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Clear Channel’s Racist Ohio billboards mostly in minority neighborhoods – the little known story.

Many people know little or nothing about Clear Channel Communications. The company was started in 1972 by Lowry Mays and Red McCombs, a well-known San Antonio auto dealer.

The company started out with one radio station in 1972 growing to over 1,100 stations and 700,000 outdoor advertising displays and billboards in 1999.

Clear Channel is no small potato – in 2006, Lowry Mays, as Chairman and CEO earned just under $5 million and his two sons – Mark as President and COO earned over $9.3 million and his brother Randall, as EVP and CFO earned over $9.2 million. I only show these figures to show that Clear Channel is a huge player in media and advertising.

Clear Channel has a long, long history of favoring Republicans – with political donations. In addition, since 9/11, Clear Channel has discriminated against some entertainers and their music by issuing playlists that excluded potentially “offensive” songs such as John Lennon’s, “Imagine”, Peter Paul and Mary’s, “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and Bobby Darin’s, “Mack the Knife”.

Wow, forcing those songs off the air sure made me feel safer. I wonder if Clear Channel petitioned to have the government put Peter, Paul, and Mary on a “do not fly” list.

It was also Clear Channel, in 2003, that pulled the Dixie Chicks songs from their play lists, i.e. banning all Dixie Chicks music on their radio stations just because Natalie Maines, their lead vocalist, said to a London audience, “we don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States [George W. Bush] is from Texas”.

Whether one agrees with what Natalie said or not I do not believe publically owned media companies should be able to ban entertainers because of political statements. I would have expected this in Germany or Egypt or Russia or even Pakistan, but NOT in our country where we profess we have the right to free speech.

At the time, Clear Channel’s vice-chairman was Tom Hicks, who also was chairman of the University of Texas Investment Management Company while George Bush was Governor of Texas. Incidentally, Lowry Mays, of Clear Channel fame, was on UT’s Investment Management Company’s board.

What a case of strange bedfellows, right?

In 2006, Clear Channel explored various ways to increase shareholder value. In October of that same year, Clear Channel went to Wall Street and retained Goldman Sachs as its financial advisor. One month later, in November, Clear Channel entered into an merger agreement with a private equity group led by – no other than – Bain Capital, YES, the company owned by Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

In 2008, the same year Mitt Romney first ran for President, Clear Channel announced the completion of the merger with an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of CC Media Holdings, Inc., a corporation formed by a private equity group co-led by Bain Capital Partners, LLC and Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P.

So let’s fast forward to 2012 and guess who is running for President – yes, Mitt Romney and his company Bain Capital Partners is now controlling Clear Channel, a media and entertainment company that owns over 850 radio stations and over 1 million outdoor displays in 45 countries and over 200,000 displays in the United States.

All of the above has been presented here to show everyone that Clear Channel has supported the Republican Party and its candidates much more than it has supported Democrats – and that is fine. Many companies lean one way or another – surely there is nothing wrong with that, unless it is done in a way to intimidate voters or even to suppress the vote.

Fast forward to 2012 and we find Mitt Romney running for President again. The big difference this election is that Bain Capital now has a “friend” in the radio and outdoor advertising businesses.

Clear Channel recently entered into a contract with an unnamed customer, who required in the contract, to remain anonymous. The majority of the billboards are in black neighborhoods in Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

So, Clear Channel wants us to all believe that they innocently agreed to a contract to display racially charged politically intimidating billboards in mostly black neighborhoods and it was a MISTAKE? They blame the mistake on the sales person who works for Clear Channel Outdoor. They do acknowledge it is not normal for a customer to insist on their name remaining anonymous.

How C-O-N-V-E-N-I-E-N-T, as Church Lady would say.

So, a company now related to Bain Capital, which Mitt Romney is the CEO, absent or not, sells advertising to a private group that is displayed in predominately black neighborhoods to intimidate black voters against voting.

Here are a couple of those billboards:

Republicans attempt to intimidate black voters

Republicans are also going after Hispanics to keep them from voting

Black woman is not intimaded by Republican tricks

Here is my take on all of this, like it or not.

No television shows or radio stations are currently talking about the Bain / Clear Channel connection and none of those media giants, including MSNBC, is talking about Clear Channel and the Republican Party connection and none of these media giants are trying to find out who the secret foundation is that paid for the billboard advertising.

That tells me there is a foul smelling skunk in all of this.

What millionaire or billionaire is behind this? Could it even be a Republican PAC? Could it be the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson?

When Clear Channel said the contract prohibited them from sharing information about who rented the signs, they offered to do nothing to counter the racist billboard advertising.

They could have bought some newspaper advertising that would have countered the negative billboards – they could have also promoted free airtime on their hundreds of radio stations owned and operated by Clear Channel. They did neither.

Now, because of the continuous pressure on Clear Channel, they are considering putting advertising on other billboards to offset the damage being done by the initial billboards.

To me, this is too late – the damage might have already been done sufficiently to suppress the black vote.

