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If the Romney’s have “found” their Jesus, why are they all so angry and hateful?

Please read on and I will tell you why.  I promise!

Almost daily, you see a news clip of Ann Romney or Mitt Romney or one of the “Romney Five” (boys),  griping about this or that – and not quietly – usually there is smoke coming out of their ears – or, their eyes are enlarged or their nostrils are flared in a way to show that they are upset that some of the “47 percent” freeloaders had the nerve to take their elitist father (and Ann’s husband) to task.

Ann Romney was very angry that some individuals, even fellow Republicans during the Republican primaries, were accusing her husband of waffling on a variety of positions.  By the way, there are a dozen videos showing her husband taking numerous positions on a variety of subjects.

Mitt Romney has taken more positions on numerous subjects than there are Mantras in a Yoga manual.

Mitt Romney has expressed a lot of anger recently because the media are taking him to task when he says on one day that he is giving a 20 percent tax cut across the board to all Americans and on another day he says that the rich will not see a net gain because he will be closing tax loopholes to offset the tax cut.

We also have one of the Romney boys, Taggart – who is not a boy at all – in fact, he is in his early 40’s – old enough to know how stupid he sounded when he said that he wanted to go to Washington, D.C. and punch President Obama in the face because he says Obama called his dad a liar.  Well, Taggart (what a name, right), President Obama has NEVER called your Dad a liar – he might have said that your dad waffles or changes his position frequently or that your dad flip-flops – but none of those terms are adjectives for the word “liar”.

Taggart, the simple answer for your anger is that you might resent your parents naming you “Taggart”, like “tag, you are it.”  I jest, and hopefully you will not come to Pennsylvania to hit me because I have no problem calling your dad a liar.  I am one of the 47 percent that your father is too elitist to care about.

I served in the military – unlike you and your brothers and your father and your grandfather and your great-grandfather. I proudly served over 20 years honorably in the Air Force and I receive a military pension check monthly – the nerve of me, right?  I am now fully retired and I am on Social Security because I paid into it all my life.  I guess I could die and the government could save two checks but I do not plan on doing that anytime soon.  Oh, I am one of the 47 percent who will race to the poll on Election Day to vote against Mitt “liar, liar, pants on fire” Romney.  If I could vote earlier than Election Day, I would but I have to wait until then.  Your dad and his cronies did everything possible to keep the 47 percent away from the polls in Pennsylvania but a team of horses could not keep me away.   Neither your dad nor Bain nor Clear Channel nor the billboards nor the Pennsylvania voter ID law will keep me away.

You obviously are a very emotionally immature 42 year old who expects everyone to love and respect your dad and take everything he says at face value because he is a multimillionaire.  Well, you dad frequently says one thing one day and then says something very different the next day.

That is the sign of a person without a backbone and one who feels he can trick everyone because he feels he has a sense of superiority and that the 47 percent are so stupid they will simply believe everything he says.

I thought about this blog topic for a couple of days so I could ponder over all the various reasons that might make sense for your family’s collective anger.

I cannot understand why a family, who professes to be so close to God is so angry.

Maybe you all are angry because you all know the gig is up – that Americans, including the 47 percent, know how your dad bought good companies to clean them out of cash by charging excessive management fees and then terminate their employees – leaving them without healthcare, pensions and their dignity.

Your dad says that his investments are in a blind trust – well I believe your dad knows exactly what is going on in Illinois right now to Sensata, a company your dad and Bain Capital bought and recently sold it to China. Bain is not only shipping all the machinery to China, it is having Sensata employees train their Chinese replacements to do their work in China. After the training ends, Sensata will fire all their Illinois workers. The sad thing is that Sensata just reported record profits – just not enough profit to make your dad and Bain happy.

Yes, Mitt, all the workers at Sensata are part of the 47 percent – I even noticed some black and Hispanic workers in front of the Sensata plant the other night when Ed Schultz of the “Ed Show” was broadcasting across from Sensata’s front gate.  Tagg, your greedy dad and Bain are happy to close Sensata down in Illinois and sell it to the Chinese just to make a few more bucks.

To Anne, and Taggart – these hard working folks at Sensata are real people – hard working people – and they have families and homes and mortgages and cars and student loans and healthcare, but they will lose all of that thanks to Mitt’s greed and obsession for the ever loving buck.

It is obvious that Mitt Romney worships the dollar more than his God, because if not, he would pick up the phone and tell Bain to leave Sensata the hell alone so the employees at Sensata can continue making the wonderful products they make in Illinois.

