Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 22, 2012

To win an election – it helps to buy or invest in a company that counts ballots in swing states.

But first…..

Who would have thought that Mitt Romney and Bain Capital would have purchased Clear Channel Communications in San Antonio, Texas to help Mitt Romney get deceptive messages, at best, out to voters, using Clear Channel’s radio and billboard resources?  Not me.

Also, who would have guessed that Clear Channel would allow itself to be used to enter into a contract with an anonymous client to advertise intimidating racist messages to the poor and to minorities in swing states – mostly in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania intended to discourage them from showing up at polling places on election day?  Again, Not me.

Let’s shift gears to counting ballots.  I am sure there are not any problems with counting ballots, right?  Voting is such a simple process – citizens go to the polls and exercise their Constitutional right by voting for the candidates of their choice.  That sounds innocent enough.  What could possibly go wrong?

Back to billboards for a second.  People to the right are saying that negative billboards should not matter and that blacks and Hispanics should simply disregard the billboards and simply show up at the polls.  If they are in the country legitimately and they have a valid id to vote, then everything should go okay.  Right?   In reality, something could go wrong – very wrong.

I am sure people are saying that I am a conspiracy theorist but that is okay.  I can take all the heat anyone on the right wants to dish out at me.

Clear Channel Communications is not involved in the voting process – it does not have a contract to count ballots, after all, it is in the radio business and the outdoor advertising business – they are too busy running their radio stations and managing ad space on all their billboards and other outdoor advertising to worry about counting ballots.

But, just to be “clear” so to speak, I never intended on connecting Clear Channel to the voting process – after all, the only involvement Clear Channel has regarding voting is selling billboard advertising space that discourages minorities from showing up to vote.  I find that to be so very “Republican” of Clear Channel.  If anyone reads my previous blog on Clear Channel, you will see just how Republican the Mays family and Clear Channel Communications have been in the past.

NBC’s “Today Show” recently said that Ohio’s Hamilton County is “Ground Zero” for determining who will occupy the White House in January 2013.  The reason for NBC taking that position is that no one has won the White House without winning Ohio, since JFK did in in 1960.  In addition, Republicans have never won the White House without winning Ohio’s electoral votes.

Votes in Hamilton County, Ohio, which includes Cincinnati, will be cast on electronic voting machines owned by Hart Intercivic.  Interestingly enough Hart was taken over by H.I.G. and some of the prominent partners of H.I.G. hail from either Bain Capital or Bain Company, both owned by Mitt Romney.

On top of the relationship between the ex Bain Capital and Bain Company employees taking over H.I.G., through a closely held equity fund called Solamere, Mitt Romney, his wife, a son, and his brother are major investors in H.I.G. Capital and H.I.G. holds a majority share in Hart Intercivic.  H.I.G. also holds 3 out of the 5 board members in Hart Intercivic.

To add insult to injury, H.I.G. employees have donated over $300,000 to the Romney / Ryan campaign.  How C-O-N-V-I-E-N-T to say the least.

If that is not bad enough, the vote tally will be conducted by Hart Interactive under the watchful eye of Ohio Secretary of State John Husted – yes, the same John Husted who is trying to prevent minorities from voting on the weekend before election day.

H.I.G. Directors John P. Bolduk and Douglas Berman are major Romney fundraisers, as is former Bain and H.I.G. manager Brian Shortsleeve.

Hart also has eSlate and ePollbook voting machines that will be used in all Texas counties, the entire states of Hawaii and Oklahoma and half the counties in Washington and Colorado.

Texas and Oklahoma generally are Republican strongholds, so what machines are used and who counts the votes will not change anything other than the percentage, but Colorado and Ohio are swing states and if Hart’s electronic voting machines are rigged in any way, it could swing the outcomes in Colorado and Ohio, and as everyone knows, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation – at least since 1960.

My guess is that the Ohio Attorney General does not want the voting machines used on the weekend before Election Day so that the Republican owners of the electronic voting machines can possibly change the code to rig the election in Ohio.

If there is a heavy Hispanic and Black turnout and it is very visible, then they cannot rig the vote heavily in favor of Romney because it will be obvious they messed with the machines, but if they shut down or reduce voting hours for the weekend, they can pull it off.

My gut feeling is that the fix is in for Ohio.  It was also in for Pennsylvania with all the racist billboards and the voter id law, until the law was overturned by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.  The promise made by Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Turzai that the state’s new photo ID law would deliver its’ electoral votes to Mitt Romney will hopefully turn out to be a broken promise of epic proportions.

For those of you reading this who think this is all a conspiracy theory on my part, please check out the below links that go into detail about events in previous Ohio elections where voting machines were proven to have been manipulated and where the results were so skewed one would have to be the village idiot to believe the results.

Note: the last link is different than the first link above.

Lastly, please vote here and participate in my four polling questions about this blog.







  1. Hi Kevin;
    I think we need to get rid of the electoral votes in the country. I have always thought it was stupid. It shouldn go by who wins the votes. a person can win the votes and still lose because of the electoral votes.

    • Hi again Amiee; Thanks again for writing. I agree with you about our Electoral College – I think it is time that we go with counting actual votes of our citizens instead of some crazy way to give each state a fixed amount of votes. The biggest disadvantage of the Electoral College is that it only has a small amount of states control the electon.

      What I am more concerned about, however, is what the Republican Party is doing to discourage or even prevent large groups of registered voters from voting – like the elderly, college students, our military, minorities – specifically blacks and Hispanics, and the poor. If I forgot a group, I apologize.

      There are also issues of rigged voting machines that record votes not only inaccurately, but they have code that actually switches votes to the benefit of certain candidates. Many voting machines are capable of being accessed during voting hours so they can be “tweaked” to affect the election outcome. I am not exxagerating here – voting machine fraud is a serious issue.

      I am considering blogging elsewhere because most individuals come up with comments that do not address the issues I blog about.

      I want people to comment on the blogs for what they contain – and they can present opposing views or they can compliment what is written. Either way, there is not enough meaningful feedback to make my time and research worthwhile.

      I need more than a simple, “Good blog, Kevin”. I really want and need some meaningful dialogue.

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