What I would like to know is why aren’t the Governor of Ohio and the Ohio Attorney General denouncing the billboards?

Why aren’t the Republican Party and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan denouncing the billboards?


Because all of them are tickled white (yes, white and not pink). They quietly, under their breath, support anything that suppresses the black vote.

It is by no accident that these billboards are in Ohio – a swing state essential for a Romney / Ryan win.

These white men, all of them, have no shame.

Also, as far as the white men who run Bain and Clear Channel, they should demand the signs be “white washed” immediately. If any of the signs in question are digital, the electricity should be unplugged.

The Mays family and Red McCombs and Bain Capital and even Mitt Romney should demand that the billboard contract be ripped up. The contract price should be prorated and the “secret” purchaser should be reimbursed. If the purchaser threatens to go to court, then release the purchaser’s name so Americans will know who the real racist is in America.

My gut tells me that the secret billboard purchaser is a very influential Republican or a group of influential Republicans and Clear Channel and Bain do not want that information released.

Racism is still alive in America – especially in Politics.

The concept of “One person, One vote” is a myth. It doesn’t apply to Hispanics, Blacks, college students, our military, and our elderly”.

The above groups represent the 47 percent that the Republicans are doing everything possible to restrict their votes.

Clear Channel appears to be part of the formula, especially now that it is in bed with Bain Capital, because they agreed to enter into a contract that resulted in racially motivated voter suppression type advertising in predominately minority neighborhoods in an important swing state.



  1. […] Clear Channel’s Racist Ohio billboards mostly in minority neighborhoods – the little known stor… […]

  2. […] Clear Channel’s Racist Ohio billboards mostly in minority neighborhoods – the little known stor… […]

  3. […] Clear Channel’s Racist Ohio billboards mostly in minority neighborhoods – the little known stor… […]

  4. […] Clear Channel’s Racist Ohio billboards mostly in minority neighborhoods – the little known stor… […]

  5. i can’t understand how any intelligent person who is not a Marxist socialist can vot democrat. Obama and his socialist/ communist (that is a fact if you check their history) are taking the economy down. It is on purpose – go do some self educating on Saul Alinksy, George Soros, Cloward and Piven. Obama taught Saul Alinksy’s priniciples while a law student. Those hurting for jobs would be so much better off with Romney and Ryan. Don’t you people know taxes have gone up, gas has gone up. The big unions and Obama are one? Nothing has gotten better. More taxes and bailouts (not to the people) are coming. Big donors for failed green companies got big dollars. The 1% rioting were sponsored by unions and police had a federal directive to stand down with all the crap they were pulling on the streets, That’s also part of Saul Alinsky’s plan. where do you think the terms Obama uses come from. Read Alinsky.

    He has made rules of military engagement that leaves our soldiers susceptible, a joke. They can see the enemy gathering their weapons to attack, shoot them and can’t do anything. Same as in Libya – Britain and the Red Cross pulled out. Our drone was overhead watching the 8 hr terrorist attack and we let our people be attacked and die and did nothing. When Marines came after, they had to disarm. Oh, if we are nice to them, they’ll like us. NOT. They have hated us for all time. They are here.
    Obama’s female employees made less for equal jobs. Listen to the news that isn’t bought and paid for by liberals

    • Hi Cheryl; Thanks for stopping by. I find it interesting that you start out with “Dont YOU people know that taxes have gone up?” So, now I am “You people”. In fact, if you do more research, you find out that taxes have gone down several times for the middle class – Obama has even reduced contribution to Social Security.

      Also, the reason for gas prices going up is because of Exxon and other major oil companies bring in crude oil from the middle east and processing it into gasoline and then shipping it off to Europe to sell at higher prices.

      Our oil prices, even though they are high, cannot compare to prices in Europe. Romney, Ryan, Bush, or any other Republican cannot do a damn thing to reduce prices because it is because of supply and demand. China and India and other developing countries have seen their demand go up – there is only so much oil in the ground and more than have of it has already been extracted from the earth. There is a term called, “Peak Oil” and the availability has already peaked.

      The remaining oil is in tar sands and the oil in the middle east and the North Sea is dirtier oil and has to be refined more – i.e. higher prices

      Even if the pipeline is build from Canada through the mid west states, it will be processed in the deep south or even the north east and it will still be shipped as gasoline to Europe.

      The auto industry was bailed out by Dems and they have paid back the government in full. Bush started out the bailouts before he left office and it was a giveaway – Obama also helped bail out the banks – both presidents should not have done that.

      Banks are gambling in various ways with financial instruments to make higher profits. They should be recategorized as gambling casinos and we should turn our backs on them and if they fail, then so be it. They are not loaning money to small business because they make more profit elsewhere – unless the gamble does not pay off, i.e. the 6 billion dollar loss banks just suffered with bad gambling investments.

      We have supported dictatorships for years and when those dictators got too big for their own britches, we helped overthrow them. The problem then is that if they have free elections, they vote in who they want and maybe those new freely elected leaders do not like us. Tough luck. We cannot take over every country in the world and put in our choice of leaders.