Taggart, your dad says he is going to take China to task, but all your dad does is kiss China’s posterior time and time again – and that is the real reason you all are mad – because we all know that your dad has turned his back on the American dream that the Sensata workers have worked so hard to pursue.

Taggart, you are also mad because the world knows that your dad is a shape shifter – he continuously changes shapes to turn himself into someone different depending on who he is talking to.  If he speaks to a small group behind closed doors, his true colors come out and he talks about his disdain for the 47 percent – especially minorities, but God forbid, put him in front of a national microphone or camera and he swears he cares about everyone.

I chose to call your dad a shape shifter instead of a chameleon because chameleon’s actually change colors to fit their surroundings.  Your dad would not qualify because he has so much disdain for people of color – Hispanics, blacks, and American Indians.

I say that because your dad has been a Mormon all his life and Mormon scripture has talked ill of people of color – and I am being nice here.  Your Mormon scripture WAS actually more insulting in how it degraded blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians.

For over a hundred years, Mormon Scripture degraded peoples of color and Mormons, themselves, came across like White Supremacists.

Merriam-Webster describes “white supremacist” as:

“: a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.”

Most people do not know this but in the late 70’s when our government was taking several educational institutions and religious organizations to task regarding racial discrimination, the head of the Mormon Church received a revelation from “God” that told him to let blacks into the Priesthood in the Mormon Church.

Personally, I do not believe it was God who talked to the President of the Mormon Church, I believe it was his tax accountant dressed in a robe.

What I find interesting is that after this great revelation, Mormon Scripture remained unchanged until 2007 – 2008.  Why?  Well, it showed the church’s extreme prejudice towards people of color – especially blacks – the church protected it’s beneficial tax status but it left Mormon Scripture to remind blacks what the church really thought of them.

Conveniently, when their super star, Mitt Romney, ran for President in 2008, the church secretly started changing its scripture because it knew it might get a lot of backlash because of its documented racial bias against blacks, Hispanics, and the American Indian.

My question, for the Mormon Church, is this: “Why did it take from 1978 to 2008 for you to change your scripture, considering you changed your position on blacks being able to enter the priesthood 30 years earlier?

This is not conjecture on my part, just do a search on “Mormon Scripture and people of color” and you will see dozens and dozens of links showing the documented proof that Mormons showed their disdain for blacks specifically.

And now to the clincher.  I bet Mitt Romney just hates having to debate a black man – especially Barrack Obama.

Romney has held key positions in the church all his life – during periods of time when the church was outwardly discriminating against blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians – yet he never denounced his church for their position.

Even when his church, in 1978, changed their position to allow blacks into the priesthood, he never vocalized that the scripture needed to be changed.

In 2008, he never talked about his church rewriting scripture because it would have attracted attention to not only his church’s long history of racism, it would have shown his acceptance of it.

His arrogance and his disdain of President Obama was highly evident in the second debate.  I do not remember any challenger any presidential challenger talking down to an incumbent president in any debate before.  Was it Romney showing his disdain for blacks in general?  I believe so.

I bet Mitt Romney is saying to himself, “My God, we changed our church rules in 1978 to let blacks enter our Priesthood, then 30 years later we changed our Scripture to make blacks appear equal so it would be easier for me to run for President in 2008.  In 2012, I even had to debate a black pizza man to get the nomination and now, to add insult to injury, I have to debate another “one of them” to get him out of the White House.”

It is no wonder why the Romney’s are all so mad.



  1. Kevin,
    I thought it was past due time that I should check in with a comment and let you know I’m still enjoying your writings, and you’re still one of my favorite authors!

    My sentiments exactly on so many of your observations regarding Mitt Romney. The sad part is, not only does he revile the 47 percent, he doesn’t care one iota for most of those who will vote for him.

    • Hi stranger; Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always look forward to your feedback. As the British would say, you are spot on. I agree, Romney could care less about the 47 percent because many of them will either not vote for either candidate or vote against him.

      However, the other 53 percent are mostly in the high middle class and above and probably 40 – 45 percent of them will vote for Mitt “liar, liar, pants on fire” Romney. What probably 35 – 40 percent of those people do not know is that he could care less for them beyone getting their vote. He cares for them like a cabbie cares for his passengers – once they pay for the fare and get out of the cab, they could curl up and die as far as he is concerned. He only needs them for their votes and if he can rig the voting machines of the company he owns stock in or if Bain can have their voting machine rig some votes, he can blow off his voters as well.

      Thanks for stopping by. I get a lot of visits but too many people stop by and dont take the time to leave a comment and almost no one answers the polling questions. I am not an expert on polls but I do my best to make them interesting. They are not scientific but still, they are fun to create.

      Take care, Kevin

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