Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 18, 2012

Soon, women will count only until the point of conception – then they will take a back seat.

From my point of view, even with a change in the White House, there will probably be no change in a woman´s right to use any and all forms of birth control – everything from using birth control pills to using an IUD or insisting that the man uses a condom.

Oops, please forgive me, the morning after pill is the only exception – and I will get to that shortly.

All that said, the above “tools” are perfectly accepted legally and all are and will probably still be available commercially even if Mitt Romney wins – because they all are considered preventative.

Now, here is where women will probably lose many, many rights under a Romney administration.

  1. The Republican Party’s Platform in this election proposes to ban abortion in all cases – even in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s health or even life is at risk. Romney agrees with the party platform but in public he is singing another tune to make women think he cares about them.
  2. Republicans in many states already favor, and sometimes require, that a pregnant woman choosing to have an abortion must first have a ultrasound that she will be required to observe.  It is hoped that she will feel so guilty after seeing a beating heart or after seeing the developing baby that she will back out of the abortion that is scheduled next.  This requirement will only get worse under a Romney administration.
  3. Romney has already said numerous times that he will pursue the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. He has been talking out of both sides of his mouth recently, he makes it sound like he will not push to overturn Roe, but there are many videos out there where he has stated otherwise.
  4. Romney said he would support a Personhood Amendment. For those who are unfamiliar with what that is, it will likely state that at the point of conception, a developing embryo will legally be considered a human and will be afforded all the rights of a human and unfortunately the rights of this unborn developing embryo will outweigh the rights of the pregnant mother carrying the unborn child.

So, what does all this mean?

If a Personhood Amendment is passed, it will trump Roe v. Wade because an unborn child will legally be considered a human and it will be afforded all rights of a human. As a result, the mother will not be able to abort the pregnancy under any circumstances.

In a nutshell, Roe V. Wade will NOT need to be overturned, a Personhood Amendment will simply take precedence.  In effect, Roe V. Wade will become Roe v. Personhood, and Roe will lose every time.

When I say “under any circumstances”, that also means even if a woman is raped or is the victim of incest, she will not be able to take a morning after pill because of the possibly that there is a developing human with legal rights inside her.

That would also mean that if a doctor or pharmacist prescribed or dispensed a morning after pill that resulted in the pregnancy being aborted, all of the parties involved could be charged with manslaughter.

Sounds crazy, right?

Even if a woman is out drinking with friends and someone gives her a roofie and they have non-consensual sex, the woman will legally be required to go to full term because the rights of the unborn child outweighs everything else.

The woman’s body becomes a long-term parking garage and she will have to absorb all costs and suffer all inconveniences when in some cases, she never “volunteered” to be a mother.

One way to insure this major change never gets implemented is for the mother to have the right to claim legally that the pregnancy was not planned or encouraged on her part – that she does not want the child – and then the government must come up with funds to compensate her for all medical costs, vitamins, and legal expenses and when the child is born, the government must make plans to find a suitable home for the child.  Maybe when the government has to dish out $50,000 or more per unwanted pregnancy, will they realize how stupid their laws are and that will lead to immediate changes to our Constitution, Federal Laws, and even state laws.

Oh, I almost forgot, while all of this is going on, the woman who has fewer rights than the unborn child she is carrying, is probably earning 25 percent less than her male counterparts.

Unfortunately, under a Romney administration, the only “binder” women will be in is a binder containing the profiles of all women who have lost their reproductive rights to rich Republican men.

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