vote.  I know that the last statement on felons is controversial, but after all, they are back in the mainstream and if they are paying taxes they should be able to determine political outcomes.

It is obvious that Republicans want to minimize voter turnout because there are less registered Republicans than Democrats and Independents.  So, what Republicans have done – especially in this election – is to pass legislation mostly in swing states to restrict access to students, blacks, Hispanics, and seniors – by hook or crook.  Many of the laws passed have been overturned but some of the laws will be still in force at election time and might result in Republicans stealing a state or two – hopefully not enough to turn the election Republican.

Along with having the right to vote comes the responsibility of evaluating the candidates and voting for the one who best represents your values and your best interests – within reason.  Keep in mind that voting is a right – not a requirement – but if one does not vote, that person loses the right to complain about what is happening.

One thing I recommend for everyone mentioned above is for them to find out a candidate’s exact positions on all issues you are interested in – anything from taxes to welfare to abortion to Affirmative Action to Social Security to Medicare to our wars to closing Guantanamo to torture to renditioning to our use of drone warfare to same sex marriage.

I am very disgusted that the Republican candidates for top office in the United States are being evasive on all major issues.  In addition, when talking in generalities on some major issues they say “A” on Tuesday and “B” on Thursday.

Just to be sure, I have changed my position on different subjects but only after doing research or becoming more informed – I do not state one position and then take the opposite position based on who I am sitting with.

Vote for who you want to vote for – just be careful – keep in mind that if one party is being evasive, they might not have your interest at heart.

Believe me, the Romney / Ryan ticket is only concerned with those individuals in America making seven figure incomes and higher (which is a minimum of $1 million dollars)

Loosely translated, they only care about millionaires and billionaires – the rest can come and go and they will not bat an eye or lift a finger to help those making less.

Romney and Ryan absolutely do not care about the 47 percent – for sure, but they also are not concerned with another 28 – 33 percent – which translates to 75 – 80 percent of Americans.

So, I suggest taking the time to find out what category you fall in.

If you are an American Indian or Hispanic or African-American – forget it, you are not in their “club.”

Go to the nearest Mormon Church and you will see the token black family or Hispanic family and in some Mormon Churchs you might even see an American Indian or two – but believe me, all of these are rarities.  Keep in mind that the Mormon Church is where Mitt Romney worships.  This same church has had scripture that very negatively put down blacks, Hispanics and American Indians for decades and decades.  Recently, the Mormon Church quietly rewrote all those negative references about minorities – interestingly enough, these changes were secretly changed just before Mitt Romney’s last run for President in 2008.  Romney has NEVER critized his church’s position toward minorities – therefor, in my estimation, that makes Romney a racist and that should disqualify him for higher office – considering half of the United States is made up of minorities.  His 47 percent speech to a private crowd of donors proves my point.

If you are low income and White, you are still a nuisance to them.

If you are middle income and White, you can be tolerated but you still do not matter to them.

So, who is left?

Billionaires and Millionaires and those who are diligently working toward becoming millionaires – either by hard work or by hook and crook.

Mitt demanded 10 years of Paul Ryan’s taxes, yet Mitt only provided one year – and reluctantly provided another year when pressured.  What is he hiding?

My guess is that Mitt made a lot of his money by working hard but I believe he also added to his fortune by hook and crook – I believe not only did he take advantage of every possible loophole; he claimed a significant part of his income as dividends and saved an additional 20 percent in the process.

The IRS is looking at Bain Capital and if they determine that tax law was violated, there will be a big sucking sound of money being extracted from the Cayman Islands to pay back the IRS.

Romney and Ryan are being evasive and that is intentional for a reason.  If their absolute position was known clearly by average American voters, not one person in the middle class or the working poor would vote for them.

Romney / Ryan want to overturn Roe v. Wade, in effect making abortion illegal.

Romney / Ryan support Personhood – a position that says that a child is considered a person at conception – instead of when an unborn child can sustain life when delivered.  The problem with this extreme position is that it, by definition, will consider a doctor and the pregnant mother murders if they participate in an abortion.  Yes, murder, because if a woman gets pregnant on Friday night and takes a morning after pill on Saturday, she would be killing an unborn person.  The same holds true if she gets an abortion right after she finds out she is pregnant – say in the second month.  In addition, they will require a pregnant woman to have a mandatory ultrasound and be forced to view a beating heart so as to embarrass the mother into not continuing to the next step of getting an abortion.

Romney / Ryan want to defund Planned Parenthood – which would take away health care for millions of women in America.

Romney / Ryan want to replace Medicare with a voucher program – which would increase healthcare costs to seniors that would make it impossible for seniors to get reasonably priced healthcare.  Seniors are already having to decide to either pay for meds or electricity – to pay for groceries or rent – and they are choosing to put gas in their car or pay for clothes to put on their back.

Romney / Ryan want to give an additional 20 percent in tax cuts to the very rich – to be fair, they want to give the same cut to the middle class and the working poor – but 20 percent for billionaires is one large sum of money.  Keep in mind that these millionaires and billionaires received a huge tax cut in 2001 that is still in effect and that cut did not result in new jobs.

Romney / Ryan want to repeal ObamaCare because they feel that individuals with no healthcare should go to emergency rooms for any care they need.  Emergency Rooms cost significantly more to the government than regular doctor visits where preventative medicine can be provided – that would nip diseases and conditions in the bud before they result in emergency room visits.  This would make Emergency Room doctors become Primary Care Physicians to tens of millions of Americans.  Emergency Rooms are busy enough and do not need to be deluged by people who can be taken care of more economically with regular doctor office visits.

Romney / Ryan do not support the Lilly Ledbetter act – they do not feel that women should have equal pay for equal work with male counterparts.  These women are your wives, your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, your friends, and your neighbors.  They deserve equal pay.

Romney / Ryan want to further limit student loans – these loans help give average Americans the chance to get an education and compete with the kids of the very rich.  Rich kids get a free ride by their parents and do not graduate with the burden of student loans over their heads – average kids and kids of the working poor need low cost college loans to barely level the playing field.  To deny average Americans reasonably low cost student loans results in class warfare and helps make the rich kids get richer at the expense of everyone else.

For average Americans to simply throw up their hands and not vote will be telling Republicans that it is okay for them to pass laws that favor the rich, that it is okay for the rich to get richer at the expense of everyone else – the middle income Americans and the working poor, and that average Americans do not care about healthcare, taxes, abortion, student loans, and major programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Wake up America.  Turn off your televisions, log on to your computers – and if you do not have a computer – get in your car or bus or bicycle and go to your neighborhood library and get on the library computer and research candidates until your eyes burn from reading.

Even though all of us have paid into Social Security and Medicare all our working lives, if we sit on our posteriors and we do not stand up for ourselves, we deserve what Republicans will do to us if these two Shapeshifters get in office.

Shapeshifters are pretty cool when you see them in Science Fiction television shows and movies but they have no place in the White House.


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