      There are rebels in every country when a dictator is thrown out. We try to choose the best rebel group but it is not foolproof.

      Romney only cares about how much money he can make. He says he is a God fearing man and he is a believer but he cares more about money than his God. Just look what he and Bain just did to Solendra – took over the company, bled it dry, then dismantled it and shipped it off to China – and brought in Chinese workers so that Salendra workers could train them. Then they plan on firing all the U.S. workers – dumping their pension, their health care, and leaving them all without jobs.

      So, Romney is going to get tough with China? Believe me, Romney is in bed with the Chinese. Bush started the drone policy and Obama increased it. I have protested the drone policy here over and over.

      Our drones are killing innocent citizens in several countries and that is what is making an increase in Al Quada because when kids see their mothers and grandparents killed by drones, those kids become the Taliban and Al Quada – in effect, we are reducing deaths of U.S. Marines and Army by using drones, but long term, we are growing terrorists who attack our embassies.

      There are so many rebel groups in Libya, one has to have good intel to see which bad guy group attacked the embassy – believe me, that we will get revenge against the specific group – maybe with bombers, maybe with Army and Marines, or even with drones – but because we dont care about collateral damage, we will kill more innocents in the process, we will make more and more enemies.

      To do the job right, we will need to put boots on the ground and kill ONLY the bad guys – not women and children and old people. If I were a Libyian or an Afghan or a Pakistani and drones killed my innocent family just because they were in a building next to a supposed terrorist and my family was killed, I would get even too.

      I believe if some of these wonderful very rich americans, like the Romney’s, put their 5 boys in uniform, then maybe wars would stop. We only have wars because the poor and the middle class (bottom part of it) suit up in uniform and die and come home in caskets and body bags or they come home with mental problems or missing arms and legs.

      I was in the AF at Dover AFB delaware and I saw the bodies being unloaded every day during the Vietnam war and I helped ship those bodies back home to their families. I personally was on a team of 7 or 8 transportation specialists who worked with the Dover mortuary to get our fallen soldiers and Marines back home to their families. The team I worked on processed over 20,000 remains during my years at Dover. Even after I shipped out overseas, the dead bodies continued for several years. The other dead soldiers who lived in middle america and the west coast were shipped to Travis AFB, in California because it was closer to where they would be buried.

      Dont dare tell me you know more about military deaths and the military as I do. I was there, I volunteered, and I personally met family members who came in to escort their dads, uncles, brothers, and cousins home.

      Bush himself said he could care less about Osama Bin Laden. He moved the troops from Afghanistan before they could catch Bin Laden to Iraq – why? Do your research.

      No one wants the wars to stop more than I do. Unfortunately, because rich republicans have no skin in the game, they could care less. They own the big weapons and ammunition companies and the jet fighter and drone companies and the companies that make Humvees and bullets and rockets and missiles and they are making so much disgusting money in profits from the wars, they want war to go on forever and forever.

      War is big business – Repubicans own big business – and Republicans love the profits from war.

      It is obvious that you are a FOX junkie.

      I do not know if you are rich or middle class or poor, but if Romney gets elected and decimates Medicare and raises taxes on the middle class so the rich can get richer, please stop by and apologize sometime.

    • Oh, Cheryl, I served in the military for 20 years, what do you bring to the table as to serving our country?

      By the way, I support the voter id laws – but not without enough time for everyone to get the proper ids. I believe if they are implemented in 2014 time frame, who ever does not make the effort to get the proper id, then the problem is theirs.

      Also, how do you feel about the Clear Channel racist billboards? I am sure you would be happy if every black, Hispanic, and every poor person could not vote.

  6. Not unbelievable at all. The Repub party has one goal. Enslave all but a few americans and say we are for you. BS, I cannot understand how one women would even consider voting for these a holes. They would take away any right you may think you have, no equality, no self choice in your health matters, and certainly no self respect. Every female of voting age should not only think of themselves but of their daughters, nieces and any other female in this election year. Keep these extremist at bay.

    • Hi Richard; My sentiments entirely. I said similar things in a few blogs earlier than my latest one. Great minds think alike. No, I do not seriously think I have a great mind but I am well grounded and can smell a skunk a mile away and Romney is so transparant and so many people think he walks on water.

      His wife is an equal phony.

      You speak of women not voting – I agree, I cannot understand why one woman would vote for Romney = well that is not true – all the Fox News (I jest, News) pretty faces with their high salaries want more tax cuts, Ann Coulter, a few talk show queens like Laura Ingraham, and Michelle Malkin would vote for Romney and Ryan but that should be it

      LGBT’s should oppose Romney in large numbers – I cannot understand why Log Cabin Republicans would vote Republican.

      The military should vote for Obama in record numbers as well as 100 percent blacks and Hispanics.

      There is no logical reason why Romney / Ryan should get enough votes to win unless the fix is in.

      There, I said it.

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